What's for Lunch 2017

Lunch yesterday before catching the train to Busan. “Hang-over stew with congealed ox blood”. I am no vampire but I love this bloody thing.


Bibimbap with beef tartare.


A few days ago, I had some leftover pork crackling from a restaurant meal and made some chicharrones con huevos. Simply warm chicharrones in a pan, and then mix in 3 beaten eggs and maybe a half cup of salsa so that its kind of wet. Mix and cook until eggs are set to your liking and chicharrones are softened and have absorbed some of the liquid.

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I would totally eat that happily, Mr_Happy!

Just came back from lunch at the fish market. Ate a live octopus, amongst other things. Will post the pics later but here’s my lunch yesterday. I wanted a soup in the pic on farthest right but she said “cold”. I hate cold soup.

Nothing looks like in the pics but it was not so bad in terms of taste.

The dumplings are more or less meat balls. Too meaty, in fact. I sliced each open with the flat chopsticks and sliced again into smaller chunks. Simply impossible to grip the ball, or anything with these chopsticks!

I think it’s just turnips braised in a brown sauce.

A simple soup.

The hand-made noodles are the best thing here. Chewy and fresh.

This is a small noodle shop, with only a few tables formed in a L shape. They make the noodles by the entrance where the old man sits. Yes, everyone here is also glued to their phones regardless of age.

Where the noodles are made, and that’s the kitchen which is behind the shelves in the photo above.

Noodle dough.

Dumpling steamers by the entrance.


There is a ramen shop in Tokyo, telephone is forbidden in the restaurant.

All the tourists want to do this very thing when they come to Busan: browse the amazing fish market and eat some of the creatures from the sea. In fact, I hardly see foreign tourists here until I today, inside the main building. Only a handful of them but it’s “a lot” after 3 days in Busan. I will post more fish market photos in another thread later, though.

THIS is a plate of a live octopus. Its chopped up bits wiggle the whole time. Actually, even half an hour later, even the body bits without the suckers. If you think it’s not moving and you pick up a piece with chopsticks the pieces start to wiggle again. The suckers cling onto the plate which you must pull with some strength.

In this photo a tentacle gets itself between the chopsticks as it’s being lifted up.

I got 2 octopus. One to eat raw and the other to be turned into a pancake for the partner.

The server gestured to eat the oysters with gochujang but I gestured back to say no, I eat them plain.

The fish was alive 10 minutes ago.

The octopus was also alive at the same time. It squirted water at me as it was being held up! The tentacles moved wildly.

The fish I ate as sashimi. Forgot its name but the fishmonger said it’s in season at the moment. I just wanted a small fish and this was one of the few that’s small enough.

The oysters.

This meal costs eur.40, for the food alone. Someone upstairs prepares what you buy. Table cover and cost of preparation for us 2 came to eur.11. It just has to be done when you are in this city known for the seafood and octopus/seafood pancakes. In contrast, my dinner later cost eur.4!


I hope you at least tried 1 with the gochujang! They are actually very good that way (we have a large Korean population in Southern California).

Noodles look good! The noodle dish with the brown sauce looks like Jajangmyeon.

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Thanks. I think I will.

Btw, I have made something similar not long ago.

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Thanks. It could be it. I have read about the existence of Chinese-Korean food here. I have also seen such restaurants.

Some typical Korean dishes for lunch yesterday.

Sweet potato noodles.

I don’t even like sushi(-like rolls) but these were pretty OK. The partner loves rice whilst I’m partial to noodles.

I think these are just fish paste in various shapes. You eat them alongside other dishes.

Braised rice cakes. These are huge and very toothsome. I don’t need to eat these again.

The market stall where I ate:




Those rolls ( kimbap)weren’t my favourite thing in South Korea but they were pretty inexpensive so I had them quite a lot.

Lunch today at Dong Ba market in Hue, Vietnam. A bowl of Bun Bo Hue, a soup noodle specialty of Hue. Followed immediately by another bowl at the next stall.

Stall 1

Bun Bo Hue 1

Stall 2

Bun Bo Hue 2

Stall 1 had better broth (Nice lemongrass flavour) better texture on the noodles and better tasting crab dumplings. Also it had congealed blood with a good texture.
Stall 2 had better flavoured bits of beef and pork and they were bigger also the texture but not flavour of the crab dumplings was better. The herbs were a lot fresher than stall 1. Broth was a lot fishier than stall 1 but no lemongrass detectable.


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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo