What's For Dinner #63 - the Giving Thanks Edition - November 2020

Chicken French Onion over garlic mashed. Using boneless thighs was the key. So much flavor. Side of asparagus not pictured.

There was a Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned.


It’s this one - couldn’t find it online (even in their store):

It’s shelf stable - not like the Smithfield stuff.


I didn’t use a recipe, but am happy to share a method. I roasted the orange flesh squash whole, and separated the flesh from the skin after. I blended it with just enough water that it would blend, until I got a smooth puree. Set aside. Cut zukes into coins and roasted them with s&p and oil until they were soft and browned. I made a bechamel by sauteeing onions in butter, then adding flour, milk, s&P and some shredded parm. Finally, I mixed up a cup of ricotta with an egg, a couple of minced garlic cloves, and a little more ricotta. Then I used no cook lasagna sheets and shredded mozz, and did 2-3 layers of all of this in a pyrex. 375 covered in foil for 40min, then uncovered for 15min, then another maybe 5 min under the broiler to brown the cheese.


Hmm. It’s called “side meat” and it’s shelf stable. That’s bizarre. Do you find it in your store in the meat area, or where the cold cuts are, or where they hang the pepperoni on the ends of the aisles?

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Love the liquid grapes comment!!! :heart:


In a display near the fresh meats and refrigerated hams.

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Chicken cutlet Parmesan, haven’t made this in years but had a craving


It was that time of the month for our Sichuan feast. We have enough leftovers for two more dinners :yum: We enjoyed our usual hot and spicy lobster, hot and spicy jumbo prawns, eggplant in garlic sauce, lamb stir fry, spicy chicken ding, spicy baby wontons in chili oil, and ants climbing a tree. It all went great with an excellent ridiculously inexpensive petite Syrah. For anyone in the tri-state area you should buy a case of this wine for only $3.99 a bottle and $19.00 shipping from Empire wines in Albany, NY. I’m not sure if they ship to other states. This Crane Lake wine is the steal of the century!



Defrosted Vietnamese caramel pork I made last week. BF thought it might have too much fish sauce in it (it didn’t, it just smells stronger than it tastes), I let the pork simmer in a can of unsweetened coconut milk with 4-5 Thai bird chilies, baby bok choi, and TPST of basil. Pork was fall-apart tender, and oh! that broth! Over jasmine rice, with marinated cukes.



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Amazing kit kat … He is a cutie.

Do not understand why a Persian Cat which is a long haired breed required such a shearing ?


Thank you :blush:
We have to groom him because he sheds all over the place :slightly_smiling_face: There are big chunks of white hair all over the carpet and our clothes. As soon as Mrs. P vacuums there is more hair :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree on the seasoned Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix. It really works for me. I do a fruit stuffing that really compliments the turkey. Oh, what am I saying? I cook the turkey, but I really only eat the sides!


Just some canapés as bars close at 23.00 … And reservations are required.
Weather is a bit chilly but we have “mushroom lamps” on terraces here.
Wines by the glass … Tintos (reds). Photo: My Dear.


The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. And in New England, with thunder for added excitement and cat scaries.

At least that’s what it was like this morning. Glad I wasn’t driving into work in the downpours.

Went with ground sumac and thyme lamb burger with caramelized onion and feta, and Lamb Weston French fries. And since I’m on vacation, kinda sorta, I had more liquid grapes.


Needing to make room in the freezer for the upcoming lamb pick up, H got a fresh (frozen) brisket out. He separated the flat from the point, ground the point for future use, and put the flat on smoke for 2.5 hours. The wood was mesquite and plum. Then, into the oven for about 6 hours
at 250-275 degrees.

Wish I knew what the pitmasters do! Not a bad effort by any means, yet still not what I’m looking for exactly. H is happily enjoying the leftovers.


I ordered a delicious Shrimp Etoufee from my Chef friend, who is in the process of starting a local home food delivery service. It had a nice kick to it and well worth $12.00.


Super simples tonight. Mac & Cheese-ish pasta with browned/braised chicken - tomato gravy from the freezer that i made a couple weeks ago, with added red pepper flakes and sliced red bell peppers. Ditalini pasta and a ton of parm regg got stirred into the sauce. big salad alongside. comfort food.


Looks incredible from here!


@paryzer when your friend is ready to go, I can send around to my friends in nyc & nj.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold