What's For Dinner #75 - the " Thanks and Giving Season" Edition - November 2021

Love it!
My mom makes lasagna or gratin with leftovers (and bechamel)!


During my retail career, I usually worked late the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in order to flip the store to Christmas. We often had family staying for TD so I got into the practice of making a big tray of mac and cheese as it was easy for someone to throw it into the oven for dinner. Then it became a thing to bring another tray to work for the “visual crew” to eat while we got the store ready.

Even though I left that life, and it was only the 3 of us or dinner, I had to uphold the tradition.


At my sister’s across the Bay for the rest of the week (except I go home at night to the BF) helping her with dog boarding over the holiday, and we’re not doing traditional thxgiving. Last night kicked it off with an Australian wagyu ribeye that we split, and asparagus with butter/parm regg/lemon. Super tender steak, forgot to take a money shot, but it turned out perfectly medium rare. like buttah. a little Trader Joe’s pink bubbly reserve that went surprisingly well with, even with the asparagus! I’ll buy it again. Simple but very delish dinner.

today will be snacking most of the day and then take-out Sichuan for dinner. can’t wait!

happy turkey day (or whatever) to all who celebrate!


Here’s a good recipe for Batata Vada / Vada Pav:

This one is similar (but skip the cumin):

(And I don’t know how I missed it the first time in the Pav bhaji recipe, but NO to the AUBERGINE :joy: - that’s aloo baingan, or if you mash it some version of baingan bharta :rofl:)


so interesting that potatoes are called “batatas” in Marathi. In Spain they’re “patatas.” not so far removed from “potatoes,” of course.

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Happy thanksgiving to those celebrating in the US!

I did end up making a simplified thanksgiving dinner even far away - chicken for turkey (upgrade as far as I’m concerned :joy:), garlic green beans (the garlic chips were a winner), mashed potatoes, stuffing balls (from scratch ie bread), and gravy.

Thankful for being reunited with family, safety, good health, togetherness, and abundance.

And grateful for this community with whom I get to share my love of food!



Thanks for sharing your sentiments, and happy you are able to visit your loved ones! What a change from last year, that you’re able to travel, and we’re all breathing a little easier! Your dinner looks delish! And Happy US Thanksgiving to you and yours. :maple_leaf::turkey::fallen_leaf:


That sounds good, too! There’s still more…

I wondered about the eggplant! Oh well. It was still so tasty.

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Proto Info European, baby! It’ll blow your mind…

Happy Thanksgiving! 1969, that’s a such a sweet long love story! Congrats and happy for you @phreddy

Ground lemongrass chicken salad (probably Thai influenced). Normally in lettuce cups, I used cabbage leaves. I harvested my own lemongrass, I chopped in leaves as well. Nice crispy with the stir fry.

Inspired by some Balkans pork rib vegetables stew, I replaced the vegetables by what I had: carrots, turnip, onion, garlic, jerusalem artichoke, thyme and the green unriped tomatoes I just picked before the frost arrived. Browned the meat first, followed by the sliced onion and then the vegetables. Added white wine then stock to cover everything and cooked for 50 minutes in oven. Lovely!


It was a very nice afternoon at my sister’s SIL’s house. Very good food, good wine, good desserts, and fun, boisterous conversations with lots of laughter, the last of which I needed today.

I’ll be making my own turkey birdie dinner on Saturday, so I only took some pie home. I’m sure my sister’s husband will be able to put away my leftovers along with their own. :wink:

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving.


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Ours was very scaled back this year, for no particular reason. No one was really feeling it even though this year has been decidedly better so far than the previous few between deaths in the family and COVID.

I woke up with a wicked hangover, the first I’ve had in what seems like years. It took until after noon to feel alive but I’m still groggy! I did not hydrate last night and I paid dearly this morning! :nauseated_face:

Rather than a host of appetizers, I just assembled some prosciutto breadsticks. We are usually so stuffed by dinnertime so I thought anything else unnecessary. Well, there was supposed to be those fried asparagus I was advertising last week but GUESS WHAT? We forgot to buy them! :upside_down_face:

Dinner was the usual: a slow cooker six pound turkey (we have done this for years after an oven disaster many years ago when the oven happened break mid-cooking leaving us with a disastrously raw turkey). While I miss a crisp skin, the meat is always very moist and tender. Mashed potatoes with a metric ton of butter, my stuffing (Italian sausage, whole-berry cranberry sauce, onion, chicken stock, and sweet vermouth), stuffed artichokes and stuffed mushrooms, sweet potato casserole, Trader Joe’s underwhelming cranberry sauce, and a surprisingly luscious gravy. Dessert was mom’s chocolate bourbon pecan pie.


To drink: I had planned on a steady dose of martinis but the hangover totally took me out of the mood. I suppose I could have went hair-of-the-dog but the thought made me nauseous. I did manage one vodka cranberry with the meal. Mom and BF had wine, a bottle that had been on the rack a long time!

Leftovers tomorrow night!


Happy Thanksgiving, all! Turkey and sides. Just for two of us today, and more on deck for a small Friendsgiving on Saturday.

Plus a patient pup in her T’Day look, waiting for her taste of the goods.


Fish soup . Toasted bread with rouille . Cheers.


Happy Thanksgiving from the left coast.
Orange cranberry gin & tonics.

Herb and garlic marinated turkey tenderloin wrapped in bacon, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce. Mixed greens salad, apple, celery, dried cranberries, blue cheese, pistachios with honey mustard dressing. A dab of wine. Did I eat too much? Of course, I think you’re breaking the law if you don’t.


Hangovers are a bitch. I’m going to have one in the morning. Your meal looks delicious!


Thanksgiving dinner was German/Alsatian inspired with a Sauerkraut Lasagna (sauerkraut, kassler (German smoked pork chops), mustard béchamel sauce) and an Alsatian apple cake/tarte


Duck breast, cranberry sauce, wild rice with shiitakes and leeks, braised endive.

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo