What's For Dinner #75 - the " Thanks and Giving Season" Edition - November 2021

Started out making the NYT caramelized scallion sauce I made a while back, but added ginger this time. Sauteed ginger/garlic, ground pork, and added dark mushroom soy, a little sesame oil, black vinegar, shaoxing wine, a bunch of cilantro and baby spinach. i tried using restraint with all the flavors (difficult for me!) and succeeded. Then, infused homemade chicken broth with ginger and thai bird chilis. Made “wonton” noodles from the Asian store, tossed with scallion oil while hot, and dolloped some on top. Sliced some cukes and jalapenos thinly, TJs fried onions as a garnish, and OMG SOFA KING GOOD.
total mishmash of things that worked.


Jewish penicillin.


Couldn’t decide between chicken or eggplant parm, so I made both.



Thank you!
I look forward to seeing your version!
I always enjoy seeing your meals in the What’s Cooking section!

an embarrassment of riches!


We enjoyed an outstanding 6 course tasting menu at The Circle Restaurant in Newton, NJ. It was our first, and certainly not last time, at this charming restaurant. Below is a link to the details and pictures for those that might be interested.


I am in awe of what you cook for a party of one, but this blows me away!!

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Tried this shortcut fried chicken recipe. Meh . Looks good , ended at a dead end . Potatoes were good with a simple salad. Cheers.


That sounds good!

In Atlanta for ten days, so cooking vicariously via WFD. Thanks you all;


I could almost taste that.

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All-pie (almost) Sunday dinner! First I made a pie of three greens: Swiss chard, spigarello, and lacinato kale. Sautéed aji dulce peppers, onion, and sliced chard stems went in for flavor. Feta cheese and the better part of three eggs for more flavor and protein.

Take a peek at the filling before the top crust went on.

The finished product, served with a pre-frost green tomato carefully coaxed into ripening on the kitchen counter.

Then I rerolled the scraps from the TJ’s pie crust I used to make an apple mini crostata. Perfect size for the two of us.

Props to my late grandma for teaching me that rerolling pie crust scraps leads to good stuff. Bonus treat even if you simply cut surplus dough into strips, dust it with cinnamon and sugar, and bake it along with your main pie.


And a LOT of leftovers!

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How did you get such an airy crust?

My DH made the dough - he followed the Oster bread maker recipe for 1.5 lb but substituted 1c bread flour for the AP and half grapeseed oil for the olive.

We let it go through the dough mix and rise cycle. Then preheat oven to 500° and put a rack on the lowest shelf. Gently deflate the dough and spread out on a baking sheet with parchment. Par-bake the crust 4 min, then top and bake again on the lowest rack until toppings are done and dough is cooked through (ca. 10 min for us). I would split the dough between two pans next time and make thinner crusts. But it was nice and pillowy and soft.

ETA: really crucial to be gentle with the dough! Keep the air bubbles.


I’m putting this on my saved recipe list. But - 1/2 cup of maple syrup sounds excessive for a 1 1b tenderloin. Are we making dinner or dessert? Did you use that much?

I did not. I didn’t measure, but maybe a generous tablespoon, in part because I had only honey mustard, and my figs were “preserved” (not preserves). And I had no bourbon.

Preserved figs

That sounds much more reasonable. I actually have dregs of honey mustard too - great way to use it up. I feel bad for beginning cooks who are going to do that recipe as written and end up with something that tastes like a topping for an ice cream sundae!

Sorry, I forgot to add - he added about 2 Tbsp extra water.