What's For Dinner #72 - Wait, Summer Is Almost Over? Edition - August 2021

What a loving brother - enjoy :slight_smile:

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One of the best things I ever ate was tuna fish from a foil pouch, on a tortilla, with a packet of mayo and a packet of relish. On day 3 of a backpacking trip where the other food was dried fruit and nuts, sausage sticks, rehydrated oats and rehydrated couscous.


Noooooo! There’s no garbage in a real kitchen. You just keep using things over and over until they cry for mercy!! :slight_smile:


Somehow my craving for clams turned into linguini with clams, chorizo and corn. Steamed together in white wine and topped with cilantro (since I didn’t have any parsley)


indeed! they are delicious1

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dinner last night was chicken lasagna for my son and some to freeze and a tray for him to bring to Va today or tomorrow.
made it with shredded poached chicken breast, home made pepper sauce from various kinds of dehydrated peppers, (mulato, Ancho, Pasilla, Hatch,Guajillo) a jar of roasted New Mexican Hatch Chile. and my home made oven roasted tomato sauce. Run out of shredded cheese, so used aged cheddar cheese. Only prepared enough for son’s dinner last night as I was busy rolling spring rolls. I ate bibingka sent from LA ordered by my brother in Canada.

Spring rolls filling were made prior to my diagnosis of alpha gal in Octo 2018 on August 31 to celebrate mother and husband’s birthday. I had one package of the Simex individually separated spring roll ( lumpia sheets). So, made some although I cannot eat since there is pork inside. Son can have them for his lunch today. Lasagna he ate while I was rolling spring rolls. so, no picture. He said it was great. I froze the rest of the lasagna filling .



Monday & Tuesday … Polenta classic at home and Pizza Neopolitano with Anchovies out …


Tonight I made kale and white beans braised with soyrizo, seared pork chops, apple-y Sauerkraut, and dilled cucumber salad.


Today, my son left after lunch ( He fried the spring rolls but did not take pcitures), returning tomorrow or the day after. So, was great day as there are no visitors, just me and my poms. It is my husband’s birthday, he would have been 85 today. I had crabs with my poms for lunch, a bibingka and for dinner, some home made duck dumplings from the freezer. It taste good even if I did not crimp the edges. Served with a splash of lime juice, and dipped in soy sauce, vinegar, garlic pepper flakes. Another very satisfying event was watching a movie on Amazon Prime called COPENHAGEN, based on a play about the meeting of 2 physicist in 1941, German Heisenberger and Norwegian Neil Bohr who revolutionized physics in 1920 but by World War Two were on opposing side . I find the movie very entertaining especially today, on my husband’s birthday bec he was trained in physics at Max Planck in Munich as well as had fellowship in patent law there ,Max Planck having the largest patent law library in the world. Heisebergeer was the founder.
6A12AAFF-9E81-4D14-9453-69D2180FCD9C. Daniel Craig played Heisenberger.


Squid pasta…garlic, pasley, EVOO and eventual butter and cracked black pepper. …greens.
Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 5.18.46 PM


Glad your son was with you for part of the day today at least. And hopefully having your space back for a little bit is nice, as was watching the movie that reminded you of your husband.

Thanks for showing the uncrimped dumplings - half the reason I don’t try making dumplings at home from scratch is what a disastrous result I’ve had thanks to dry edges of the ready wrappers making crimping impossible… Usually because I bought the wrappers but didn’t use them till the edges had already dried out - ie my fault.


Polenta looks luscious!

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absolutely gorgeous dish.

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BF’s bacon cheeseburgers, fries, and slaw. i could not even finish the fries (both plates of fries were from only one potato!)


Living up here . I really miss the tentacles of the squid . I can’t stand those calamari steaks. Give me the tentacles. Remembering the times to when I would head to the wharf for calamari and fries. My friend would load up all tentacles. Basket with fries straight out of the fryer . Tartar and cocktail sauce . Yep the good old days. Stagnaros .


Indeed. These were whole, but a month or so ago I happened on a pan of separated heads and bodies. I asked the young guy at the fish counter is I could just buy the tentacles. And he let me!


Thank you

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Baked chicken cutlet, roasted potatoes, sautéed spinach. A very darkly colored meal.

There was time for a drink outside, despite the ever-present threat of rain and the momentary drizzle. Stoli Martini Rocks topped with a “salad”.


Your chicken cutlets always look wonderful. How do you get the panko (I assume) to crisp up so nicely in the oven? Oil spray?


I used to bread them as I would frying and then spray with Pam/oil spray. But lately I’ve just been adding oil directly to the breadcrumb mixture that coats the chicken and that gets the job done. Baked at 400 for 20-25 minutes based on cutlet thickness.

Since switching to this method during my GI issues months ago, I’ve yet to go back to a fried cutlet.