What's For Dinner #7 - March 2016. The Primavera Edition

Off-topic but here at Lake Tahoe we grill in dang-near blizzards :slight_smile:

There’s lamb for dinner. In the form of Barnsley chops.

Alongside, Sophie Grigson’s saffron rice. And a red pepper sauce.

And aubergine “sandwiches”. Slices of aubergine, topped with a mix of ground almonds, parmesan, garlic, parsley and egg. That’s topped with another slice. The sandwich is then given a quick browning in the frying pan and finished in the oven.

That’s all preceeded with some hot smoked salmon, dill/mustard sauce (jar) and some leaves.

Mrs H says that, if dessert is needed, there’ll be some carrot cake and a splodge of creme fraiche.


Sounds interesting, Harter how do you make the red pepper sauce?

My Friday WFD was a roasted duck breast with marinated with Espelette pepper, rosemary, paprika and baked for 40 minutes recipe discussed here. Sided with a carrot salad, black olives, sesame oil, lemon juice with some fresh herbs.


@naf, your duck looks WONDERFUL! But when I clicked on your link for “recipe discussed here”, I got the following message:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Can you discuss here as well?

I’m using tinned red peppers. Firstly frying a couple of shallots and a couple of cloves of garlic, then adding the chopped peppers and a little vegetable stock and simmering for a few minutes. Then blitzing in the blender and passing through a sieve to get a smooth sauce.


Linda, I don’t know why that happened, maybe @hungryonion can investigate this problem?

You can see the post here: Non-traditional ways to cook duck breast?
Scroll down to my recipe and the followed up by the others.

@Scubadoo97 and @Harters hanks for your secret. Will be reproduced soon.

I really like the sound of those eggplant sandwiches. Sorry, aubergine.


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That duck does look fab, naf!

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One of those interesting words, linguistically.

As I understand it, Europe divides into three roughly geographical areas to name the vegetable (according to Google Translate). Northern countries take the French “aubergine”, whilst there are different words in southern and eastern Europe.

Even with English speakers, there is the difference. Britain, Ireland and, I think, South Africa use “aubergine”. Whilst Canada and Australia use the American “eggplant”. I wonder what the English speaking Caribbean countries use, and New Zealand.

@Frizzle might be able to tell us about NZ.

Both terms are used here. Possibly eggplant more when I was a child - my family have always called them aubergine or betigan but I recall having to clarify it as ‘eggplant’ to some. These days the word aubergine is as common. When I self checkout at supermarkets I always end up searching under both names.

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Grew up with the middle eastern word banjan for eggplant

Whole halibut (1kg) roasted in the oven. Deep slashes which were filled with a paste of minced lemongrass, pounded fresh turmeric, olive oil. (photos later).

It’s aubergine from Belgium, Germany etc all the way to the arctic (save for Iceland and Finland)


WFD: Linguine with garlic, olives, capers, anchovies, Pangrattato. Similar to aglio olio but with additional ingredients, and enhanced beadcumbs over top. Zeppoli for afters. It’s all symbolic for St. Joseph’s Day, my father’s feast day. Viva San Giuseppe!

Snow, no snow, snow, no snow. Typical.


For the record eggplant is Melanzane in Italy.

And melitsanes in Greek (plural).

My parents anniversary so Mother didn’t like it that I, a student at St. Joseph High School, had the day off :slight_smile:

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Almost didn’t fit in the roasting tray. My kitchen is tiny which comes with half-size appliances. The tail curled up on its own in the hot oven. Good thing it didn’t stick to the side wall. A delicious fish but I still prefer my usual brill.


@Presunto Fierce looking fish! Meal looks terrific.

Tonight a lazy night, WFD some stored bought Japanese shrimp gyoza, good bread, some cakes. We just got back home in time from shopping downtown and hubby was stuck in front of tv for the England - France rugby match.
Congrats to England winning the Grand Slam!

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