What's for Dinner #85: The Falling Leaves Edition - September 2022

I found this more sweet than anything with little to no spicing at all. And the ingredient list after Goigling it shows my tastebuds weren’t wrong. It was fine for what I needed it for; however, I might blend it with some grated ginger and maybe some dry sherry for some more oomph next use.

Sugar, Shoyu (Water, Wheat, Soybeans, Sodium Benzoate), Salt, Wine, Hoisin (Vinegar, Flour, Garlic Sesame Seed, Chili), Monosodium Glutamate, Spices, Xanthan Gum, Artificial Coloring (Including FD&C Yellow 5&6, Red 40, Blue 2.


I’ve made char siu from scratch, and the marinade is pretty simple.

The recipe is a clever use of ground pork instead of the usual marinating, cooking, broiling. A similar one is faux-bulgogi, which has pretty simple ingredients.


Convenient for a worknight dinner. It was quick and easy.

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Thai beef salad. A garnish of roasted peanuts and chopped scallion greens didn’t make the photo.

A burn-ban has been imposed locally, including charcoal grills. This is the first time in a decade I’ve cooked a steak any way but over coals. Anxiety inducing, to be certain. Came out OK, but I learned a few things for next time.

Lettuce, green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, shallots, and green onions from the garden.


I guess I liked the pasta last night enough to make it again, ha.

Plan was to have a big, warm salad – butternut squash roasted with lots of garlic and onions over arugula with sunflower seeds and pecorino, plus some substantial croutons from leftover bread.

But the bread was hard as a rock and I didn’t feel like dealing, so I decided to make the pasta again and use the vegetables over it. Tweaked the flavor profile by adding harissa to the anchovies, and roasting the garlic with the squash first.

There is some magic in caramelized butternut squash and onions, and mellow roasted garlic!

I mixed a few handfuls of arugula in to wilt, and put more on the plate before plating the pasta. This was fabulous.



Company for dinner - a family of vegetarian/vegans. So, it was make your own sandwich bar. A homemade sourdough loaf. A HUGE platter of market veg, a small plate of meats and cheeses, cornichons, peppadews, olive tapenade, hummus, eggplant spread, and feta-pepper spread. They brought apple crisp and ice cream (not shown). Good food, good friends!


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Flemish Carbonnade with beef chuck, caramelized onions, bacon, plenty of trappist beer, parsley, thyme, taragon, garlic, brown sugar and apple vinegar. Served over egg noodles and sautéed chard with onions, tomato and anchovies.


This is my attitude about my pantry, fridge, and freezer. I can up many things at a moment’s notice. Living the dream.



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'twas boygah time at casa lingua. Cheeborger time, to be exact. L&W fries on the side & a tiny COTC I had as an app. Mandatory Grillo’s pickle, too. The cheese is havarti & cheddar :slight_smile:


And this is why I keep buying MOAR to fill my freezers, even though I’m just feeding myself. I need to eat from the freezers for awhile to open up space. Of course, one of my local markets has whole chickens on sale for $.99/lb. AND I HAVE NO ROOM! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


This looks AMAZING!


You KNOW how to cook. You don’t need no stinkin’ recipes. Read them for ideas then follow your gut.


Broiled everything. Bluefish with rosemary mayo, corn and eggplant salad with basil and mild jalapenos.


Last night was our first decidedly “Fall” meal: Polish kielbasa nestled into a melange of sauerkraut, and shredded onion, Gravenstein and Kingston Black apples, onions and Red Core Chatennay carrot.

Grilled the sausage pieces, sauteed the rest, then assembled and baked.


I felt a small amount of pain, personally, when I read this sentence. While freshly made tofu is a lovely thing, I can get how it’s not everyone’s jam. It’s very subtle in flavor. A lot like a fresh mozz. However, the stuff you get in the grocery is amazing. I adore it. It’s an incredibly inexpensive source of protein that, once you start to play with it, you can get to adopt multiple textures and all the flavors. It is a sponge. Once you squeeze out some of its floating water, you can put it into any other sauce or marinade and it will just drink it up. You should play with it, and see if you can’t find a prep of tofu that she’ll like. My personal favorite is after squeezing, marinate slices for at least a day in a combo of miso, mirin, rice wine vin, sambal. Then bake it for an hour at 275. Flip and do it again - an hour at 275. Then chunk it and use it in salads, cold sesame noodles, rice paper rolls i.e. summer rolls or lettuce wraps. Soooo good. I’ll also very often crumble it right out of the package into a Thai curry with other sautéed veg.


This will be dinner (again) tonight: https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1022862-brothy-thai-curry-with-silken-tofu-and-herbs?action=click&module=RecipeBox&pgType=recipebox-page&region=all&rank=57, which is soon becoming my second favorite NYT recipe (this is my favorite, although I’ve never actually fried the chicken & I usually just use BISO thighs that I roast in the oven at 375 for 45-50 min & finish under the broiler to crisp up the skin if necessary).

The recipe is a lightened up version from my usual Thai curry, and it’s incredibly versatile - you can add whichever veg or protein you want – on top of the cherry tomatoes, as I find those essential, and I also wouldn’t omit the seasoned silken tofu. It adds a nice dimension and texture.

My favorite veg to use are baby spinach & Chinese eggplant, and I find seafood like mild white fish or shrimp/scallops works best. I suppose poaching a little chicken breast in there would work just as well.

It comes together within 30 min & hits all my sweet spots flavorwise :slight_smile:

(not pictured are ginger, garlic & shallots that also join the party)


Just curious if the vegetarian family ate the cheese? Asking bec the vegetarians I know wouldn’t eat something that was on the same plate as, never mind touching, meat.

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