What's for Dinner #94 - the White Rabbit Edition - June 2023

They’re that good?:thinking:

linguini with mushroom cream sauce. i had some leftover mushroom soup that tasted great but was very rich. instead of thinning it out, i converted it into a sauce for pasta. had the feel of a stroganoff.


No, better.

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Tried to catch a friend’s last improv show for a year, only to show up and find out it was sold out. Well, boo hiss!

Went straight to the gay bar (see what I did there?) for HH drinks and a bite to eat. We were torn between the crab linguine, the tuna toast, and the goat cheese polenta with mini meatballs. Decided on the polenta (good choice!), then saw the weekend special of Malpeque oysters. Dinner solved.

As for tonight, our wonderful buddy was delegated to prepare a whole duck we purchased at Aldi many moons ago, and after reading his email about our upcoming meal, I can’t help but feel pretty excited :slight_smile:

Fellow Gourmands,

Greg and Tash’s duck has been thawed, marinated in a plethora of spices and sauces, parboiled in hot water, plunged in an ice bath, basted with malt syrup, and is being airdried. The skin should already be naturally parched and wizened by the time the bird is fired. I am expecting moist flesh enveloped in crispy epidermis.

We shall congregate at 7 tomorrow, Saturday, to devour the fowl, the pièce de résistance, which will be accompanied by herbivoral and pescatarian delectables.

Daffy looks forward to seeing you, even though it may appear lifeless.


Tacos last night. Hard to beat the truck. Next time I’m getting all tacos de Arabes.


If anyone wants to cook “together” next month, Cookbook of the Month voting is still open:

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BBQ’d chicken leg/hot Italian sausage and side salad for dinner


Chinese American food from a local place and Sour Cherry Boulevardiers (idea from Michael Ruhlman’s weekly e-news letter).


How did you like it? I’m not huge on Campari (a local bartender had the genius idea to replace it with cocchi in his version of a Boulevardier), but the addition of sour cherry juice sounds fab!


Campari is definitely bitter, but between the cherry juice and the Amaretto, I think it was pretty balanced; the bitterness pops up more on the finish in the first few sips. This will be a great drink to return to for warm, sticky summer evenings!


Penne with lamb ragu


I don’t mind bitter as a flavor at all. I actually find campari too sweet :slight_smile:


Looked for a buddy for Finn. Not today. :cat:

Errands in Salem, NH, left me driving home in a downpour. Sunshine coming through heavy rain with ground fog on my right, and pitch-black, almost tornadoey, clouds with ground fog on my left while driving down 93S just south of the NH/MA border. Got home to sunshine, no rain…until 5 minutes after I got in the house. Then downpours. Now sunshine with bright blue clouds. :woman_shrugging:

Chicken enchiladas for dinner tonight with shredded chicken, black beans, corn, sauteed chopped onions and red bell pepper, rice, Monterey and Pepper Jack cheeses and a mix of homemade and canned enchilada sauce. The corn & flour tortillas were probably a bit past their prime, so they wouldn’t roll properly. But I made it work.

Sour cream, green onions, and minced fresh parsley standing in for the “other” green stuff topped the enchiladas.



It’s not easy, I know.


When I drink Campari, I have it half and half with gin.



We made Impossible Burgers (my kid could NOT believe they were plant based. Eventually he asked what the “burger seed” looks like. Such a cute age :smile:. We watched an Eater video about Impossible Burger later.) Sides were creamy cucumber salad with homegrown dill and chives, corn on the cob, and buttered garden broccoli.

Watermelon for dessert.


Then, I think you would find this drink to be fine! Not in the ingredients, but I did also add a healthy dash of citric acid to the liquids before I stirred it with ice and poured.


Sardinhas Fritas A Moda de Setúbal - Fried Sardines Setúbal Style. Mr Bean and The Sprout were rummaging through the freezer and came across a bag of whole, frozen sardines. Since the weather wasn’t all that nice I decided to use this recipe that combine Portugal’s typical flavors - olive oil, onions, garlic and bay leaves. The base is a tomato sauce with whole plum tomatoes, the above ingredients and white wine (I used Vinho Verde). You let the lightly fried fish marinate in the tomato sauce before baking until bubbly. The recipe is from The Food of Portugal by Jean Anderson, one of my go-to sources. Served with a red wine vinaigrette dressed salad.


I was going to make penne with which beans and spinach however today was fridge and freezer clean out day so I found a bit of orange pepper and cherry tomatoes in fridge. So I stirfried everything and served them over linguine.