What's for Dinner - #81 - the Planting Month - May 2022

Those scallops look perfect to me Linda.

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Great looking tortillas and tacos!


What a meal. Happy birthday! Enjoy the rest of your birthday weekend—and birthday month.

My kind of birfday meal!

Happy Birthday :birthday:

Happy birthday @paryzer! Looks like a wonderful birthday dinner!


Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

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So that must mean that your wife is feeling better.


Only slightly better, but at least she is making some progress. She still can’t sit for too long. She was getting a little stiff at the end. She has to bring a pillow with her to sit down. It was our first time dining out in 2 weeks.
Thank you for asking.


I wish her, and you, the best.

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Happy early birthday! And many returns.

Thank you @ChristinaM and @bcc ! I appreciate it.

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Lazy Sunday spent mostly indoors, as crappy weather and general malaise nixed our usual Sunday trip to the Thai park. Made up for it with takeout from a place nearby: ped khi mao & kuay tiew gai.

The duck’s crispy skin suffered bigly from sitting in the takeout container, but the meat itself was lovely, and the portion generous. My soup was a bit blandish, which I fixed with a few spoons of sambal.


Tonight’s dinner was roasted basa fillet, asparagus and cherry tomatoes inspired from the budget bytes recipe that calls for cod. This was a new-to-me recipe that will be repeated often. I included rice because what would fish be like without rice? :wink:


Slept in.
Boyz didn’t.
I hollered.
They chose to sleep.
Smart move, sez Mom.
Chatted with sister as she grocery shopped.
Did laundry.
Kept cool.
Uneventful day.
I’m good with that.

Pork tenderloin was at a good price at Wegmans yesterday, so I picked up a family pack to feed my freezer.

Lots of ways to cook it, but I went with a Dijon cream sauce with mushrooms, onions, garlic, and thyme.

Baby red, purple, and yellow potatoes were par-steamed, then roasted after drizzling with olive oil and sprinkling with s/p. Green beans as the green veg.

And wine.


I adapted this recipe for Monkfish With Tomato Garlic Sauce for dinner this evening. I browned the monkfish medallions in the same pan that I would use for the tomato and garlic sauce. Once they were browned, I evacuated them to a disposable roasting tin and held them there. When the garlic was toasted (and a quarter cup of them removed for garnish), I added smoked paprika and a crushed dried chile and let that sizzle for a minute more. Then I added about a quarter cup of dry sherry, reduced it by half, and then a can of diced tomato and its juice, as well as a can of chickpeas that were drained and rinsed. Next I added about a cup of water, salt, and pepper. I brought it to a boil and then let simmer, uncovered, for 15 minutes. While the sauce simmered, I finished the monkfish by roasting it at 400 (I probably could have pulled it a couple minutes earlier than I did). I put the fish on a plate to rest and poured the liquid that came of them while roasting into the sauce. The tomato/garlic/chickpea broth went into a bowl, topped with a monkfish medallion, and then garnished with parsley and crispy garlic chips. We also had some homemade sourdough bread to sop up everything. Delicious and we have leftovers for tomorrow night!


This looks amazing!


Thank you! It comes together pretty quickly (after slicing up all the garlic!), but would be a good, slightly fancy, having folks over for dinner kind of dish. I think it would work well with any thick cut of a mild white fish.

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Cabbage “pad Thai”.