What's for Lunch 2018

Fried potatoes with Speck and Brussels sprouts.

Maatjes herring and North Sea shrimp.

The 2 lumps are potatoes. I added beetroot peels to the potato water.

Based on a Portuguese potato soup Caldo Verde. Leftover potatoes and smoked sausage, plus shredded chard leaves.

Leftover prawns became pseudo “Bun Rieu” noodle soup. SV confit egg yolk on the side. I did it at 64C for 45 mins, in case someone wants to give it a go.


Hake pieces in batter and deep-fried. Ate half of it standing in front of the fishmonger’s stall, this is the rest for lunch the next day.


Made a bunch of confit yolks and besides eating straight from a spoon I want to find some creative ways to use them up. The tartare has a tiny bit of pure sesame oil and Korean chilli flakes. I add some tamari to the meat when ready to eat (otherwise the meat would look like a very dark mess). And I said I didn’t want to eat anything remotely Korean till summer. Even my sesame oil is Korean.


May I remind you the tartare I had in Seoul? There aren’t many fresh vegs in the winter there hence the use of fermented and cooked alternatives.


Boat noodles.


Did a big “fry-up” today. The fat kept us full longer so dinner was snacks and wine.

Potato “puffs”.

Smoked herring, hot-smoked salmon bellies, fried assorted fresh roe.

Apple slices were cooked until soft. Grated horseradish in the crème fraîche.

Based on the original mac and cheese called alpine macaroni, a typical simple meal from Switzerland.

I used almost all the cheese. The chunks amongst the pasta are waxy potatoes. This meal is served with applesauce/compote alongside, the way it’s done in Switzerland.


Was in a hurry yesterday and forgot to post these…

Austria meets Scotland?

Sauerkraut, crisp-fried smoked sausage, potato farls. All from leftover bits.


Just 15cm / 6 inch of snow and 3ºC / 37ºF, the whole transport system in Paris was down. Trains stopped running and drivers were not advised to use their cars. Quite ridiculous - chaos à la française. DH was not going to work. I made some waffle for both of us, accompanied with home-made chocolate sauce, chantilly and salty butter caramel, and cups of South African Bourbon rouge tea to keep us warm. It was supposedly to be breakfast, but when I finished the preparation, it was already 2 pm.



Btw, in the previous post it was supposed to be Ireland and not Scotland.

I said wouldn’t want to make anything remotely Korean until at least summer. Well, well, well… I guess summer is here.

Rice sticks 2 ways.

Never once saw this in my 2 weeks in Korea. This version precedes the now popular version with red sauce and fish cakes. There should be meat in this but I didn’t want any.

I read somewhere it’s the most popular street food snack in Korea. I believe this claim to be true. It’s absolutely everywhere. This version came into existence after the arrival of chillies and gochujang.

The assorted fish cakes/balls were cooked first to obtain a fishy broth.

In Vienna it’s called “Butterschnitzel”, everywhere else it’s meatballs and mash.

Some greens because you know, health.

Maatjes herring with beetroot potatoes and confit yolk.


And keep in mind, Lunar New Year is coming up this weekend so you have yet another reason to eat Korean food to your heart’s content! The duk (rice cake) dishes look very appealing!

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Near H’s office, he got many good bakeries, we tested an Alsatian for baguettes, crispy and soft, not bad. He bought home a bigger bread, it was good but old, quite hard already the first day , second day we used it for soup, third day, uneatable. So pain perdu for a late breakfast and lunch today. With melting butter and maple syrup, fantastic.


Naf, I don’t mind you adding the post to another thread but leave the original here. It was my lunch.

It’s not only the Chinese and Vietnamese who have the same New Year. I did some research and learnt these are some of the typical Korean New Year dishes. They are not hard to make. There’s more to come in the coming days as we can’t eat everything in a day.

Rice cake soup and dumpling soup are the most iconic Korean NY dishes so I had to make them. I used a big disk of beef shin for the broth, which looked almost clear after filtering to remove floating bits. The broth is super beefy, though. I used some shreds of the shin meat for decoration.

The Korean potato noodles were greenish/blueish before cooking. Sliced smoked tofu to replace meat.

