What's for Dinner - #81 - the Planting Month - May 2022

Old school tacos with leftover Peruvian chicken, Tillamook cheddar and garden greens. Choice of tabasco, sriracha mayo and garlic-lime crema for sauce. The last of some homemade refries from the freezer. Leftover Peruvian rice.


Leftover chile verde from the freezer, into burritos, with canned chili beans.


Seared and roasted chicken thigh with aji verde, roasted potatoes, onions, garlic and piquillo peppers, street corn. Mixed greens salad, jicama, tomatoes and green onion with sherry vinegar/oo dressing. A G&T.


The BF made Mongolian Beef - his first time cooking with a wok too! Tasted as good as any we’ve had in a restaurant. Stir-fried veggies in basically the same sauce were great too. I found a recipe for daikon rounds, with butter, garlic and soy, but unfortunately he burned those a bit. Still, winner of a dinner!

Only to then have me scream like a lunatic banshee at him for cleaning the wok with the chainmail scrubber we use on the CI pan. AAAACKKKK!! i immediately dried it over the burner and rubbed flaxseed oil into it, then wiped it clean. but I may have to re-season it. oh well, i guess he can’t be perfect ALL of the time…


Chicken Piccata was requested. While I was tempted to add hot cherry peppers (rendering this to my spicy “Chicken Piccata-ish”), I stayed traditional. Delicious.

To drink: a martini with Stoli, Dolin Blanc, and orange bitters. No name for it but delightful.


Rutabaga Curry with leeks, garlic, curry powder, coconut milk and vegetable broth served over rice


Marcella Hagen’s Bolognese over rigatoni - Mr Bean’s pasta of choice. Served with caponata made with Asian eggplant because that was what I needed to use up and a chopped salad.

The sauce was part of a batch a made a while ago with probably close to 4 pounds of meat. I like to make a large batch when I make Bolognese and freeze portions to have it on hand.


Lamb boygahs from our share, grated some onion into the meat, topped with provolone & cheddar. Aldi brioche buns were shmeared with sumac aioli. LW fries with the proper amount of kewpie and Heinz. Greek salad on the side for good measure.


Your meal makes me wish it was dinnertime, yum. I prefer Asian eggplant for most recipes when local eggplant isn’t in season. Asian eggplant I can buy in stores here is smaller than an Italian eggplant. That seems to reduce my odds of getting a spongy, super seedy eggplant (because the vegetable has been in a supermarket supply chain and then sitting in the produce department).


Most of the local groceries don’t carry Asian eggplant so anytime I am somewhere that has it I tend to buy too much. Unless I’m making Baba Ghanoush or stuffed eggplant I also prefer the long, thin shape of the Asian ones. It helps me keep the cuts more consistent in size and “peeliness”.


@LindaWhit - Thanks for moving my post from the April thread to May. I guess I didn’t have enough coffee this morning before posting.


Or maybe one that says “before postee?” :wink:


Lol! I love the phonetic spelling of NJ coffee!!

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Another reason why I shouldn’t post too earlier in the morning. Marcella Hagan should be Hazan! And I made the sauce. I hate that I am a terrible typist and an even worse proofreader.


Making My Greek Dish’s Biftekia, Ricardo’s Kuku Sabzi and Persian-style Olivieh tonight.


What’s that?

Tonight was also rigs in our house - with TJ’s frozen turkey Bolognese with butter and tomato paste, garlicky garden spinach, and a baby zucchini shaved salad with lemon, Parm Regg, mint, basil, and hazelnuts.


Lamb Weston fries?


Huh, never heard of it. I had to Google.

Me too.