What's for Dinner #73 - School's Back In! Edition - September 2021

My neighbor brings us those back. So good!

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Thanks! I love being able to make bread. But I have to branch out. I know about 4 types, and I just make them over and over.

Tonight for our dinner I made grilled steaks, creamy mushroom papardelle, and broccoli amandine. The kiddo was really into the pasta despite declaring his dislike for mushrooms. Whatever. I shared my pasta and steak with him.

I also made dinner for two friends who just had babies:

Scalloped potatoes with ham, green salad with fig vinaigrette, tomatoes, cucumber, clementines, pistachios, dried cherries, and croutons, green beans amandine, and key lime pie. They were excited! One of them said, “My family is freaking out about how everything you made tastes like a restaurant.” Which goes to show that newborn sleep deprivation-induced hallucination is real. J/k, it was a very high compliment. My DH made a big loaf of country French bread.


Looks wonderful. Its almost the weekend.

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Taco Tuesday. Picadillo with all the fixin’s. Ranch style beans. A few Palomas.

Neighbor’s goats came by to trim my ivy, (A kiddley divey too, wouldn’t you?) which was ok, but when they started to nibble on my shrubs it was time to go home, I am not a very good goat herder but I got them home.


First time cooking in a week, i believe. Sister gave me Costco frozen carnitas she didn’t like - they had no seasoning, just cooked. I roasted tomatillos and blended them with roasted garlic BTB, garlic and serrano chilies, added chopped cilantro and scallions, oregano, and a little bit of leftover taco truck salsa. I simmered it a bit too long, pork got a little mushy, but topped with rice, cabbage, crema, onions/cilantro with a tortilla on the side, it was a heavenly mush that we shoveled down.

My trip report, if anyone is interested (be warned: it’s very long.)


Steak fajitas to eat. Stoli rocks to drink.


Ethiopian and friends.

Ethiopian part was Yebeg Alecha / Alicha - mild cardamom-scented lamb stew, my favorite.

“Friends” were other-ly spiced leftovers that could pass if I served them on injera :joy:. Indian tuvar dal / yellow split peas and roasted cauliflower with chilli butter (Ottolenghi Flavor).

Eaten with rice+quinoa blend (that seems to be stretching forever vs the same quantity of rice, which is a positive).





Since the question arose up thread somewhere if I ever eat anything besides steak, I decided to share with you a “restaurant” meal I had for dinner. ( I’m more a purist when it comes to this thread - I like to share the more “exciting” meals I create, I don’t care to bore you with posts of egg rolls and fried rice, or even if I just heat something up at home)

Chinese food from my favorite local dine in restaurant. (Shout out to House of Chong in Middletown, NJ)


The best meme I’ve seen (and just posted on Monday) was this one:


looks just heavenly!

You are the nicest friend and I have no doubt it was all restaurant quality! And very thoughtfuly packaged, as always.


That has me drooling. Though not sure you convinced us you’re not a raving carnivore :laughing:


Aw, thanks!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am, but I’ve honestly cut way back then say 10 years ago. Many moons ago I owned a nice upscale steakhouse serving only prime meats butchered and aged on premises. The first year I owned it I probably ate steak 5 nights a week, then I just hit the “wall”. On Sunday I would make a big pot of meatballs and gravy (actually added it as a special on Sundays) and I started keeping my gravy in the fridge for my meals. lol

After I sold that restaurant I went back to eating it frequently again, but a few years ago I cut back. I just can’t eat meals like that anymore…I still make them because my son / nephews etc. love them, but I barely put a dent in them anymore.

Funny I haven’t dropped my taste nor ability to consume copious amounts of vodka though, that has yet to change.


Glad you have your priorities in order! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Wednesday Lunch Out …


I enjoyed hearing this backstory. Thanks!


What is the dessert?

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Chicken and rice in the IP, black beans, and rubbery green beans from frozen, which got tossed. Easy - soccer night.


To further dispel the rumors that I am some fat vodka guzzling, ignoramus who only eats gargantuan chunks of flesh I offer you my Mexican delivery tonight.

We have:
Garlic shrimps app
Some huge burrito thing that actually had broccoli, zucchini and steak that my son devoured
Grilled chicken (this was an error)
Steak soft tacos (mine)
Shrimp hard shell tacos (mine too)

Sides of rice and beans. Mexican is truthfully my least favorite style of food, for no honest reason. I enjoyed everything I had but honestly even the tacos which were great, I’m just meh about. Don’t know why but Mexican have never appealed to me but I do enjoy it when I have it. Trust me it’s me!

** Full Disclosure **
This post can only be made to dispel the “gargantuan piece of meat” portion of the above statement. The fat-vodka-ignorant stuff is kinda undeniable.

Gracias Amigos y Bueno noche!