What's for Dinner #59 - the Summertime Covid Blues Edition - July 2020

Basically the sauce recipe from here: https://thewoksoflife.com/boiled-shrimp-dipping-sauce/ but with the addition of a sliced Thai chili.

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We’ve been hearing M80s right in front of our apartment here in the Mission District for weeks now. I can only imagine it’ll be worse this weekend. Happy 4th, Murika.


Last night I grilled bone-in pork chops and served them with leftover deli mac salad, and DH made a delicious salad with garden greens and roasted CSA beets, plus some lemon chevre we picked up at the farmers market yesterday.


"Last night in my home town . Plenty of wine . Starry rockfish caught by my freind out of the Monterey Bay "

I was born on Monterey Bay. God’s country!

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Made a batch of red sauce with meatballs and lamb sausage. I plan to freeze the sauce and make sandwiches with the meat. Love a crockpot during 90 degree July!


Yes from the yard

Nice. Santa Cruz for me

Aha. Will meet you half way at SeaCliff. Better beach than either Santa Cruz or mid-bay.

The truth


Maybe a breba fig? I had a few on my Desert King tree, but they disappeared. Do you know what kind of figs those are? Are growing on the mountain or coast?

I might be interested in camping if these kinds of meals were on the menu!


I feel for you. This has sounded like such a challenging time. I don’t blame you for wanting to get out of there and go home. Safe travels!!!

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Long and very busy day at work.
I had hoped to get out early.
That was a Big Nope.

Since I hadn’t taken anything out for dinner, I stopped at my local butcher for something easy: lemon-pepper marinated Frankenchicken breasts.

It’s never lemony or peppery enough for me, but easy enough to remedy with additional fresh lemon juice, freshly ground pepper and some olive oil to marinate more before cooking.

A quick grill on the grill pan, and finished in the oven with the remaining marinade spooned over top as it finished cooking.

Roasted baby potatoes seasoned with olive oil, s/p, and a garlic seasoning mix, and steamed broccoli alongside.

It’s a holiday weekend. There WAS wine. Not that the day of the week has stopped me at all this entire week.


What kind of wine? I’m a white wine drinker, and I’m always looking for good cheaper labels. Thanks!

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Bulgogi-marinated b/s chicken thighs over rice simmered with chicken bullion, sesame oil, and scallions, grilled pac choi with oyster sauce, and garden snow peas with sweet soy, butter, black vinegar, and soy sauce.


Tonight was Anthony & Dominic chardonnay.
Can’t remember the cost, but probably in the $12 - $18 range. ETA: Online pricing shows $14.99. So right in the middle of my guesstimate. LOL


Beautiful plating!


A big THANK YOU to @gcaggiano who posted his Lomo Saltado dinner, as well as the cooking technique on the June thread.

I used his instructions as a jumping off point but made some adjustments based on several recipes I found on-line. The biggest change I made was to marinate the meat in a mixture of garlic, cumin, oregano, soy sauce, olive oil and red wine vinegar. The meat was absolutely delicious. I added the marinade to the pan as Mr Bean likes things saucy. The fries were frozen but the aji verde, salsa criolla, and quac were home made.


Mushrooms, truffle oil, onion greens

Grilled chicken thigh chunks, marinara, Oaxacan cheese


i could drown myself in aji verde!