What's for Dinner #70 - The "Kickoff to the Summertime BBQ" Edition - June 2021

No … it was a frantic attempt to figure out where all the time was going. I looked up keema and went down a Google rabbit hole considering alternatives to see if there was some variation that was particularly time consuming. A long-term, low-temperature bake in a tandoor was the only thing I came across that would be time consuming.

What am I missing? What possible reference could be of offense? I’m not defensive at all here - if I missed something please tell me so I don’t do it again.

That looks lovely. I’d certainly eat it. No matter what you call it, I like rice bowls.

…and to my way of thinking that’s a good thing. My wife and I enjoy cooking together, and she enjoys the part where I do all the clean up. grin In fairness, more often than not she unloads the dishwasher and puts things away in the morning.

To be clear, in addition to a desire to help that can be perceived as intrusive sigh, I’m easily trapped into science projects and “where did all that extra time go” for you has become a science project. I’m also going to start taking better notes about actual times, purely out of interest, to see how they come out. There is something to be said for “work expands to consume the time available.” Dinner for us tonight is a minor variation on chicken cordon bleu. I’m thinking :17 to ready to go on the grill. We’ll see how I do. Warning - I have deli sliced ham and deli sliced cheese, so I’m not starting with chickens, pigs, and milk. grin

Socially distant Internet hugs (–o--) for taking my interest in the spirit intended.

Google is your friend. A tandoor is not a home cooking device. Nor would it be used to sauté meat sauce any more than someone would make their bolognese in a restaurant pizza oven at home.

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Are you back in NYC? Did I somehow miss that?


Lovely lovely back yard and so so green and lush.


Hmm. We have small electric tandoors at our local Sam’s Club. I didn’t suggest it for saute, but as a baking alternative for mince/keema.

Note that pizza ovens for home have shown up here on HO.

Mrs. P made a delicious angus beef burger with everything but the bun :yum: It was topped with blue cheese and caramelized onions, on a bed of a arugula, with shishito and mini peppers, and four kinds of radishes purchased from Trader Joes. We also had TJ sweet potato fries and blue corn chips to go with homemade quacamole. It all went great with an excellent syrah.



Soon… but not yet. No DTF in NYC though… but I am looking forward to my favorite XLB!

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In a departure from most Fridays, we had Chhole Tikki tonight - street food, potato patties under a pile of chickpeas, topped with sweet and sour tamarind date chutney, green cilantro mint chutney, finely chopped raw onions, and cilantro. Final flourish of Sev - crunchy chickpea “noodles.”

Simultaneously heavy because of the chickpeas and hunger inducing because of the Chaat toppings!

Everyone makes this a little differently, but the chutneys bind it together and make all versions taste somewhat similar.


Beautiful evening meant time to fire up the grill for these chicken thighs with a new-to-me seasoning mix from TJ, COTC with mayo & TJ Everything but the Elote seasoning & a little brocoli for some green on the plate…


An exciting day! of getting the kitchen repainted. IMG_7819
I could use it, but most of the stuff that’s usually in it was scattered about the house.

I decided to overeat anyway.
Chilled tomato soup with sour cream, cilantro and pickled coriander seed.
Glazed shiitakes with bok choy.
Shrimp/Egg salad salad (sic) on balcony lettuce, which (as I’ve said before) is the best lettuce.


i like the bright colors of your kitchen!

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Thank you! It went from Tangelo to Bonfire.


I was going to make dinner but BF took over. My pesto from the freezer on spaghetti, Calabresa Brazilian Linguica sausages from the local mexi-mart, and a big salad. He made cute little radish flowers! And a killer dressing - he blended this very soft sheep/goat’s milk cheese in olive oil with vinegar, s&p, grated garlic and minced shallots. So delish, all of it.

Happy Friday! This is my big “coming out” weekend - I’m seeing two sets of friends IN REAL LIFE that I haven’t seen in over 15 months. Homemade pizza party and vermouth tasting tomorrow, and a brewery on Sunday. I’m a bit nervous being so “out there” for the first time in so long, but excited to see all my pals.


Excited for you! Your plans sound wonderful.


Pizza on our grill is back for the summer!


This one has caramelized onions, ricotta, and (previously cooked) hot sausage. Plus chopped cherry tomatoes briefly marinated in olive oil, garlic, and herbs.


Yum, I’m envious.

Do you know what that plate pattern is? I like.

I pulled a container of leftover Chinese braised beef shank sauce from the freezer (chu hou). There wasn’t any meat left but plenty of deeply savory, warm-spiced gravy. I had some b/s chicken thighs in the freezer and decided to turn the two into Japanese-style chicken curry in the IP. I took cues from Melissa Clark’s recipe for beef curry that uses grated apple, cubed carrot and sweet potato, onion, bay leaf, Worcestershire, ketchup, and a flour roux cooked stovetop. I was so happy with how it turned out! Served over sticky jasmine rice.


thank you!

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It’s from West Elm, and I got it when some test kitchen (Tasting Table, I think) was selling off all their old stuff. I don’t think it’s still available, but this is pretty close:


I have it in both pale green (under the bok choy) and white.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2