What's For Dinner #61 - the Back to (Home) School Edition - Sept. 2020

Tonight we had smoked shrimp cocktail and caramelized onion dip out with drinks:

Followed by egg and ham bake with broccoli, cheddar, and tots with tomato salad:


Very nice set-up!

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Pixel too, but not every time.

H’s ex coworker had a cat missing for 6 months, the cat was a indoor but roof cat and had no idea how to return home on the ground. He put posters on the street, but months passed with the snowing cold winter, he nearly gave up. One day in spring he got yet another call, a woman said she saw the cat described on the poster, he couldn’t believe his eyes when saw the cat again, so thin, but yes, she survived! Cats are tough.

Problem of male, even mine is neutered.


Linguine with lobster, corn, and cherry tomatoes happened.

Can you tell that I’m not letting summer go without a fight?



FIGHT ON! Your resistance is in good cause.


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BLTs on good old fluffy white bread, for a change. FM veggies were turned into baked ratatouille with thyme, basil, and chopped olives (what we had). Ate it at room temp, and it actually went really well with the BLTs. Mine had a bit less bacon, but added spicy smoked salmon too, plus my aioli. I was sad when that sandwich was over.


I remember David Rosengarten from the OG food network!

Yes, think I got the name wrong. I get him mixed up with someone else. He definItely knows his stuff, and I trust his recipes, especially in the Dean and Deluca Cookbook @Saregama.


Start of the last loooong weekend of the summer for the kids.

Beach, then outdoor haircuts for everyone in the yard, then pizza delivery.

I have Adana kabab mixture in the fridge… maybe tomorrow.

ETA: Tomatoes on the side with pizza, obviously. I think I am composed half of tomatoes at the moment.


Local hog rib chop grilled. Zucchini from the garden. Beans . Cheers.


I have that book but I’m not sure I ever cooked from it (like so man of my books). I may have to pull it out one of these days. Thanks for the reminder.

Did you use Maesri curry paste? I use them all the time. They are so convenient to have on hand. I don’t usually use the full can at one time (Mr Bean has developed a lowered tolerance for heat) but I’ll often through the leftover paste on grilled chicken or make a dip for vegetables.


That looks MUCH better than the Jollybee chicken you posted yesterday… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes @MsBean, it was the Maersi green curry. I ordered two of them due to no treks to the Asian Market during Covid. I’d heard it mentioned here, so I wanted to give it a try. Glad I did, but I’ll be picking up some Mae Ploy pastes too, will use the Maesri’s for backups.

Can’t have too many curry pastes I always say! I’ll have to look for the Mae Ploy. What kind of packaging do they come in?

It’s in a white plastic container, with very colorful labels. I refrigerate after opening. It’s about 15 oz, so lasts awhile. They should be used within a couple 3 months after opening, you can taste the difference when they start to get old. They don’t taste bad, but muted flavors. I’ve got a container in the garage fridge, so will post a pic shortly.

I worked with a Thai woman, so she told me about a lot of good stuff. Chaokoh is hers and my preferred coconut milks and creams. Very nice quality. In case any of you don’t know this, “lite” coconut milk in the can is just diluted with water. So buy the real deal and dilute yourself if you want. You can freeze the leftover. Saved $$$, always a good thing.


My favorite too. I haven’t seen Chaokoh brand on the shelf since the pandemic, which I have a hunch is an anomaly local to where I shop

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Thanks for the description. I always use the Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce so it will help me to have a visual especially when I am not sure what I am looking for. I find sometimes things are not where I expect them so feel I have to scan every shelf.

I too usually use Chaokoh - when I can find it I buy several cans as like @tomatotomato I can’t always find it.

I once read the ingredients on a can of “lite” coconut milk and couldn’t figure out why I would want pay a premium over regular for extra water. Some people are so gullible, I can add my own water if I need to.


I had a Carvel flying saucer for dinner. Still pretty tasty…but they have shrunk in size.


It’s Friday.
It’s a long weekend.
It’s gonna be a NICE weekend.

I got out of work “early” this holiday weekend.
(4:00 p.m.)
A trip to my local butcher was in order.

Steak tips with Ballymaloe steak sauce, half a baked tater with the PSTOB of butter (and I love that my phone now auto-suggests PSTOB after I type "baked tater!), and asparagus.

There was wine. Lots of it. This is one of 2. OK, 2.5ish. Probably more on the ish side than not.