What's For Dinner #62 - the Spookalicious Edition - October 2020

Very smart to make chips outside kitchen! Your camping meals are so intriguing. Love them all!


I am not sure if this will get thru
Thank you for thinking of me
I have been busy with home project sand of course, my allergies but have stayed away from red meat bec of alpha gal and also have autoimmune ulticaria. The allergist suggest I suffer from 2 distinct allergies .
Have not been responding to HO but read all your comments daily
Tried to send pictures but no longer can (?)
Asked my son, he sas I do not have enough storage but he is wrong bec after he upgraded my storage to 50 gb, I still cannot upload.
Yesterday, I went to VZ as my computers and apple phone gets upgraded and when it does, not being a computer whiz, I find problems.
VZ in our county is closed but yesterday, there was a guy outside. He told me I have to go to Apple. which is not available in my county.
My pics are there but when I upload, it either tells me to use I cloud bec that single pics is too big a file(?) our I am not using JPEG etc etc.


Lovely to “see” you here @ccj! Great to hear that you’re keeping busy at home.


It’s good to see you back.


Great news!

Tonight I was craving veggies. Cream of broccoli soup, kale salad with pistachios and dried cranberries, grilled peach BBQ pork loin “ribs”, and smothered green beans with bacon.


After having emergency (awful) dental work yesterday, I needed both something comforting and compatible with my recovery. I ended up making a version of tuna noodle casserole that reminded me of growing up in the midwest. Although I don’t remember this dish really being in my mom’s regular rotation. She made it a few times that I recall, but it wasn’t anything that really took hold or that now brings back memories. Nevertheless, somehow I got the idea that I should make it. I found the one lonely can of tuna in my pantry (not something i ever really buy) and supplemented it with some good quality canned salmon. I found another long forgotten can of cream of something soup and mixed up a fairly traditional recipe – frozen peas, diced onion, some sauteed mushrooms. mixed together with whole wheat rotini (no egg noodles to be found). I skipped the bread crumb or potato chip topping. I didn’t have high hopes, but I have to say, I really enjoyed this tonight. perhaps it was because i haven’t had real food in 24 hours, but it was comforting and pretty tasty.

I knew the rest of the family wouldn’t have any of my casserole. For the rest of the crew I made pot roast, roasted sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli. No complaints from them.


Hope your recovery is swift! Both meals look comforting.


I found pork carnitas I froze last week and my appetite has returned! Pork carnitas rice bowls (oddly out of all brown rice), cilantro and onion, corn salsa and a coleslaw of sorts. Yum.


yay for the return of an appetite!

Mine actually needs to take a good long vacation…


Braised short ribs in red wine, sauteed shitakes, onion, garlic, thai chili pepper, bay leaves, s&p, a little harissa & tomato paste, beef bouillon, and parsley stems. slow cooked for 3 hours, then added a potato and stirred in two teaspoons of Dijon mustard. Meat turned out super tender, not stringy at all as sometimes has happened to me when braising short ribs. and BAGUETTES, timed so that they came out of the oven 10 minutes before we ate. Frisee & shallot salad in a Dijon vinaigrette with walnut oil/RWV.


Made a loaf of sourdough yesterday and reheated some brisket that was slow roasted Sunday. Brisket was based on my Nanny’s recipe; brisket topped with a jar of Heinz chili sauce, a can of beer, and a whole sliced onion. I added a nice sprinkle of red pepper flakes and Worcestershire sauce (she used Lipton onion soup mix). Salad with roasted veggies (squash, golden beets, and parsnip), baby lettuce, and pomegranate seeds. Bourbon to drink.

Tonight was a quick quesadilla with cabbage salad and a few straggling pieces of taquitos from the freezer. Needed something quick after following DH out to the car shop to drop off his newest old car project for some work and an inspection. Let’s go Dodgers.


Inverted “schedule” this week - we did indian last night, Asian tonight.

Last night - no pics - goat breast ribs (sous vide then grilled with tandoori masala and frozen), cauliflower, paneer makhani, red masoor dal fry, kids plain sweet dal, naan for the ribs, GF chapatis for the kids, rice.

I decided I wanted Japanese tonight. Soy-ginger marinated tuna (seared rare), miso butter mushrooms, soy-sesame-ginger snow pea salad, garlic green beans, agedashi tofu, rice. I thought I was making some of it but ended up making all of it, which is fine, as I didn’t really cook yesterday other than the chapatis and reheating frozen stuff.

The pic of my plate didn’t turn out and I forgot to take a pic of the snow peas, but I really enjoyed dinner tonight. The tuna, especially, was excellent. I have another order from the local fisherman coming on Friday - yellowtail, which was excellent but I’ve been hoarding the last of because he hasn’t had any for a while, and more tuna, which is so fresh and therefore so special. Enjoying it while I can!


I had to laugh at your camping bathroom comment. Perhaps glamping is more your style? I get jazzed about the shared bathroom with lights and water, because sometimes it’s just a stinky hole in the ground. I try to avoid those at all costs. I won’t share a shower with other people - that’s my limit. But since we’ve never gone camping more than 2 nights/3 days, it’s not really an issue.


I’m curious. Do H and D eat lox? Sushi? Not that food likes and dislikes are at all logical, my H keeps telling me…

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WEDNESDAY 28th October 2020 …
A typical Italian pasta and a red velvet La Rioja classic wine.


Head slap. Sorry MariaCarmen that I thought you were looking for bougie camping as opposed to worrying about COVID. My bad. Not that bougie camping isn’t probably wonderful.

Indian spiced crab cakes, masala roasted cauliflower and crispy chickpeas, brown rice pilaf and some saag paneer rescued from the freezer.


Husband absolutely not. Now that you mention it, I don’t recall daughter eating sushi or Liz either, but she has been living in New York, so maybe. But probably not. Just so you don’t think I only mingle with weirdos, son DOES it those things, and loves street food that includes pickled fish.

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Husband absolutely not. Now that you mention it, I don’t recall daughter eating sushi or lox either, but she has been living in New York, so maybe. But probably not.
Just so you don’t think I only mingle with weirdos, son DOES eat those things, and loves street food that includes pickled fish.