What's For Dinner #54 - The Leap Month Edition - February 2020

Not too pretty, but tasty.
Creamy garlic chicken breasts

And green cabbage roasted in duck fat

We are celebrating V-tines day with dinner out tomorrow.


Beautiful Dungy’s . I miss them .


Very nice crab . I’ve been through half moon bay a million times born and raised in Santa Cruz
Miss cooking my own . Oh well I’ve moved north to that big California mountain with the Lemurians .

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Thanks! We got them at Costco.

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Let me know if you ever want to take a toad trip. I bet @CurlzNJ would take a ride too.

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Skirt steak from Prather ranch . Their product is always supreme. Veggies from the fridge. Cheers.


Due to work, our V-day dinner was last night at a Portuguese restaurant Costa Verde (full review on the NJ board).

Surf and Turf

Chicken and Shrimp in wine sauce.


Tonight’s dinner was a relatively quick Korean BBQ chicken, broccoli and garlic sauce, and basmati rice.


Sure looks great!

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Perfect cook on that

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That Schnitzel :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

What a feast! You and @Google_Gourmet always have the best seafood


I did not cook last night, but the kiddo and I made heart-shaped crustless quiches for breakfast to go with all the day’s chocolate. :grin:IMG_20200214_085051~2


Tonight was seared scallops, roasted green beans (in the new multi-use appliance…yes, another), and quattro formaggio risotto with sauteed shredded zucchini. For dessert, we dipped raspberries, strawberries, and cherries in tempered dark chocolate. Big hit.


I went to Trader Joe’s today and when I got home to put everything away, I realized I have to stop feeding the freezer and start eating from it…both upstairs and down.

So sausage and roasted broccoli pizza with roasted garlic tomato sauce done in the convection oven was WWFD. And while it could have used a bit more crisp on the crust, it was good.

A large glass of wine alongside, and “Rocketman” on the flat screen.


I know my freezer is like purgatory
Where most items wait to be tossed . In fact I have a post it note on the freezer door . CLEAN FREEZER.


I keep a printout of an Excel spreadsheet of what’s in the downstairs chest freezer and the upstairs kitchen freezer and update it in pen until it needs to be retyped and reprinted. It’s the only way I can keep track!


Long Korean lunch out, so a quick dinner at home before going over to a friend’s for drinks.

Grilled cheese with some chili paste inside along with cheddar, and a soft-yolk aka jammy boiled egg alongside.

I’m hoping the excessive banchan consumption counts as dinner veg too…

I baked brownies to take, but them smashed into them by mistake… maybe 3/4 can be salvaged… waiting for them to cool outside.


Our freezer is a mix of meal shortcuts (esp. veg and potato products, meatball and patty-type things), stock parts, various half-used purees and sauces (pumpkin, chipotle en adobo, tomato sauce), and things we prefer not to eat a lot of (homemade bread, half-eaten desserts). Bad scene. We are eating it down now in anticipation of part of a cow share trucked in by the in-laws :grin:


One of my favorite comfort foods. Caldo verde


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