What's For Dinner #74 - The Long "Fall Into Darkness, Warmth & Comfort" Edition - October 2021


She is going to do side by side cinnamon toast. Which I think is a brilliant clear test!

Just gave the cinnamon jars Thursday, so I hope she tries it in the next week or two and reports back.

And I indulged in a small jar of Penzey’s seasoned salt and - oh my. It is SO good on roast chicken!


Okay - that chicken looks incredible!

Have to ask - did you bring it to room temp before roasting? Or cook it cold? And, did you baste? Or, as you did a dry rub, did you let it be? Mine won’t be as pretty as yours but I want to try!

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Sauerkraut Stew with kassler (German-style brined and smoked pork chops,) roasted red peppers, potatoes and caraway.


I e only ever added to spag sauces tho, I’ll have try it with beef next time!


It’s super.

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Always bring close to room temperature…let it sit out for about 45 minutes. And only a single baste about 1.5 hours into the 2.20 hours total cook time.


I’ve started a November thread here…



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Cool Hallween Photographs.

The Johnny Depp Pirate Costume is amazing !

Thank you, and have a nice holiday today!

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You are very welcome …

Have a lovely afternoon.

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Can you share a recipe for the vongole? I’ve googled and it only hits on illustrated pictorials with no measurements. Thank you!

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here you go. i found it on the Splendid Table website:


Interesting! Someone else breaking the seafood/no-cheese rule.

When I lived in Italy, i seem to remember this and cozze (mussels) being the exception to the “rule.”


Thank you - that’s exactly what I needed to know!

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Due to a spell of ennui, didn’t post these pics - But here they are now.

Still enjoying good garden veg then, gifted King Salmon steak by our next door neighbor in a citrus marinade, housemade pizzas on the Ooni, green vegetable curry, Lebanese lentil soup with lemon and spinach, spaghetti and meatballs with monastery sauce, pork scallopini with gravy, pork chop, beef stroganoff. Think that’s about it, but descriptions probably not in order - sorry. First pic is an eggplant, tofu and ground pork dish we like, a riff on mapo dofu - think we used ground turkey in this rendition. Also a shrimp stir fry - chow mein-ish. Plus, a burrito dinner, and roasted red pepper and tomato soup with 1/2 grilled cheese sandwich for another meal.


THANK YOU, mariacarmen! We went to Evergreen today after they told us by phone that they did have aji aramillo paste on hand. DID THEY EVER! Probably 5 or 6 to choose from.

This place ia a treasure trove of Latin and South American product. And SUPER NICE people. AND we were blown away when they told us about their parking lot in back! What a jewel box.

And their meats looked excellent. Enormous meaty oxtail. Good looking shellfish and poultry.
Ready made masas.
Decent prices.

We will become joyride regulars!

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