What's for Dinner #53 - the Start of the New Decade Edition - January 2020

Simple homemade pizza and ham calzone tonight. Lots of leftovers to munch on the next few days.


You had me at mushroom Wellington :heart_eyes:

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Late night and/or hangover meal of champions - chicken kathi roll - chunks of grilled chicken wrapped in an egg-coated paratha, with pickled onions, chutney, and gratuitous green chilies in this case.

I’m not hungover, but we over-ordered these at 1:30am, for whatever reason they didn’t arrive till almost 3am, and half the intended eaters had left or fallen asleep… so those of us still standing ate one or two then and I brought a couple home today.

Funny thing was, I tried to order food - both pizza and kathi rolls - at midnight when half the party was still there, but friend’s (very drunk and bugged at caterers for not clearing up) hubby yelled at me - WHO was still hungry? Caterers had also stiffed us on food, unbeknownst to him at the time… heavy apps were neither heavy nor sufficient nor well circulated… anyhoooo… an hour after I calmed him down, and with everyone even more hungry (and having eaten through the disgusting, cold leftovers) he placed the order directly with the restaurant rather than through the food delivery service, figuring it would be quicker… nope, no indeedy.

(I got a few apology texts from him today… sorry I yelled, sorry I didn’t listen, sorry I didn’t just let you do it given that only one of us was in our senses, etc, etc :rofl: He’s like my brother so it’s not like the “yelling” actually even registered :joy:)

A fun night, but now I need to catch up on sleep again.

So, one of extra kathi rolls I brought home for early dinner. Sooooo good.



Gah, what a pain. Sorry about the yelling.

We went to an Indian restaurant for the first time in about 35 years. Below is a link to the details and pictures.


dinner was a reprise - this just feels good when i’m sick. But today i felt well enough to eat toast for bfast, a little won ton soup for lunch, and then this for tonight.

now if only i could keep those 9 lbs. I lost OFF. :pray:


Nah, all in the emotion of the evening.

What he’s actually in trouble for is forgetting to open a bottle of champagne…


1) Roast Chicken and Vegetables
2) Antipasti Penne
3) Chicken Tikka Masala

I often have Chicken Tikka Masala for my dinner as it is very delicious and I got to know it from Desi Lunch Box restaurant when I visited Dubai and the rest two are from a blog. For more healthy dishes I would list some of them here sooner.

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I had to make a “mid-course correction” while prepping dinner last night. Our meal should have been French Dip sandwiches (yes again), but I discovered we didn’t have enough shaved beef for two. Or, au jus. So out came the yellow potatoes for a riff on a hash. And it worked.


Is it a requirement that you must be a good cook before you are allowed entry into your neighborhood? Looks delicious!!!


We evaluate on a case-by-case basis. :rofl:


@Madrid, I didn’t know where else you might be able to find Fat Moon’s mushrooms so I emailed the owner. She said that Neighbor’s Acre Farm (find them on Facebook) at the Cambridge (Winter) Farmer’s Market has been taking her product there.

Not sure how often or what’s offered, so if you do Facebook or are at the Cambridge winter market you could check out Neighbor’s Acre Farm to see if they’ll have Fat Moon mushrooms on any given week.

Hope this helps.

P.S. I think we paid around $10 for the bag of fancy mushrooms we bought Saturday, and I put nearly every morsel to use in my risotto pot. Cooked the stems longer than the more tender caps, of course.


Cheese fondue with Mont d’or, minced garlic, white wine and garlic.

Ate with ham, potatoes and bread

Chicken with morilles with wine and cream. Splendid!

Alsacienne pork shoulder cooked with grainy mustard and white wine

I used it in a Choucroute.

Smoky paprika razar clams

Leek with bone marrow, and mustard, lemon, coriander sauce

Homemade Nanterre brioche
Tearful, as the fresh yeast under performed, nothing happened the first day. I tossed it in the fridge overnight hoping something would happen, nothing. Discouraged, forgot it one whole day in the fridge. On the third day, I took the dough out in room temperature, after 4 - 5 hours, I was about to add my second dose of yeast to save my dough and then I noticed the dough finally double its original size. (Normally 1 hour) I got rid of the gas, and another night in the fridge to rest. Final fourth day, I tossed in the oven and it became this.

Egg tart with puffy pastry style Provins, city closed to Paris famous for its celebration on medieval architecture and events. Normally, it is a cake to give to orphans on Toussaint. First time I make it, probably a bit too much ‘custard’…it has orange blossom water. Tasted quite close to Pastéis de Nata except the cinnamon. Love that, will make again.


A few dishes for CNY.

Crispy sesame chicken

Fried rice with crab meat, dried scallop, egg while and whole egg, preserved egg york

Brocoli, shiitake mushrooms, dried scallops

Pan fried water chestnuts cake



A win!


Thanks! I think I need some help from bakers here. More failures than success!

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I made Korean Pan-fried meat and tofu patties (Wanja-jeon) from Maangchi.com - but oven-baked rather than egg-washed, dredged, and fried. Served as lettuce wraps with rice, gochujang, cucumber, jalapeño, kimchi, and hoisin sauce. Quite yum!


Started the menu with a bag of cut collard greens. Got those on the stove with a little onion and garlic to simmer, just love them.

Got that going then worked on the the main. Tuna steaks. Made a mix of chopped cilantro and orange zest to top the fish with

All worked well. Really dug the collards


Super busy lately and no time to cook! Finally got home in time to make a decent dinner tonight and whipped up a riff on a shrimp and chorizo dish someone posted last month (sorry I can’t remember who!). I didn’t have chorizo, though - only Leidy’s andouille, which is quite lean. Butter to the rescue! Chopped up the sausage and sauteed it briefly in olive oil to render out a little fat and spice, then added a ton of sliced garlic and cooked another couple of minutes on low heat until the garlic was soft. Removed it all from the pan leaving the oil behind, then added shrimp for a quick sear. Deglazed with white vermouth and tossed in 6 tablespoons of butter to cool off the pan, then put the sausage and garlic back in with a handful of chopped cilantro. Squeeze of lemon and it was PERFECTION. I served it with parmesan roasted broccoli - we scraped the pans and licked our plates clean!


What a great idea. How long did you bake them and at what temp? These look really good!