What's For Dinner #60 - The Hot August Nights Edition - August 2020

Your salad looks like something we would love! Is it an actual recipe or just your own concoction? Recipe or guidance please?


So jealous that you got a haircut. My last one was in March before everything shut down (SF Bay Area), and I’m starting to look like Einstein (except my hair is bigger, longer and curlier)!


Made dinner at my seester’s tonight. Rib eye with a compound butter (butter, chives, a little sour cream, black pepper), super tender, medium rare, and a Salade Niçoise with Rio Mare tuna and salt-packed anchovies.


Own concoction and slightly different every time. But for guidance, this is what I did for tonight’s:

1 package of boxed pearl couscous cooked and chilled for several hours.

After chilled: about 1 bag of chopped spinach, 3/4 can of chick peas, 3 sliced scallions. (Red onion works well too)

Dressing: equal parts (I think two ounces each) extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar. Juice of one lemon. You can add zest if so inclined.

Hefty pinches of salt and pepper. Toss…and toss…mainly to break up the clumpy couscous.

Hope that helps.


That salad looks phenomenal!

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We had an outstanding dinner outdoors at one of our favorite restaurants, Bloom, in Verona, NJ. We have ordered takeout from them a couple of times since they reopened, but this is the first time we dined out at Bloom in over 5 months. It was a beautiful evening, for a change, with a nice breeze, after what seemed like weeks of 90+ weather. We enjoyed short ribs with carrot puree, octopus, watermelon salad with ricotta and candied pecans, spicy pork tacos, escargot, and a spicy crispy fried chicken sandwich without the bread. It all went great with an excellent Napa Valley red blend.


Nice pinot selection!

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Thanks @gcaggiano, your dressing sounds like what I make, great minds… It just looks so fresh & lively! :yum:


Romanesco zucchini from the garden . So tasty . The steak and sides were boring . I wanted a piece of wedding cake and a glass of champagne after. Cheers. :wine_glass:


My last haircut was in January! Longest my hair has been in about 4 years.


It took me a while to learn how to shop there, but I like that I can get pretty much whatever I need there, including all the weird hippie dippy/‘ethnic’ groceries I rely on. If I could find a good cheap produce market like the one I loved in FL, I’d be a happy camper.
Ah, yeah. Sometimes I miss cooking for other people, but it’s definitely easier to just have to cater to my own wants haha.


Broke out our Wok last night to cook up a faux Frittata to go along with left over Ribeye. Love that pan!


Is CA still not allowing salons to open? MA opened in late May/early June, IIRC, with lots of safety measures in place. Limited on the number of people in the salon, both client and hairdresser must wear their masks, the salon must thoroughly clean their station each time after a client leaves, etc.

I’d have gone crazy if I hadn’t been able to get a haircut. It was bad enough at 12 weeks…I cannot even imagine adding another 12 to that!


:::fainting dead away::::


If you’re not familiar with them, Oudiad-certified stylists are well worth the cost for natural curls! For real–I went 8 months between cuts due to the pandemic, and while my hair was crazy loooong, the curls were still fantastic and I didn’t get the Einstein look! HIGHLY recommend finding one of these folks if you can! https://www.ouidad.com/salon-locator
PS, I don’t buy any of the products and the guy I go to has never been a pushy sales guy; he gives a phenomenal cut and knows he has a customer for life for THAT reason!


+1 on it’s the cut that counts most for we curly-haired folks. I almost gave myself a buzzcut to cope during the Massachusetts lockdown. Instead I took scissors to the hair around my face and chopped as best I could.

I got my first haircut in late May—about 20 minutes in salon—though I won’t get color there because processing takes too long for my comfort level. Getting used to gray roots.


@LindaWhit - The person who cuts my hair is in a San Francisco salon. They were all set to open in July, but weren’t allowed to because of a surge in cases.
@CurlzNJ - I’m very familiar with Ouidad products and stylists, but the person I’ve been going to for the last couple of years gives me the best haircuts I’ve ever had in my life. It’s a tribute to her skill that, after all this time, my hair doesn’t look as bad as it could.
I’ve also been growing out my silver since last June, so it probably looks a little weirder than if it were all one color. Fortunately I’m a school librarian, and the kids don’t seem to care, especially on Zoom.
@tomatotomato - For us curly types, it is all about the cut!


LOVE all this hair talk! I went too long during shutdown, but luckily local BFF takes care of my hair, both color and cut. Asked her while still in lockdown if she was comfortable doing it, so we masked up, and voila, got myself fixed up. It’s a great feeling. Now I’m due once again for the works.

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Dinner last night. Lamb chops! Sides & a nice cab. Please note the aerator @paryzer, gifted it to H, does a fine job. Thanks again for the link and info.


I guess I just haven’t gone enough to get good at shopping at Wegman’s.

For cheap and more unusual produce and products, especially from Latin/South America I typically go to Super Supermarket, on Memorial Parkway in AP. For Asian stuff, the closest place is to us is Asian Food Market in Marlboro.