What's for Lunch 2018

From last weekend:

Maatjes herring with beetroot and egg. A very typical thing to eat in north of Germany. Often with (mashed) potatoes alongside.

This dish is not photogenic due to the only colour in it, Gochujang. I used prawns and seaweed to make a broth first.

A favourite in my house: home-made Austrian button dumplings with cheese. This time I fried the Tyrolean Speck to a crisp. So good! Apple compote alongside. I had French sheep’s cheese and used that. Half the block disappeared in the dumplings like it was nothing so I left the rest of the cheese next to the pan. If I put it all in the dumplings would turn into an ugly, unrecognisable mess.

Don’t like baking and sugar but saw this in an Austrian food mag I was reading and thought I’d give it a go. Had all the ingredients in the house anyway and my partner would appreciate these little cakes with coffee. I used only a table spoon of sugar. There’s also espresso powder, kumquat chunks, almond meal, flour, and ground pistachio in the mix.



Pho for lunch, with broth and sliced ribeye from the freezer.


You are master of soup broths, Mr. Happy!

My lunch is based on an old Viennese meal called “old Viennese blood sausage hash”. In Vienna they use a local apple variety but I use one grown here.

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German and Austrian food this weekend.

Austrian torn pancakes with kumquat compote.



A potato and Sauerkraut dish Pinzgau style. Dough is made using mashed potatoes, egg yolks and flour.


Salzburg has the same thing but in a different shape, also served with Sauerkraut.

Fried in Hungarian duck fat. I tend to use duck/goose fat and lard.


Repurposing things from the fridge.

Little duck rillette snack. Base smear of roasted tomato paste from grape tomatoes, rillette and cabbage slaw.


Ate these then lunch.


There are a few things I don’t want to make at home and 1 of them is deep-frying.

Freshly made from the fishmonger’s market stall. I always make the sauce myself: quark or yogurt, capers, parsley, lemon juice, grated horseradish, garlic.

Air-dried sausages, smoked Speck, smoked Mangalitsa fat.


Brotzeit/Bettljause (German and Austrian respectively) is not considered a main meal. It’s my nice lunch so it’s a main meal. Only when sitting down to eat I suddenly realised the horseradish was missing. I grated a big pile at once.


Long weekend lunches.

Sweets for the partner.

Eggs of course.

The very last of my Mangalitsa fat turned into Schmalz. (Time I went back to Budapest for more.)




Something different the next day.

Smoked mackerel.

Prawns with cream and horseradish for the partner who is not a skilled peeler.

Cured with scotch and chopped juniper berries. So good and stupid easy.

Beetroot slices with cream and horseradish topped with herrings.

Some fruits.


Easter leftovers made into soup.

Candied carrots, sugar snap peas, baby tomatoes with salt, English peas and baby onions in cream. All simmered together with milk and water, then finished with more cream.


2 kinds of Tyrolean Speck.

Sourdough and ham. Bread has a few cumin or caraway seeds, never know which is which though. Good thing the seeds are in a tiny amount, I don’t like both these seeds.

Nice hard “mountain cheese”.


I ate again when I got to Innsbruck. Cake and coffee for the partner.

I prefer it like this so I can drink at my own pace.

Home-made dough parcels filled with cream/cheese and asparagus.

Nice chewy dough.

It’s an old coffee house.


Table next to mine. A little sign on it reads “regular’s table”. A coffee house in Austria is not just a place you come to drink coffee, it’s more than that.


Tried making Ruhlman’s chicken sausage with basil and tomato. Fried up a couple and ate with some fried eggs. Came out pretty good even though I overcooked these first two links a bit.


The sausage actually matched quite well with the flower plate, I would say.


have been intending to make venison sausage but never got around to doing it Already bought spices and pork fat but decided to use mangalitsa fat instead, .Worked so hard pulling weeds, my back and entire body ached. So, I took a percocet, went to lie down, watch TV. It is now 11:00PM, pain has ease off, so am eating spinach quiche brought here by a neighbor. I added a slice of havarti cheese, nuked it in the microwave and had a glass of wine with it. My poor babies did not have dinner either till now as I was too tired token lift them up to bed. s a consolation, they were given danish havarti cheese. They die for cheese! So, back to bed. Maybe I can do a few hours of work tomorrow.


Went to a beer hall yesterday for Augustiner beer (a German brewery) but ended up eating 2 typical Tyrolean things just to see what they were like not made by yours truly. I enjoyed Augustiner beer in Munich many years ago.

Well, even I can make better Austrian dumplings. No self-respecting Tyrolean would make such dumplings let alone selling them.


This morning before the hike.

The big stinker lives up to its claim. I like it.

Expensive but very good. Steinbock also means capricorn in Germanic languages.

Got this yesterday at the expensive market hall. Also very good, nearly twice the cost of standard Speck. I used some of it in dinner today.


Previous lunches. Last day in Austria!

Loin Speck. Had to try it once.

Goat’s cheese.


Hay milk cheese. A co-op product of German and Austrian farmers on both side of the alps.



Had some pastry in Stubai valley. Apple strudel and poppy seed cake.

If you put poppy seeds in something I hate I would probably eat it…


Wow. I must have missed this post. Great photos @Presunto

By the way, why do they need to use plastic wrap to suffocate the dead pigs :kissing:


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The heads are on display outside so the plastic wraps are probably for hygiene reasons (but why leave the ears visible?). This restaurant specialises in soups made from pig’s heads.

:grinning: I was mostly joking. Yes, I agree with that it is mostly for hygiene or maybe to make it less repulsive.

First asparagus at home. Asparagus is from a farm 15mins by bicycle from here.



Code ceviche and herring.

I’m a purist when it comes to oysters but today for some unknown reason I added a lot of Korean pepper flakes and chilli paste to my plump oysters.


The whole country has a day off today.

Buckwheat flour pancakes with Speck.

Kumquat compotes: 1 has Aberlour (scotch) and the other has Riesling.


Store-bought Korean seafood dumplings. I can eat these, there’s very little spring onions in them. I normally make my own dumplings but laziness wins sometimes.

Tyrolean Speck and borage.

I had to stop grating half way through. The cheese disappeared into the egg mixture (aged Comté, 3 years).


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