What's for Dinner #51 - the It's Dark Outside! Edition - November 2019

Tonight we were celebrating daughter’s 11th birthday. After a weekend of festivities and excitement, tonight (a school night) she wanted to have a birthday dinner at home. She picked the menu: steaks, crispy Brussels sprouts, roasted cauliflower and crunchy chickpeas, roasted broccoli and baby new potatoes. Chocolate lava cakes for dessert.

It all turned out great. Particularly for a weeknight, leaving the city early enough to get home to cook and celebrate. The ribeyes from the specialty butcher were truly exceptional and were cooked stovetop on screaming hot cast iron to each of our desired temperature (med rare to medium).

Now relaxing with a glass of 2008 Cabernet (the year of her birth) with hubby, toasting our sweet, special girl.


I LOVE the shoulder. I wish I could make mine look like that. . I have to get “country style ribs” since I’d be eating it alone. Do you know if it was “Boston”, “butt” or picnic"? Where I am, the picnic has the skin, so probably not.

Serious Eats, of course!

“Best” for pork roast. in the UK.

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Oops I did it again (no photo). But so good. I was inspired by some reading I’d been doing on local steakhouses. Steak, winter squash puree, sauteed maple bacon brussels sprouts, cheesy rice and kale bake with crunchy breadcrumb topping. Oh yeah.


i’m not sure, but it looked like country style ribs, in that it was a very flat piece, and just under 2 lbs. probably butt, but again, a very small one.

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hm! i don’t know of a place in the Mission, except Sun Fat, which is about 3 blocks from my house… https://www.yelp.com/biz/sun-fat-seafood-company-san-francisco

6 dozen! Enjoy!

I think it WAS Sun Fat that was recommended in the original “six dozen” post.

This time I only got three dozen.

Do you rent out your driveway? I heard some folks around SFO do.

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I love the movies that come out this time of year.

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What is a sheet pan dinner “AND” a CI subscription and what is wrong with them? Oh and your chicken looks delicious!

Get out!


Sometimes I just skip the coffee.


…and I’ve got the proof.


I went to HS in Waltham for a spell.

Lazy person’s Charcuterie looks perfect. My favorite way to eat.


I have thighs. Thanks for another idea.


An amazing woman.


Vietnamese Caramel Salmon (coho), Rice & Mushroom

I made it @ChristinaM. I don’t have a PC or IP. Browned the skin side (still working on getting skin crisp in the all-clad. more crispy fish skin crumbles :wink:) and cooked the other side in the sauce. The only other difference was I had no coconut oil and mixed unsweetened coconut cream w/grapeseed oil.

Okay, so, you can look at a photo and a recipe and love it, but you can’t smell the aroma from a photo. This is probably the most fragrant dish I’ve ever made! :heart: Husband loved it.

Sides were ordinary 365 Rice and nice Shroom Medley


You go girl! Also known as the breakfast of champions @TheCookie! :scream_cat::rofl:


Big fan of the menu the birthday girl picked! Happy birthday to her! What a beautiful meal.


Last dinner in the country. Son and granddaughter went on a joy-ride and brought back 2 rib-eyes from a small town market. $10.99 a pound, great flavor and tender as love, much better than I’ve been sourcing in town at twice the price. Cooked indoors on grill pan. Hash browns, roasted carrots, green salad. Ersatz chocolate cake from a mix, a la mode with vanilla ice cream.


Man, I can only hope that my spring onion will have a smidge if the great taste your daughter has. Cheers to her!


Ok - yeah, i’ve purchased oysters from them before - they’re good! clams too… and uni! they get it fresh i think daily? I get all my fresh seafood there, actually, but it doesn’t happen often since the BF doesn’t like it. :sob:

rent out my driveway? for what?
I live in an apartment complex so I don’t have a driveway. I know that business set up “parklets” (little seating areas on the sidewalk) in front of their storefronts but I only know of one homeowner that has rented out space in front of their house to make a little garden-type thing, featuring Trixie the Triceratop! It’s in the Mission, on Valencia:


more info here: