What's for Dinner #50 - The Spooky-licious Edition - Oct 2019

Funny! Looks yummy.

Very sorry for the double bad news. Courage and strength. Love that you are going through by sharing food and love.

My friend broke out the same bad news yesterday, her sister has stage 3 intestine cancer announced last week. At least she and her sister try to stay optimistic.


I don’t like too much filler either. If you don’t like filler but don’t want them to fall apart when flipping, maybe pack them tighter with your hands and use more oil?

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:drooling_face: :sweat_drops:

My family had the same one as @ChristinaM 's , I will ask mom if she still has it…if she wants to give away!


:cry::cry::cry: Cancer sucks the big one. I’m wishing all the best for your friend.


My thoughts to both of you.


Your tri-tip looks perfectly cooked @pilgrim. How’d you cook the yummy, saucy looking scalloped potatoes?

I would be too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Restoration is tough, hard work and usually not very well rewarded. Too bad you will be going to miss them.

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Holy moly. I love these friends of yours.

What is the crispy, caramelized topping in the middle?


The photo of your halibut looks yummy. What do you brine it in and for how long?

I :heart: your yard.

Yes, they are amazing.
That is candied smoked bacon.


Inspired by @Google_Gourmet 's Parisian meals…

Got ourselves a seafood platter for 2, but we could only finish it with 2 meals.

Store bought vanilla flan to celebrate Mr naf’s birthday.

He got another flan - Brittany Far with prune from his restaurant meal. How did they know that he loves flan like dessert?!

Yesterday, I cooked up a proper meal for my ex-boss, now friend. Veal tartare smoked with cherry wood (our own tree) with a green onion and pecan pesto, asparagus creme.

Guinea hen, cooked with cider and Calvado, raisin and sweet potato. Last time I made this and it was very good, this time I slightly over cooked.

And the highlight was raspberry tart, with raspberry coulis, almond tart case, almond insert and raspberry mascarpone chantilly. Took me a few hours to make it, happy that everybody was enjoying it.


Happy birthday to Mr. naf!
Beautiful looking meals as always.


Dinner Sat. night was simple: boiled potatoes, Slater’s preserved tomatoes (with peppers added), and some indeterminate freezer-pulled sausage (I think Andouille). Still feeding the cold, and it loves it.

Yesterday I got out of bed and went to my sister’s, brought her the Barcelona bounty I’d foraged - conservas! I bought a bunch because they’re much cheaper there, and I had a lot of room in my suitcase. There are tapas bars in Barcelona that serve different concoctions with tinned seafood - all manner of shellfish, octopus, tuna belly, etc. Of course, they use a lot of fresh seafood too, but the conservas have a special place in my heart (our favorite tapas bar is Quimet and Quimet, which uses them to genius effect.) I read somewhere a few months ago that conservas are also really good simply served on good bread with cultured butter. And they ARE. That’s what my sister and I had for dinner yesterday, along with anchovy-stuffed olives (another Spanish specialty - we’re fortunate to have a really great Spanish/Portuguese store nearby called The Spanish Table.)

We made a very small dent in these yesterday, to be continued next weekend.


Wow, what a delicious haul!


spectacular! Happy Happy to Mr. Naf!


a very comforting dish, but ugh! so so sorry about the sad news, sending best wishes and hugs. and strength to you and your family as you navigate ahead.