What's for Dinner #84 - the National Food-A-Day Month Edition - August 2022

Perfect Cherokee Purple BLT’s
Local corn on the cob
Homemade peach frozen yogurt

I start a new job tomorrow and just enjoyed 3+ weeks off, so this very much felt like the last day of summer for me. Bittersweet.


We enjoyed another sensational dinner at The Circle restaurant in Fredon, NJ, including gnocchi with crispy charred corn, corn chipotle puree, smoked cotija cheese and sambal; outstanding foie gras pb&j with black sesame butter, nectarine jelly, cointreau, on a toasted brioche; hanger steak with caraflex cabbage, crispy confit potato, Thai basil and cherry mustard; halibut with smoked miso broth, chanterelle, pickled ginger, and guajillo chili; burrata with spring pea. For dessert we enjoyed a flourless chocolate cake with hazelnut ice cream. It all went great with an excellent Syrah and cabernet.


Made Nora Ephron’s Linguine alla cecca tonight - linguine in a raw tomato sauce with crushed garlic, basil, RPF, salt & olive oil. Incredibly light and fresh tasting - we wolfed it down. need to make it at least one more time before summer tomatoes are gone. Also, a few blistered shishitos on the side, from my sister’s client’s garden.


Sometimes (not often) I do everything right.

Soft shell crab with lazy remoulade, charred corn and poblano salsa.


Good to see you! I like your tweaks to that recipe.

Real nice

I prefer uncooked tomato sauce. Super. Light and fresh.

Tonight I made smoked tomato gazpacho (Andres’ recipe but with smoked homegrown ‘maters), heated up leftover savory foraged mushroom cheesecake made by my DH, and made David Tanis’ fresh (garden) tomato pasta with ricotta.

I picked a bunch of the neighbor’s figs (with permission this time), so jam is in our future.


I love the “There was wine”.


Can I ask for deets on how you are smoking your tomatoes?

Tonight’s dinner was a Thai shrimp curry.


Perfect finale for summer!

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Three of my favorite things. Thanks for posting the recipe and your adjustments. This will definitely go on the “To Make” list.

Good luck at the new job today!


Last night’s dinner was mini Thanksgiving… not all of the usual dishes, but more than enough to feed hungry girlfriend.


Leftover chicken, garlic-herb cheese, and arugula panino on sourdough, and Fritos Scoops. Easy-peasy.


Reheated leftovers from yesterday’s lunch for dinner tonight - “cheese steak fundido” subs. Basically, browned and drained ground beef, sauteed with mushrooms, red onion, poblanos, serranos, and Fresno chiles. Then add a good melting cheese (I used American) and any other cheeses you like (we added smoked and sharp cheddars that needed to get used up). Pile into a good roll and eat! We had tater tots on the side.


Grilled lamb chops marinated overnight by my PIC, TJ’s gigantes, a big-ass choriatiki, and tzatziki. Perhaps the best I’ve made. I suspect my generosity with the sour cream might be the culprit :smiley:


Flap steak with a side of gorgeous oyster and chanterelle mushrooms that I majorly splurged on at the farmer’s market on Sunday. They cost more than the steak and were worth every penny! Simply sautéed in the beef fat/butter left in the pan after the steak was done. Little pesto on the side to dress up the steak.


We made a bruschetta from marinated home grown heirloom tomatoes, red onion, garlic, basil, red wine vinegar and olive oil served on top of grilled rustic French bread. We shared a butter basted ribeye. Our tomatoes are almost gone, most of our vines have failed.