What's for Dinner #49 - the Falling Leaves Edition - Sept 2019

Me too! I love it all, but ditto on this…

3 of my favorite bites in our ‘hood…

Chicken “Oysters” Wrapped w/Chicken Skin

Animal Restaurant

Asajime Chicken Breast Wrapped w/Chicken Skin

Aburiya Raku

Salmon Belly w/Crispy Skin

Aburiya Raku

Pardon the interruption, folks… but, I mean, who doesn’t want to see some nice, crispy animal flesh?.. except for a vegetarian, of course.


I’m stealing it too.

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Yeah fancy grocery store near me bakes their own baguettes and their sourdough is my favorite in SF.


Have a wonderful trip! Best wishes to your son and his bride!:wedding::heart::champagne:


Gorgeous! (And I love the tea glass and saucer!)

Have a wonderful trip, and congratulations on the happy occasion!


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How Lovely!

My cousin, who has been all over the world - but rarely remembers anything she eats - still says to this day that Turkey has the best food she’s ever eaten in her life. Enjoy!


I love it.

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Dinner last night was leftover burrito for DH and nothing for me due to effects of antibiotics. Ok, I’m lying. I had ice cream since it was all that appealed, it was from DQ and actually pretty disgusting. :upside_down_face:


I jumped on the tomato tart bandwagon with y’all. This is the Lebovitz version. There are others versions I may try too. I had to wait until my cooked tomato hater and my ricotta hater were away! Although it’s a lot of food for 2.

But I have a giant crop of tomatoes that are now coming red, and I am at a loss. I’ve done lots of gazpacho, panzanella. I’ve roasted some for the freezer. I’ve done some pasta salad and some caprese, pan con tomate. Only 2 of us will eat a hot tomato soup. Are there any other ideas, or do I need to do another round of all of the above? I can see some blts in our future, but that doesn’t use up much.


If you’ve got the freezer space, I’d freeze as many as possible for use until next year’s crop. :tomato:

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How? Are you talking chop and freeze in a single layer like berries? Cook and jar and freeze? Puree and freeze as sauce? And then how would you use frozen tomatoes?

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Recently, I peeled and crammed tomatoes into freezer jars and froze. Used one the other day. Just defrosted and chopped -> sauce. Seemed same as fresh albeit more water/juice.


Oven-slow-roasted tomatoes are pretty amazing - they half-dehydrate, so not leathery like sun-dried, but deeply intensified. You can freeze them after if there are still too many.

Halve lengthwise and toss with plenty of oil (season afterwards with your and your preferred flavors - herbs, s&p, etc), lay face up on a baking tray, and bake at a low temp (say 250F) for an hour or two, till they’ve halved in size but aren’t totally shriveled.

Season. Now try not to eat the whole tray like that… tomato candy.


This is the first time in years we’ve had to buy more jars, because I think we used about 30 or so for jam earlier in the summer. It’s crazy.

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Great! Those might be great chopped up as a salad topping.

They are good in all kind of ways!

Also more compact than freezing raw diced/crushed tomatoes. And more intense in flavor.


I blanch them, peel the skins off and core them. I will then either cut them into largish chunks or leave them whole. Transfer to freezer bags and freeze with the bags lying fat. They don’t take up as much room that way. I use them in red sauce, soups and stews mostly. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy your bounty!

Last year we had so many I canned them mainly. Petite diced, crushed, and many different kind of sauces.



You mean do I like it?