What's for Dinner #84 - the National Food-A-Day Month Edition - August 2022

Matisse! Love that. Beautiful dishes, also. Love his eyes. (I’m thinking “him”, because Henri was a dude.)


Those tomatoes that you DID have look absolutely gorgeous!


Thank you! Yes, Matisse is a he.

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My DH has battled blight because we get so much rain in North Carolina. His tips are to pre spray with copper spray, cut off any blight you see immediately, and buy local blight resistant tomato seeds/seedlings.

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@Desert-Dan @Saregama @MsBean and anyone else interested - I moved Dan’s lasagna post and any replies off to their own thread under Cooking Discussions/Recipes here. That way the focus can be on everyone giving great ideas to Dan and anyone else interested in making good lasagna.


Last night I made rainbow trout amandine (sans lemon and parsley to appease family tastes), roasted CSA potato wedges, buttered broccoli with Meyer lemon oil, and garden squash with Pecorino.


The Sea Pig - sub sandwich of krab salad, bacon (Nueske’s!), and Swiss. We also added tomato. This was a staple sandwich from a shop called Big G’s in Winslow, Maine, when I was in college.


I made the NYT “cold noodles with tomatoes” again because I still have 4739484848 heirloom black cherry tomatoes. Also because this dish is delicious!


Trader Joe’s pork belly was on tap for tonight. The boxes are now sealed, so you can no longer open the box flap to see how much meat to fat cap ratio there is. Looks like I chose wisely with this box!

Pan seared it on all sides and moved it to a baking pan. Added some OJ to the fat in the pan to simmer, then some grated ginger and chopped mango. Mashed that up once it softened, and poured it over the belly and into the convection oven to finish.

Israeli couscous with chopped onion, pepper, chicken stock and dried savory mixed with some fresh thyme and parsley. Green beans.

Not too bad!


This won’t win any beauty contests, but it’s on regular rotation in my household:

I added wild-caught Atlantic cod & Chinese eggplant. Great way to use up the coconut milk and green curry paste I’d leftover from my recent grilled Thai shrimp experiment.

A friendly member of my local food group gifted me a couple of baggies of her homegrown holy basil & lime leaves, which made it perfect <3


Steak dinner for people who don’t eat steak. Broiled portobello with bordelaise sauce and fried sage, chard sauteed with garlic, steamed green beans with butter and lemon, shrimp cocktail with remoulade.



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Thanks! To be honest, it wasn’t that good. I undercooked the chard, and the bordelaise came out weird. Reasonably satisfying nonetheless.

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So, it’s a “work in progress” :grinning:

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Yes, somewhere on the spectrum.

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Thank you. We had some leftover with a lot of juice but not enough to make bruschetta again, so I added some chopped cucumber and coarsely pureed it in the food processor. It made enough for 2 servings of gazpacho tonight with leftover steak sandwiches…


BF’s first attempt at tortilla de patata - not bad! i’ve made dozens and dozens and they can be finicky, so his first try is impressive to me. he did overcook it a bit (little burnt on one side) but overall very tasty, and the dollop of Mexican crema was genius - i usually use aioli of some type, but the crema was a nice, fresh alternative (duh, sour cream and potatoes…) Alongside was a green chile/cilantro sausage from a local butcher, and a green salad.


Summer minestrone.

Onions, carrots, green beans, tomatoes, and zucchini from the garden.


Thai style broiled pork neck - kho mu yang, with dried chili dipping sauce. With tomato, cucumber, rice, and a fried egg.