A platter of stuff.

Based on a dish called Gujeolpan, like in the cookery book next to the plate. I used what I have so this is what it looks like, without a wooden plate with sections. Fun to eat. When I go to Korea again I must look up where to eat this meal. It’s not something one can find in most restaurants.

From left to right: chives, enoki mushrooms, daikon cress, shimeji mushrooms, Hokkaido squash, smoked tofu, salmon roe, chard ribs. The rounds in the middle are pancakes. I have Peking pancakes to use up.

Also, my usual camera has stopped working today due to some error. I had to use my holiday camera which is a different system and the lens is very different as well. Not very happy about it! A replacement costs 1400 euros (a Nikon body only)!


For lunch, I am going to make the same beet, apple and roast butternut squash except I roast the butternut squash ahead of time fo 25 minutes, then added

the beets for another 6 minutes. with EVOO, S/P . Then, I added the cubed apples, baby arugula and vinagrette. The last time I took pictures, it did not show the beets etc. So, I took pictures before I layered the arugula and feta cheese. There is about 1/4 cup or less of beet juice left from the package of beets I wander if I should add it? Lunch is still 2h away., so I am posting these for suggestion. I do have some mandarin orange (both canned and fresh) but never do I mix fruits in my salad.
Will also have some of my home made spring rolls and fry some calamari when ready for lunch. The guests did not wake up till after noon time, so breakfast was kind of late.


Red squid with leek, green chilis and Thai basil tartines as Sunday lunch - a big hit.


Here is the spring roll taken from the freezer. My son and his guests were not too hungry, not after late breakfast they want to go shopping , so they ask me not to cook the calamari util tonight. Just have 12 spring rolls. 3 per person. The dip is soy sauce, cider vinegar, a little splash of the pinoy spice, garlic , tabasco , and freshly crushed pepper. I also offered some Le Choy Sweet and Sour sauce as alternative. Clearly, the former is what is favored. That and the butternut squash and beets salad is enough. I added the beet juice to the salad as the guest likes the taste of the juice.


Picture # 8 is more like the Chinese Haam Sui Gok: Haam sui gok are made with a glutinous rice dough. Deep-fried, they come out blistered and crispy on the outside with a chewy, lightly doughy layer underneath. Fillings range from savory pork and sausage to coconut or sweet bean paste.

I looked up Ham sui gok. Looks nice!

I was not pleased with the photos of Korean new year noodles and soups last week so this weekend I made them again. Still learning how to use my travel camera which is also new.

Shredded the shin meat and made the broth again. I added egg white to the rice cakes this time. Much better. Decided to arrange the extra bits on the side. Much better again.

Korean seafood dumplings in beef shin broth.

Shredded meat in the marrow bone that was used to make the broth.

All the home-made bits together with the soups.

My favourite Korean soup/stew, “Doenjang Jjigae”. It has meat and clams, tofu and some vegs. Fermented soya bean paste gives the stew a distinct taste. The original photos didn’t turn out well and this is leftover. Have to make it again with white tofu.

Still not pleased with photo of the noodles. They were yummy, though. Leftover ribs became lunch. Still so rich as the first time.

Fish bowls for 2. The partner doesn’t like oysters so all 12 were for me. In this bowl: quinoa, red cabbage kinchi, maatjes herring, pickled daikon, tamari-sesame oil marinated raw tuna, samphire. In the middle are salmon roe, 4 oysters and confit yolk.

We swapped half way. In this bowl: buckwheat, confit yolks, salmon roe, pickled daikon, bean shoot kimchi, maatjes herring, raw tuna (tamari and sesame oil marinated).


I specifically like the ones fried without sesame seeds with savory pork filling rather than the bean filling or other sweet fillings.
The Asian stores have them for around .60 cents each
Pretty reasonable
Here are different pictures
ham sui gok - Bing images

Perfect day here for some pork schnitzel … eaten “standing over the stove”, ala Mariacarmen while cooking curry pork chops for dinner :slight_smile:


Another pork lunch today … this one for DH
it was almost better than mine


I have been meaning to make meatless “schnitzel” for weeks now. Making it tomorrow and hoping it will turn out.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2