What's for Dinner #59 - the Summertime Covid Blues Edition - July 2020

that looks incredibly corny! delicious.

Oh sorry, Middle Eastern.


There’s actually no corn in it! :astonished:

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Another dish I like to say as well as eat.
BTW, in my not so humble opinion, mofongo and parsley don’t really hang out together. :thinking:


I had no cilantro either!


oh DUH, platanos!! i totally spaced. it looks good anyway!

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I’m thinking nothing else green. You already have plantains!

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Thank you for the compliment and have a nice weekend.

Main Meal (Lunch Hours) in Spain are:

Offices: 13.00 - 14.30 or 14.00 - 15.30 …

This meal is called “Menu del Dia” and ranges from 10 €uros - 30€ depending on if it is a typical classic Menu del Dia or a Business Lunch Menu.

What is served:

1st course
MAIN Course
Dessert if wanted or Café (most pay for their café and have a fresh fruit or a classic Spanish Dessert if a classic restaurant)

Foreign Cuisines: Many do not have a set or pre fixe menu. They are “a la carte”.

FAST FOOD: This is for tourists …

Most Spaniards regardless of which part of Spain they are from, eat a MENU DEL DIA and it is SPANISH REGIONAL CUISINE.

Foreign Cuisines are usually weekend dinners out …

Fast Food: This is not favoured by Spaniards. And one usually shall see foreign Students eating this type of NOT healthy food and it is NOT cheap !

I was in Turkey in 1995 … And the cuisine was splendid.

Remember I do not know the Usa very well, so I am assuming this is Northern California …

Just Manhattan, DC & Alexandria, Virginia, Boston & Hyannis Port and Chicago …

Have a nice weekend.


Memorizing the CC would be WAY too dangerous.

You’re more dangerous than I am, @Lambchop!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I had NOT seen this when I posted my reply to @Lambchop!! :blush:

I have a hard time keeping track. I think I’m replying to the last post and there are really a gazillion more making mine look discombobulated.

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Sorry, yes, Northern California.

Thanks for the update! An hour and a half lunch break sounds good to me!

How is tourism looking for 2020? Is Spain doing a two week quarantine right now? We still have reservations in Europe in early fall but aren’t very hopeful.

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Thanks for the query to @Barca; am interested to know this due to DD1 planning to go to Barcelona in September, with ticket purchased since pre Covid. Personally, am doubtful the trip will happen, but you never know. Not least is my concern that as Americans, we are under a travel ban to Europe currently. Persona non grata. I AGREE with this, and am not being political, just pragmatic.

DD2 and SIL will be going to Barcelona for a close relative’s wedding next May. Am hopeful for that one happening.

Thanks @shrinkrap - hope your European trip is able to happen for you this fall, but I’m skeptical…


Putting this here, although it was actually Linner. Second outing this week, has worked wonders in many ways. A favorite deck with good food and drink at happy hour prices. Although double masked on way through building, once seated didn’t think about Covid once, or the troubles of the world. Except for using a lot of hand sanitizer…:upside_down_face:



Dinner from Thursday night. Comfort food again in cool weather. Pork chops with gravy over mashed potatoes. Salad.


Love this idea.

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Color me green with envy!!! Wow.


Last night we split a ribeye, served with chimichurri, summer squash sauteed in the drippings, green salad, shredded Brussels with lemon, Parm, and chopped Marcona almonds, and brown rice cooked with sazón.