What's for Dinner #71 - the Vacation Time! Edition - July 2021

Thank you I feel like you would not approve of the cook method at all though! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Mrs. P made an awesome very spicy Asian fruit salad from Top Chef contestant Gregory Gourdet. It contained galangal, red thai chili, and lemongrass among other exotic ingredients. She also made a refreshing corn salad to go with the main course of fork tender Cajun dry rubbed country ribs. Below is a link to the recipe. She just doubled the sugar. It all went great with a 2012 French Malbec.


Beautiful mouthwatering colors.


When a smoke/CO2 alarm sounds before your radio alarm by beeping and yelling FIRE! with its voice alarm, it doesn’t make for a good wakeup call.

After covering it up, blowing out any dust accumulation, double-checking for fire or smoke throughout the house, and going back to bed, when it happens again 30 minutes later, it gets you out of bed for the day, despite having the day off.

After checking the purchase and install date (May 2016) and realizing it’s only 5 years into a 10 year warranty, it REALLY pisses you off.

Then what was supposed to be an hour at work while on PTO ended up being 4 hours. Yeah, I’m definitely going to put those 4 hours back into my PTO bank.

Since I had expected to be home in time to defrost something but I wasn’t, my local butcher came to the rescue (after a stop at Home Depot to pick up another smoke/CO2 alarm. I’ll deal with Kidde on the one lasting only 5 years before going bad by email since I kept the original receipt from 2016).

Steak tips with Ballymaloe steak sauce, half a baked tater with TPSTOB, sour cream, and chives, and asparagus.

Oh, there WAS wine. :wine_glass:


Linda you have me craving steak tips and roast chicken constantly!


because they felt you staring first. :smiley:

Carnitas tacos and esquites tonight. i was going to do elote, per the inspiration of @BeefeaterRocks, but changed it up at the last minute. Same thing, basically, just deconstructed. A very charred tortilla for me, pickled shallots on the carnitas, and a big jigger of habanero hot sauce.


Dinner tonight was a family fave - chicken and beetroot curry.

To inaugurate my new toaster oven I decided to bake some Pav/Pao to dip in the sauce, instead of pulling parathas from the freezer. Overbaked slightly, but still nice to have fresh, warm bread. This oven seems to run high on the convection setting and low without - I’ve had a thermometer sitting in there for everything so far to calibrate.

Also made some rice, because this dish tastes so good with every kind of carb!


I couldn’t help it, they hypnotized me. Potatoes do have eyes.


Sliced nectarines with crumbled gorgonzola.
Spirals with clams in squid ink sauce.


oh drool!! what a perfect combo…

Change the batteries once a year . Only required in hallways adjacent to bedrooms and in every bedroom. Carbon monoxide required every floor . Example. First story and second story .

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Thanks for the link, sounds delish to me!

It looks lovely however, you are probably quite right !

I prefer my pasta “al dente” and the veggies sautéed in Evoo as part of the “salsa” or drizzle of sauce over the pasta verses sautéed as a one pan pasta –

However, it truly does look good … i have never prepared a “one pan pasta” as being married to an Italian this is just not done ! Marta Stewart is not a common name here.

We have Top Hotelier, Master Chef & Author KARLOS ARGUINAÑO, the renowned Basque T.V. Chef and Hotelier in Zarautz, on the Basque Coast …

Well, have a great wkend.

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You’re Welcome! I’ve really enjoyed the book and everything I’ve made from it.

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The sensors in smoke and CO detectors have a limited service life. The clock starts ticking at the time of manufacture. There should be a manufacturing date on the label on the back of the device. Buying is like pulling milk cartons from the back of the fridge at the grocery. Check the dates.

I tape the receipts on the back of the device so I don’t have to file them.


:drooling_face:yum on both counts

And the manufacturer expects you to clean the device weekly. Right…

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I feel your pain. I have a faucet but still can’t use the drain. Thank you 12 gal Cambro. Multiple trips a day to dump it in the commode which thankfully is not far from the kitchen

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2