What's For Dinner #89 - the Dawn of a New Year Edition - January 2023

I’m glad you mentioned this, because I had one of those other varieties years ago, thinking it was Alphonso, and wasn’t very impressed.

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I don’t know if this is remotely helpful, but my son smashed his thumb in a freak accident last month and the urgent care PA used a special device made by McKesson that generated a spark and pierced a hole in his nail, so as to drain the blood blister under the nail. It helped so much with the pain!


I don’t like flabby skin, either. I braise bone-in and skin-on (usually turkey for richer flavor), then debone and pull the meat into chunks and degrease the sauce. Much more to my liking! I do use more liquid (most traditional recipes don’t add any liquid, the chicken just simmers “in its own juices.”)

If I do leave skin and bones on braised chicken, I always crisp it up under the broiler before serving.


We made a pasta very loosely based on one from Martha Stewart. Seared off chicken cutlets seasoned with HdP (my new shorthand for Herbes de Provence) and Italian seasoning, sauteed shallot in butter in the same skillet, wilted in a bag of spinach, deglazed with white vermouth and chicken broth, and stirred through 3/4 c mascarpone, lemon zest and juice, crushed roasted pistachios, and a bunch of aged Parm Regg. Delicious sauce for homemade spaghetti. Two thumbs up from my second-harshest critic.


I don’t know why I had it on my brains – perhaps yet another gray, rainy day in HV is to blame… but Zuppa Toscana was WFD. Picked up some local sweet Italian loose sausage at the local hippie store, kale & potatoes at the supermarket.

Sweat a whole diced onion and 4 nubs of TJ’s frozen garlic after rendering 3 slices of Aldi applewood bacon in olive oil, then toasted some of that Turkish pepper/tomato paste I picked up for the Armenian lamb stew last week. Added a splash of red wine, several dashes of RPF, BTB chicken, the separately sautéed sausage, kale and taters. A splash of cream to finish. Hit the spot & turned out very well for a first :blush:


Taco Tuesday over here, although I really was planning something else with soba noodles instead. Miso marinated black cod tacos with green salad and crispy nori on flour tortillas was faster to get on the table so tacos it was! I wrote it up for the DOTQ thread here.


My nail is just about totally detached from my toe. The ER guy just wanted to stalibilze it to protect the nail bed until I could see a specialist. We talked a bit about his job - he never knows what he’s going to see when he goes into an exam room. I don’t know if ER physicians stick to their jobs very long - it must be hard being a generalist. At least when you train in a speciality you have some comfort of in-depth knowledge. He was very kind and gentle. I’ve been in ER’s before with really stressed out grumpy physicians. We reheated the leftover meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans for supper and I’ll sleep well tonight. Comfort food…


Grilled wagyu burgers on homemade ciabatta rolls. Red onion, pickles and lettuce all from the garden.


Turned the kitchen into an Indian restaurant tonight: curry chicken for BF and I, fish curry for mom. The three of us ate together for the first time in a while. She was down to join us for Indian but said she had a piece of cod in the fridge that she didn’t want to go to waste. Quick-thinking me said, “How about fish curry?” She agreed. I relished the challenge of cooking something different as minor as it was-- I haven’t cooked actual fish in ages, though I’ll make shellfish. She made me try a piece and it was indeed very good. Flaky and buttery. Sides of Basmati rice, naan, and Bhel Puri. I even had Ravi Shankar blasting on our Bluetooth speaker. I’m f*cking crazy.

Bombay Sapphire martini for me, chilled Pinot Grigio for BF, and a Rob Roy for mom.


Another ‘clean out the freezer’ dinner. Tonight it was a take on turkey taco soup with pepper jack quesadillas. Leftover poultry stocks, turkey (dark meat) from Thanksgiving, bits 'n pieces of corn, green chiles, tiny tortillas, refries and other assorted beans garnished with on hand fresh avocado, tomato, mixed cheeses, cilantro and a dollop of sour cream. Perfect for a cold, snowy January evening. Hot apple cider for a bevvy, Probably will last the whole week!

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Chicken pozole verde. I simmered thighs in chicken broth and then diced and seared in oo. I roasted poblano peppers, onions and garlic. I didn’t have any tomatillos so I added green enchilada sauce, the chicken broth and blitzed. Accoutrements were radish, red onion, queso fresco and cilantro. Lime wedges missed the photo but were rescued during a search for Cholula. Warm flour tortilla chips. Agua congelada. Cocktail was a gin sunrise. I was blasting Santana.


for the win !


That looks so good!

love this.

Tonight’s dinner was chicken livers prepared in the pressure cooker in beef broth. I did thicken the beef broth after cooking and served them over mashed potatoes with peas on the side. The chicken livers were just – OK. It was something I wanted to try, but I won’t repeat. Sunshine & I both agree that we prefer them breaded and fried.


I agree - breaded and fried. Although I have had them sautéed in butter with some onions, served as a filling for an omelette with a brandied mushroom gravy. Never did get the recipe for that…a restaurant meal in the way back machine. I could probably figure it out. I remember a vacation we took through Kentucky and Tennessee - went to a KFC drive through and they had fried chicken livers on the menu. We were in heaven. Have never seen them since…


Breakfast tacos with a crushed up Trader Joe’s hash brown (do they still make these? - checked at a local store and couldn’t find them), eggs, tomatoes, onions, cheddar cheese, avocado, and various bottled salsas, on fresh flour tortillas.


thanks! they’re so satisfying…

oh MY. It does sound really, REALLY GOOD!

Yay - you made the whole package!

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