What's For Dinner #82 - June 2022 - the Scary Campfire Stories and Sticky S'Mores Month

beautifully done!

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no worries! no one’s that particular here. at least I hope not.

Linguine Carbonara with slightly crispy diced ham steak and peas


Felt like Thai food. Went back to the hipster place in our hood, and it was very good again.

We split “Better than Boyfriend” - grilled pork belly with macadamia plum sauce (fantastic)

“Chubby Chili” - steamed wontons with chicken & shrimp in a fiery sauce (very good)

Ceviche that kinda wasn’t, but tasty nonetheless (salmon, avocado, mango, red onions, Thai dressing)

And finally “Devil Duck” - spicy crispy duck on veggies. Nice heat level.


But of course! Both are tucked into the farmer’s market picture. The key lime wasn’t very key limey last night. I was kind of hoping the cake part would have some hint of lime, but I think it was just the frosting, and it still wasn’t enough lime for me. But it was good, and supports a local business.


I’ve started July’s thread here:


Looks fantastic!

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That tri-tip looks lovely. Mr Bean always laughs at me when I twist and turn a weird piece of meat to the grain/knife orientation correct.


I love pork and peaches. Thanks for inspiring me!


You correct because you care.


Had a simple, but good end of month dinner last night. Do wish I had put more cheese in the mac & cheese; will do that when I warm up the leftover. In addition to the Instant Pot (IP) mac & cheese, had celery, wonderful IP green beans, and an air fryer ground beef patty.


Love this. Need to dig out my IP soon. I live in a small stone converted barn protected by four adult black walnut trees plus other trees but the free a/c can only last so long for us before the house heats up. I learned to love a simple ground beef patty many moons ago but mine was fried in a cast iron skillet. I wasn’t being low carb, the bread was always stale in my mom’s kitchen. But the beef was ground round from the wholesale beef place. It was for my mom’s siamese cat gretel but she shared. Mostly.

Thanks Linda!

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Thank you, @wholetthedogsout. Such a wonderful abundance of those delicious black walnuts. Bet you have bumper crops of them.

All my life I have loved to cook. Made my very cheese souffle when I was only 11 years old and it was a great success. Have been collecting recipes since being a girl, also. So when I broke my back on three different occasions and hospitalized for months at a time, it became more and more difficult to stand to cook. After the 3rd time, it was impossible to do any standing for a period of time. Then out came the Instant Pot (IP) and the air fryer (AF). Purchased both hoping that they would enable me continue cooking and recipe trying and collecting. What game changers for me. I will always be thanking for the people who came up with the ideas for these two cooking tools.

Now I can experiment with and try new recipes to my hearts desire since I don’t have to stand for long period of time to dump and go in the IP and a few minutes in the AF.


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What a lovely comment to come home to after stumbling around in the heat. We have black walnuts for a very specific reason. The previous owner wanted them because they stand for intellect. Young walnut trees can be very competitive and toxic to other plant life. But they mellow out with age like maybe fine wine. The black raspberry patch and the trees get along just fine. But the squirrels who I can learn from love to squirrel food away for the winter. The little suckers placed some in our big hedge out front. I did not know those mini brats did this until I found black walnut trees growing inside our hedge and that part of the hedge dead. So young walnut trees are bratty too. We have lots of black walnuts in the fall. When they come crashing down it sounds like a war zone. Then we have to go on patrol and pick up the walnuts on our walkway. A colleague at the library twisted her ankle badly when she was doing a historic enactment at night. I admire your ability to adopt and I am so happy for you.

I will have to check out what you have been cooking. I tend to bust out my IP more in the summer so as not to heat up the kitchen. I know of another excellent cook who cannot walk much but she cooks jaw dropping meals and cooks with her husband. What a team. A souffle that young? Wow. I was like a mexican jumping bean so it is good that I did not attempt that. I didn’t love to cook but I had two doting grandmothers plus my uncle george. I don’t know if you have ever seen My Three Sons but my Uncle George was a lot like Uncle Charlie with lots more beer and grumpiness. I remember my maternal grandmother used to make frie tomatos for sunday breakfast. When the fried sliced tomatoes ran out the milk gravy with little brown bits was so delicious that I was not the only one to devour slices of white bread with gravy. This was the only food I ever overate as a little girl. I can remember lying on the couch with a belly ache. One hot day I wanted some fried tomatoes which my mom made too. She told me “make them yourself” So I did. And that was how I learned to cook while surrounded by cooks.

My family on both sides were crazy about green beans. I think they called them string beans though. I ate so many green beans and loved them. My one grandmother had vivid memories of the Great Depression. She would put stale bread out for the birds but children would come and eat the scraps. I can still how she lowered her voice and head in sorrow and she was not usually that way so it really got my attention. Then she smile a little and said she of course she then put out big chunks of fresh bread. Green beans can get cold very fast. I did not care for them cold and there were no microwaves. A couple of times I refused to eat my green beans and she made me sit at the table alone until I ate them. I still love green beans. I don’t do green beans this way anymore but everyone served the green beans “frenched” back then. And always with mashed potatoes as they go so well together. I have a date with a pizza cooked on a little cast iron fajita pan and I even got guilted into taking a pic just this once. So when it cools down I will eat that but now I want this dinner.


Saw your post in my notifications but cannot find it so I will just reply here “Had the remaining macaroni and cheese doctored up along with a cherry tomato salad, which was yummy, with a battered fish fillet, leftover Instant Pot green beans”. The AF great for battered fish. Don’t get me started on tomatoes as I do tend to go on. No tartar sauce? I like a little. Have become fascinated by discussions on what the Queen eats and drinks. All right it’s finally hot. As a big treat she sometimes gets carry away. A small fish and chips. So you are dining like a queen. I crack myself up a lot when I think about things like posting in WFL with pictures maybe. I ain’t no Queen so my lunch was a McDonald’s drive thru happy meal. And the toy Sucked. I ate half the fries and nibbled at the cheeseburger. My dog did not even want one fry. Came home and added rum to my small coke. Refreshing.