What's for Dinner #94 - the White Rabbit Edition - June 2023

Here’s hoping you find a new kitty companion soon :crossed_fingers::smiley_cat:


Freezer clean-out, the results of which were as good as (better than?) take-out.

Scallion pancake. Pot stickers. Roasted Asian-style chicken wings. Green beans. Rice.


Best of luck with the kitty caper. I hope your current pet and the possible bowl buddy isn’t affected by firework sounds. We have to create a safe place every year for our old boy. Just one inch from tranquilizing him😨. The gunshots and big boomers start in the middle of June and continue well into mid-July. We live in the boonies and there are fire restrictions, but nobody follows the rules and enforcement is impossible.


Yep, even some of the nicer oil-packed ones he has a hard time with. He didn’t grow up eating tuna salad or melts like I did.

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Did he suffer through canned tuna sandwiches in the lunchbox as a kid?
I know many who did and they’ll never touch any canned fish, ever!

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Mrs. P made steamed Dungeness crabs and figs stuffed with Humboldt fog cheese and toasted pine nuts and topped with a balsamic reduction. We also had TJ’s sweet potato fries and homemade guacamole (not pictured). It went great with an excellent Malbec. Adding a gratuitous picture of our Frenchie Matusse :blush:


Dinner at sister’s a couple nights ago that I forgot to post - had a craving for shrimp tacos. made a little sour cream sauce with salsa roja, smoked paprika, granulated garlic, lime juice, salt, a little Cholula hot sauce, and a little ketchup for sweetness. red cabbage, scallions, a little avo to garnish… Shrimpies tossed with lime juice, paprika, salt, granulated garlic and seared. Valentina hot sauce on mine. On charred, not-good Mission Organic Corn Tortillas - for some reason, they were all my sister could find for corn tortillas at Whole Foods. They were kind of mealy and flimsy. But overall, scratched the itch nicely.


Finn hates them (and thunder) and hides behind the TV or under my bed. Alfie was never really bothered unless it was nearby thunder and lightning. My town’s fireworks are about a mile away as the crow flies, so the big boomers are usually felt. It’s warm enough that my AC will be on, so closed windows help.

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Why did I read that as the cow flies… ??


Did you just watch the movie “Twister”?

“I gotta go Julia…we got cows!”



I’ve posted the July thread here:


Boo, hiss. I like their organic whole wheat tortillas. They’re reminiscent of homemade.

Some dinners from May and June…Memorial Day, Father’s Day and just the other night.

Crock pot BBQ baby bax rib section with potato and macaroni salads and a whole grilled peach.

Grilled (on the new perfect grill I got him for his birthday last fall) T-bone for daddy with a lightly sauced pesto tagliatelle and mixed sauteed 'rooms and onions.

Grilled lamb kebobs (my mom’s recipe from my childhood), weird looking baked purple sweet potato (looks like boiled bacon chunks) and glorious rainbow chard from the dotter’s CSA.

Left over T-bone went to steak salads a few days later and the 5# boneless leg (it was the smallest I could find) of lamb yielded 4-1/2 # of meat for 8 ample kebab skewers. Sent 1/2 home with the dotter and we still had leftovers. Yum all around. I would make the kebabs more frequently, but it is an expensive dish, but ‘company’ worthy, for sure. I don’t know about the purple sweet potato… maybe I’ll make fries next time. This picture shows how really unappetizing it looked.


Love love love your Dansk plates!!

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A post was merged into an existing topic: What’s For Dinner #95 - the Hot Fun in the Summertime Edition - July 2023

That all looks amazing but we’ve moved on to the July thread in the meantime :slight_smile:

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maybe those would be better, but I’m not a fan of wheat tortillas in general, i’m a corn girl!

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Asheville sounds a lot like Bellingham!

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