What's For Dinner #86 - the Apples, & Cider, & DONUTS, Oh MY! Edition - October 2022

interesting. i might try this.

Cabbage soup with homemade kielbasa. This recipe was tasty and makes for a lot of leftovers. I added 2 t. sherry vinegar.

Carrots, onion, bay, potatoes, and cabbage from the garden.


Skate! and soup! I like both these things.


Just a tiny splash of soy sauce. :blush:

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Rigatoni with crumbled sausage, cannellini beans, tomatoes, red wine, garlic and basil.


Early Diwali dinner with friends last night, as I’ll be away for the actual holiday.

I made apps and dessert plus a cocktail syrup, my friend (who hosted) made the main and sides.

Cocktail: Festive Old Fashioneds (cardamom, ginger, caramel, pomegranate molasses)

Apps: Savory spiced mini cupcakes (handvo), Puff pastry and potato spirals.

Mains: Meatball biryani

Sides: Crunchy okra, boondi raita, kachumber (onion, tomato, chilli, cilantro).

Dessert: Yogurt Panna Cotta Tart

We had a lot of fun (especially after a couple of rounds of the cocktail, then remembering that a bottle of wine had been decanted with another one waiting…).

But… there were a few food misses. Rice for the biryani didn’t cook properly at first, then overcooked a bit and broke up, in which time the masala dried out more than it should have. Dessert (which turned out absolutely perfectly last week for another party) was over-gelled because I was afraid it wouldn’t set in a deeper tart and very slightly increased the gelatin.

Oh well. A very enjoyable evening overall, and my friend and I both got to experiment with new dishes which we’ll continue to work on, even though they didn’t turn out exactly as we had hoped this time.


It all looks good! Happy Diwali, and safe travels.

Thank you!

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Happens! Happy holiday.

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Could have fooled me. Looks great.

Quick and relatively easy tonight - seared NY Strips, braised radishes, and homemade sweet potato fries. Fries were limp but tasty. Spanish Garnacha in our glasses.


Leftover salmon (I always eat the thin/belly part the first night and save the thicker part which I reheat very gently), with more steamed farm broccoli and celery braised in salmon soy lemon leftover juices. Love braised celery!


Sausage and roasted broccoli calzone sprinkled with Monterey Jack cheese, and with roasted garlic dabbed on top of the filling. Used a half ball of Wegmans’ pizza dough. Sauce was Dave’s Gourmet Roasted Garlic and Sweet Basil, augmented with dried oregano, basil, and Aleppo pepper for a slight bit of heat.

Wine alongside.


That looks amazing!


Really , really nice

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The air is finally breathable, it’s been raining all day for the first time in months, and we’ve had a very autumnal dinner. Butternut squash polenta and pork with apples and sage.


Polenta season. On the menu tomorrow. It’s been a long time . I like golden pheasant. time . I’m going to use bobs red mill this time
Chicken stock , bay leaf, four year old parmigiana reggiano , plenty of butter .
I like my polenta super soft .
What I don’t use . I pour into a dish , then refrigerate for the next meal cut into squares .


That looks good! And yes, air is better too. While northern Puget Sound area has had worse smoke, yesterday found myself congested and coughing - thought I was coming down with a cold. Symptoms GONE today - yay! Time for some clean crisp fall air, which we will have.

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Yay for good clean air again! It was brutal this whole week. Had bad air in Gig/Tacoma. Which was a huge bummer bc the college kid is allergic to animal hair/dander, and our BNB was full of it! Can’t be inside, can’t go outside for long. Didn’t share that with you :slight_smile: He only spent 1 night there and we schlepped him to his dorm room the other 2 nights, getting tolled on the bridge over and over. Then we got home only to have the air so bad here (basically in the purple all week till today) that we didn’t leave the house. My H was going up and down the stairs for exercise. Like 50 times in a row. Such a relief to go outside again, even in the rain!


Raining here too. Salisbury steak, mushroom gravy. Baby potatoes, haricots verts par boiled and then sauteed in butter, onions and bacon. Salad of mixed greens, tomato, green onion, cucumber, oo & v dressing. Beans, potatoes and tomatoes from the garden. Bombay bloody, aka red snapper and wine.