What's for Dinner #70 - The "Kickoff to the Summertime BBQ" Edition - June 2021

One of the few points of contention with my wife is who gets to cook. grin

Made Chicken Tikka Masala tonight and we felt like having Bhel Puri to go with it. Well, I had the Bhel mix but none of the red sauce that gets mixed in-- have not been to the Indian market in a while. On a whim, I mixed in Chinese chili garlic sauce and ketchup (yes, ketchup) along with raw onion and cilantro into the Bhel. The result was shockingly similar to what it normally tastes like. It’s amazing!

And here’s the main course. No Patak’s simmer sauce tonight. This is the real deal.

To drink: several gin and tonics.


Slowly getting back into my groove.

Missing-my-parents dinner tonight - a riff on one of my mom’s specialties. The original is spice-stuffed whole baby pomfret.

My approximation was pompano done with a similarly flavored spice paste, but using what I had at hand - harissa, tomato paste, spices. Pan-fried (which I may not do again when there’s a heat wave and all my windows and doors are closed to keep in air conditioning…).

I used my old school pressure cooker containers (separators) in my new school IP to make dal and rice. Tempered the dal simply with cumin and garlic.

Brussels sprouts leftover from the other day, roasted in the toaster oven.

Very satisfying and tasted of home.


I love bhel puri. I had for the first time at Haldi Chowk, in Middletown. Now it is my go-to order when trying new Indian restaurants. We make it often. The Sprout makes an especially good version. I’ll keep your recipe for the sauce in mind as we often have a mismatch between sauce and crunchy stuff.

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Requires a “very high quality” Evoo of choice.

I would suggest a teaspoon to try it out first ! Not everybody cares for it …

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There’s still room for a boarder here :laughing:

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Bhel is dressed with 3 chutneys - green (cilantro - medium spicy), red (chilli garlic - spicy), and maroon/brown (tamarind & date - sweet & sour).

Even my mom even will use chinese chili-garlic sauce for the red in a pinch :joy: I often use TJ’s zhoug in lieu of green chutney. Now ketchup… I did use tomato paste and vinegar to sub for tamarind yesterday, so I can see it!

Next time you’re at the Indian store, there are bhel “kits” that come will all the components, which is handy if that’s your only use for the individual chutneys. (I don’t use them because I can’t deal with all the random additions to the dry mix - OG bombay bhel only has puffed rice, sev, and puris.)


I’m honored, but you wouldn’t want me. I play my music too loud.


I don’t take up much room and I cook and clean. High-speed Internet is a must.

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It just arrived and must say I am quite impressed with the shipping and products.

I am holstering my frying pan with the sunny side up egg as I am sure it will be tasty. Thanks. :blush:


That’s the one! I usually buy two or three jars at a time.

The Chinese chili garlic and ketchup combo lacked the sour, but the sweet notes were there and it was overall spot on.

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Point Reyes CA is also the home of a National Weather Service and United States Coast Guard joint facility that transmits weather fax to mariners for the Pacific. These charts https://ocean.weather.gov/shtml/P_brief.php and more are provided as a service that keep us safe and commercial goods moving between major ports around the Pacific Rim. Professional mariners all know where Pt Reyes is.


Sure. Pt Reyes Lighthouse falls under the USCG. Also, Coast Guard Station Golden Gate is a few miles to the south and Coast Guard Station Bodega Bay is just to north across Tomales Bay.

I have charts from San Francisco Bay to Point Arena. The only one hanging in my office is this one.

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I think the transmitter site is a bit inland from the lighthouse.

I am thinking in Point Reyes Station and/or Bolinas. Not too sure anymore. I’m pretty familiar with sailing between the Russian River down to Bodega Bay/Tomales Bay and down through the GG and parts of SF Bay. I haven’t been underway for over a decade now…well unless Lake Minnetonka counts. :laughing:

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Yeah…great memories there. We should be in the nostalgia thread. As one can tell I miss that area quite a bit.

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You’re hired.


same here, but it was a busy work day and I couldn’t get away! and i usually win.

Did some stupid easy, real lazy, no think cooking last night. BUT the idea turned out to be fantastic due to serendipity and the magic of chemistry! Utilizing leftover skordila sauce, pepperoncini juice, and homegrown Greek oregano, which was slathered over BISO chicken thighs, resulted in pure magic. The pics don’t do it true justice. Great flavor and a shatteringly crispy crust. Asparagus to go with.

ETA: cooked on the grill.


Tteokbokki with shrimp, fish balls, and cheese.