What's for Lunch 2015 - 2016

That’s not choripan. Now thaaaaat’s choripan.
(* Line from the film Crocodile Dundee: "That’s not a knoife. [draws a large Bowie knife] (Now) that’s a knoife.)

Bread is brown, sausages are also brown.

Choripan I had in Argentina. Just some old bloke in an abandoned garden next to the road who sold choripan to passersby.

Very chewy corn bread sourdough.

I made a mess (also on my face and hands). Ricotta and Lindt’s 99%.

Salmon belly

Seaweed comes with the oysters


@Presunto looks fantastic. You meals are always amazing

Been playin with figs as well. Local grocer had BOGO on them recently and I ended up with 4 containers of black mission figs. Used one container to made fig preserves. Dried them a little in the fridge so no mold growth and they seem to last a lot longer. My wife has a reaction to them so they are all mine. I need more uses for figs

The ripe ones can get moldy fast. Try some “middle eastern” recipes for more uses for figs?

I mostly eat my figs plain and as is (when not at home). Otherwise I like them with hams, soft cheese, port. Not really into making it complicated as figs are delicious fresh. Sometimes I bake something for my partner with cream cheese and minced almond.

That salmon belly tartare :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Exactly, Presuno has always beautiful plating.

Thanks, all.

I can show you the set-up but you and you alone have the creativity to make it look nice. I struggle with every new thing to photograph. The lighting, the composition, the styling… if one of those things is not pleasing to my eyes I need to adjust something to fix it.

My “high-end” rig! (photos are also posted on the dinner thread, btw.)

Plastic cup diffuser.


“…corn bread sourdough…” !!! That sounds beyond fantastic…! Unfortunately i am not a bread maker but yeesh i know i would love that.
Your figs are also (of course) quite stunning

It was “bread of the month” from the bakery inside a windmill. This windmill bakery in the countryside near my house (15mins by bicycle) makes old fashioned sourdough breads. The bakery is getting so poplular now that every time I get there it’s just full of people waiting and breads just fly out the window. The clever ones first make a phone call and pick it up later. Some of them get 10 loaves or more at a time. People here freeze bread enough for at least a week so they get several at a time.

(Some photos of the bakery and asparagus farm (both are near each other) are somewhere upthread.)


One word: Specktacular. I have exactly 1 week to completely clear the fridge. After that electricity is turned off for a while.

Fat and fatless ingredients on the same plate(s).

See what I mean?

A popular meal in German speaking countries.

Whilst the tomatoes are still decent

Sat next to a German in a German pub in Hong Kong once upon a time. He let me have a bite of his bread. It was not just any piece of bread. It had an obscenely thick layer of Schmalz on it. I was sold!

I made mine with the same smoked pork belly. The rind bits are so yummy.

Was tempted to sprinkle Speck on these, too.

“Mirror egg” is soft fried egg in some languages.

The plate.


Love the plastic cup diffuser. Need to drink? Use the cup. Need the flash? Finish the drink!

Yesterday was an early lunch at Hog Island in San Francisco.

We shared a dozen oysters and a grilled squid salad.


Friday, after a long walk around the recently re-opened San Francisco modern art museum, we walked down to Hakkasan.

We started with the crispy duck salad with pine nuts and pomegranate, and pan seared Shanghai dumplings. Next was chicken and abalone shumai, and Szechuan mabo tofu with minced beef. There were a lot of dishes we wanted to try, but at this point we were comfortably full.


That looks fantastic! I don’t get to SF as often as i would like but if you have time the Slanted Door is very close to the ferry building, really great modern vietnamese menu.

We get there once or twice a year. Yes, Slanted Door is very good. We skipped it this time since we did Hakkasan.

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Grilled pork tenderloin tacos with salsa verde, lime and cilantro.


Looking good! What’s the drink?
Good to see you here, VikingKaj!

A little cran pomegranate, lime seltzer, and fresh lime on a couple ice cubes. The cran pomegranate is a little like Grenadine. It’s very refreshing without being too sweet.

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Chikn Tamals, salsa verde, crema, cilantro and fresh tomatoes from garden

Bevy is sun tea with fresh lemon.


Jealous of your own tomatoes! Enjoy them whilst they last.

I’ve been eating mostly cheese and bread. Turning off electricity soon so can’t really make any elaborate meals.

“Eating makes happy”. Visited a popular but tiny and unpretentious seafood place. You look at the shelves which are full of skewers and tell the cashier what you want. Pay and remember your order number then when it’s done they bring it to you.

Langoustine soup

Blue ling


Minke whale