What's For Dinner #77 - the "Let's Start Anew" Edition - January 2022

You didn’t ask me, but…


Mostly I’m eating versions of smoked salmon, and eat it alone! Slice after slice, just snatched from the refrigerator.

For a long while I preferred a brand of hot smoked, but lately it’s been all about the Nova.


It gets easier - sort of. :upside_down_face: I’ve been low-carb for over 20 years and some things have lost their allure entirely (most desserts, most pasta, etc.). Pizza, on the other hand…:japanese_ogre:


Didn’t ask me either, but they work well in salads of scrambles too. A classic with smoked salmon at Russ and daughters in NYC, but would work with any other smoked fish.


Friend’s son gifted me dried mushrooms he foraged himself in Oregon - King Boletes and Porcini. Reconstituted them, saving the liquid, then sauteed them with fresh Maitakes, garlic and shallots. Poured the shroomy liquid back in and cooked all that down a bit. Added a little vermouth, half and half, and fresh thyme. Heavenly mushrooms! The soaking liquid made all the difference - such a wonderfully earthy flavor.

Served over creamy parmesan polenta, alongside roasted garlic sausages and cherry tomatoes.


We enjoyed a sensational dinner at newly opened Fiorentini Restaurant in Rutherford, NJ. Below is a link for those that might be interested.


Sunday dinner. Grilled rib eye, Hasselbacks and Caesar salad. There was wine.


Smoked fish chowder, smoked fish niçoise, smoked salmon/smoked trout omelette/frittata, smoked trout with apple.

My godmother makes a dip with smoked trout. I’m guessing it’s made with cream cheese, sour cream, lemon juice, pepper and smoked trout.

Herring under a red fur coat/ shuba salad https://natashaskitchen.com/shuba-with-salmon-a-twist-on-herring-salad/


Second @Phoenikia suggestions, especially chowders and dips; would also work in quiche, or stratas, could also see it in fried rice, or in a cream sauce for pasta, breakfast hash too, or eggs Benedict.


Dinner for 4 last night by request from DD2 & SIL. Greek night to include a few spanakopita, tyropita, kalamata olives and kasseri cheese. Also Greek seasoned lamb burgers with tsatziki, oven fries with homegrown Greek oregano & feta, and the ubiquitous village salad with the works, and a little iceberg lettuce. This was the 1st sampling of the local pastured lamb from a friend. We’ve got 2 in the freezer now, but one is going to H’s sister in Utah soon. Really delicious lamb!


Sorry the gang polished off this before I even got a nibble! Recipe share-raves.


Tonight’s dinner - broccoli beef. Tasty.


Leftover pork rib , white beans with tomato, zucchini. What was fabulous about this meal is the drizzle of my newly purchased California olive oil reserve. I ordered another bottle. Cheers .


Thai inspired beef-eggplant curry with beef chuck braised in coconut milk and beef stock with a paste made out of ginger, shallots, garlic, jalapeño, lemongrass and key lime leaves. Added sautéed eggplants for the last 20 minutes and finished with fish sauce, brown sugar, lime juice, puréed cilantro, thai basil and quickly fried garlic


Really felt like antipasto last night, so I picked up a bunch of stuff from the Italian market. It doesn’t count unless it’s on a wood board, right?



Some years ago, dh modified a Farber rotisserie so we could roast by coals on the hearth. Last night, tri tip.

Smashed potatoes, sour cream and scallions, mushroom saute.


The symmetry of your crusts is a thing of beauty. Does your H toss the dough in the air like a pro or is there another method to getting those great rounds? My dough always looks like a toddler shaped it.


Yes!!! Awesome show.

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Tonight the kiddo and I made pasta with our extruder and I made Japanese tantanmen. It was tasty, but I think I prefer the Beijing original. I ran into a problem with my Tetrapak of Silk “original” soy milk. It still has a faint vanilla flavor that didn’t work in a savory application. I remade it with evaporated milk instead.

Side was fennel steamed and sauteed with soy sauce and black vinegar. Purchased creme brulee for dessert.


Brazilian shrimp and fish stew, aka Moqueca, from ATK’s recipe. The combination of tomato and coconut is interesting, although the coconut flavor was muted by all the other ingredients. I subbed salmon for the cod they suggest and skipped the pepper relish in favor of some hot sauce and pickled jalapeños, but otherwise followed their recipe. Quite delicious and a good way to use up lackluster frozen salmon. Served with a quick green salad, but would have preferred a big slab of sourdough bread!