What's For Dinner #54 - The Leap Month Edition - February 2020

I’ve been cooking but failed to take any pics except tonight’s Valentine’s day pizza :heart_eyes:

I did a super delicious Japanese eggplant, tofu, bok choy, mushroom, scallion thing earlier this week. I loved it. The rest of the gang gave it a solid ehhhh.

Happy Hallmark day everybody! :partying_face:


I like the one that’s to the left off of Wood Avenue assuming you are coming from Route 27S. It’s the one that sometimes has women making fresh naan, samosa, etc.

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It’s a Friday. Which means steak tips from my local butcher.

Burgundy steak tips with Ballymaloe Steak Sauce, half a baked tater with the PSTOB and lots of sour cream, and asparagus.

Oh shit, yeah. There was wine. Long weekend ahead, after all. :+1:

And the only pic I could get of my non-interested in-house boyfriends who are keeping me company on this romantic night.

I’ll have a Licor 43 for dessert.


Poor BF’s dinner was not his best. TJs balsamic/rosemary steak tips (which I bought) cooked through so fast the meat was super well done and dry but he couldn’t even get a sear on one side. also, no discernible rosemary. mashed taters were good, if a little salty. best were the sauteed shrooms/onions/zukes. We don’t celebrate V-Day, but we’ll be going out for cocktails later - it’s Friday night!


i bet YOUR steaktips were delish!

love those BFs… :heart_eyes:

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So,went out yesterday to Costco, had dinner out at HIBACHI GRILL. My Wolfie refused to come home.
Am having people over tomorrow, so son asked me to prepare Kenji Lopez’ Parmesan mozzarella as well as his tomato sauce. ( I just have to defrost this from fridge)
Also want sea food, so I bought 5 lbs of mussels which I will cook with white wine, tons of garlic
Also out of curiosity as I heard someone from HO mentioned Nuchar Octopus. I bought 2 packages that had just the legs, fully cooked but could not find recipe for it. Went to website, there is recipe but in Spanish. Other than taking them out of the package before, drying them in paper towels, then slapping EVoo and some condiments such as chili paste, and other sauces before I grill them, is there any suggestion? I love dehydrated octopus from Chinatown that we had to hydrate, then marinade in sesame oil, soy sauce, vinegar and other spices , then grill. !but do not want to take chances if anyone has experience with them. Website are mostly of non cooked ones, with suggestion to boil til tender or cook in sous vibe .


I’m positive the cocktails will be better than the dry meat . Have a great time. Love the mashed potatoes.


thank! Cin-Cin!

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We had the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner: steamed Dungeness crab and Alaskan King crab claws with TJ’s sweet potato fries (not pictured). Mrs. P made a black olive cake with orange zest and fresh basil ice cream topped with date honey with orange zest. It all went great with a California red blend wine and 10 year old port for dessert. It also happened to be our Cat Gucci’s 8th birthday. He enjoyed some crab as well.


Valentines dinner. Nice drive down the coast to Half Moon Bay, CA. A couple of FEISTY Dungies FOB (fresh off boat).

Quick 15 minute steam.

Early Spring Salad w/Bay Shrimp. Pencil size Asparagus, $1.49/lb at Safeway market. Lighty blanched and drizzled with evoo and salt. Perfect as is, had some Aioli “like” side also. Basically mayo with fresh minced garlic, salt and Ponzu.

Sour dough crouton and mystery Biscuit.

(Ok, Re-toasted Popeyes from lunch).

Dessert: assorted goodies from recent Taiwan visit.

Happy V’day!!!

Oops. Previously posted on four year old thread.


Fresh cheese with dried tomato pesto

Pork schnitzel, hash browns, gravy; broccoli

Had planned on prawns for Valentines but dh said he was “prawned out” from our several recent prawn cocktail lunches -> simple, simple.


I haven’t been in a while. Thanks for the reminder to get there!

Not too pretty, but tasty.
Creamy garlic chicken breasts

And green cabbage roasted in duck fat

We are celebrating V-tines day with dinner out tomorrow.


Beautiful Dungy’s . I miss them .


Very nice crab . I’ve been through half moon bay a million times born and raised in Santa Cruz
Miss cooking my own . Oh well I’ve moved north to that big California mountain with the Lemurians .

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Thanks! We got them at Costco.

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Let me know if you ever want to take a toad trip. I bet @CurlzNJ would take a ride too.

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Skirt steak from Prather ranch . Their product is always supreme. Veggies from the fridge. Cheers.


Due to work, our V-day dinner was last night at a Portuguese restaurant Costa Verde (full review on the NJ board).

Surf and Turf

Chicken and Shrimp in wine sauce.


Tonight’s dinner was a relatively quick Korean BBQ chicken, broccoli and garlic sauce, and basmati rice.


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