What's for Dinner #71 - the Vacation Time! Edition - July 2021

Last night was simple Sichuan beans


We learn most from mistakes.

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Hot tin?

OMG, I loved this article! Interesting that the U.S. has more housebound cats - I’m wondering if it’s because potential predators are more prevalent? (Try saying THAT 3x fast!)

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You were so alarmed in your post I thought it was a cougar or bobcat or something! :slight_smile:

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A couple years back a bobcat burst through the bushes in the backyard while I was grilling on the patio. I told “Bob” to move along and he or she did.

I figured with a hot grill between us and a chef’s knife at hand I did not have much to fear. Also I could have thrown the hot steak if it came to that. :laughing:


Our cat Emma is an indoor cat. The article’s point about territory is interesting. Emma knows outside and the basement are off limits and we haven’t had any trouble keeping her “in bounds.” Closed doors upstairs in her territory make her nuts. We have a game (well, I think it’s a game) called “door.” We usually eat dinner in front of the TV and the door to the master bedroom is adjacent. I close that door without latching it and Emma pushes it open and goes in. I close the door and she claws it open. Lather, rinse, and repeat.

Here is Emma “helping” in my wife’s office.

ETA: Emma is indoors because we worry about fleas and feline leukemia and the local feral cat population. And cars.


That’s the next step so this insanity can end. Or a very short leash to tie to the door.


We’ve only let him wander around briefly because of flea/health concerns. We did not want this to be a regular thing!


I like your style.

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Much better result tonight. Crispy buffalo chicken thigh and blue cheese coleslaw (cabbage, radish, celery, carrot, sweet onion). Went well with a G&T extra lime.


My son had his wisdom teeth out so I took a half day off of work to see how he handled the anesthesia. Hey there’s good money in viral video’s and you know your friend here wants to become an influencer, so I had to be there. (actually if he required assistance walking etc he would squash his 5’ mommy so I was there as security) He handled the procedure and anesthesia like a champ, nothing bankable for youtube there. {{sigh}}

I made him a room temp Mac n cheese for lunch and for dinner I decided a tender osso bucco and short rib finey cut over a soft pillow of risotto would be a low chew high rib sticking recovery kinda meal.

Apparently this is the place to go for post surgery rib sticking soft food!!!

Peace and well wishes my friends.

I love the aromatics,

Salt and pepper for a little sear

Nicely seared

Fresh mater’s and wine by Sir Charles Shaw Vinyards (aka two buck Chuck back in the day. I apologize to Lord @paryzer - I am not yet a Jedi)

I honestly impressed myself with this. Absolutely tender enough for a baby and the risotto was pillow soft.


Everything goes well a lime-y g&t. Cheers!


I’ll remember this should I have dental surgery in the future! :wink: Glad your son sailed through with flying colors, and everything looks wonderful!


Made it to the weekend without any wounds or scars.

Dinner was simple, but tried something new: mixed up Penzeys Creamy Peppercorn dressing mix with some Penzeys Galena Street blend and some minced fresh rosemary and olive oil. Rubbed that all over a pork tenderloin and into the oven at 425° for 20 minutes, then turned the heat down to 375° to finish.

Orzo was cooked in what I label as “pork liquid” from my freezer, left over from baking country style pork ribs in the oven over the past year, with some additional water. No seasonings. The veg was fresh carrots, and frozen peas and the last of the frozen sweet corn from last season. Because I literally had NO OTHER VEG in my fridge. :astonished:

All in all, pretty good…pork just slightly over the doneness I’d prefer, but still very good.

And you can be damn sure there was a glass of wine during prep and one with dinner.


I’m glad your son made it through his procedure with flying colors. I know that removing wisdom teeth can be painful. I had three removed many years ago and couldn’t stop bleeding. I went through many teabags to slow the bleeding down. I would love to come over to Chez @NotJrvedivici for recovery :grinning: The short ribs, osso bucco, and risotto all looked amazing. However, I would have to bring my own wine :grinning: I would only drink the two buck Chuck if I was still under anesthesia :grinning:


Glad you liked The Guardian article @gcaggiano, and I liked your story about Lawrence! What a character, and yes, quite a coincidence about the Lawrence in the story.

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What an extraordinarily handsome fellow Pierre was, and thanks for sharing his picture. Yes, very painful when a beloved pet passes, yet they live on in our memories. RIP sweet Pierre. :two_hearts:


I’m glad you liked it @LindaWhit - thought it was quite charming; surprising to me that more UK cats are indoor/outdoor, and vice versa for the US. Your point was a good one about possibly more predators here though…, at least in some areas.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2