What's for Dinner #48 - the Drippy, Droopy, Doggy Days of Summer - August 2019


Still finding uses for those tomatoes. Tonight was fresh pasta with eggplant, balsamic-marinated tomatoes with garlic, smoked mozzarella and basil. It was pretty tasty. On the side were a couple of bonless, skin-on chicken thighs. My timing was off and they were pretty overcooked, but at least the skin was crispy!



Late getting home after time spent buying Scooby Snacks for a late afternoon Libation Party at work tomorrow.

Dinner was a pork tenderloin seasoned with olive oil and Penzeys’ Tsardust seasoning and roasted, adding several brushes of an apple cider BBQ sauce during the last roast.

Sides were Herbs de Provence roasted potatoes and Steamed green beans.

Oh, there WAS wine. It be Thursday. I’m due.

Also, a pic of my recent Patio Tomato harvest. Another 10-12 on the plant in varying stages of growth.



obviously I got alpha gal from being bitten by not just a tick but a lone star tick
I do not know when it happened but I find a lot of ticks on my body as I am an avid gardener. I work in the garden 8-10 Horus a day, weather permitting. Not vegetable gardening but mostly landscape gardening.
I do not spray for personal reason as well as because I do have pets and I do not believe in exposing them to herbicide, pesticide etc.
I did not have a grinder per se but did have a kitchen aid with grinder attachment and sausage stuffer attachments that I gave away a long time ago. My two pets used to eat raw venison in the morning and kibbles in the evening but the butcher who supplied me with venison had a heart attack and retired. In md, it is forbidden to sell venison but friends who are hunter can give. you venison as a gift and as return courtesy , I pay for butchering. However, I found out that the newer only butcher in my county now believes that pets should only eat venison that are meant for pets. I also found out that the breeder from whom I got my Pomeranians from goes to West Va to buy venison for her 11 dogs but they are not meat fit for human consumption but adequate for pets which I do not agree for my pets. So, I start giving them beef for their morning meals but weary as I see butchers at the store I frequent toss meat with fat into a pile and I believe they add that to ground meat which are sold. My son does not like ground meat unless they are organic and grass fed or bison. That gets to be too expensive for my budget if I have to feed them organic grass fed ground beef for t heir breakfast, so I resort to buying mostly eye round roast which is lean and now, found out that they love roast turkey fro Costco as well as poached chicken breast that I shred for them for a variety of breakfast.

I hope this clarify things better.



well, I made my shrimp and lobster sauce using ground chicken ( I grind it myself using the STX grinder) and shrimp. I did the same recipe a couple months back using ground duck . I was so tired after working in the garden for 7 hours, so I did not even take pictures. I would say it taste pretty good.
First, I caramelized one onion in EVOO, then added a package of ground chicken (? a pound?) , soy sauce, cider vinegar, splash of oyster sauce, shaoxing wine, some dried fermented black beans, and 2 small packaged of precooked garlic in EVOO ( I process garlic to freeze if I have too much) , freshly ground black pepper, Then, I added chicken broth ( from poaching chicken for my poms a few days ago ) as well as broth from the roasted shell of the pound of Argentina shrimp to be used.
Chicken set aside, I added EVOO, ginger, to the wok, Argentina shrimp for a minute or two until they became translucent, added cooked chicken back, corrected seasoning, a bit of sweet potato starch to thicken, then in goes 2 scrambled eggs and fried shallot ( run out of spring onions from the garden), sesame oil and a spoonful of hot chili left over from carry out from chinese restaurant last week.
This was served with rice. Sorry, I do not measure when cooking as in most cases. It was pretty good, so I can do the same with crabs and lobster sauce too using cooked crabs that had been split Ito two halves.


(ChristinaM) #487

We had leftover beef stew over brown rice. And dark chocolate for afters.


(maria ascarrunz) #488

BF back in the kitchen tonight, after many moons. TJ’s pork belly, glazed with some of the pork drippings, dry sherry, apple juice, and a bit of orange marmalade - very good, but he also oddly put the glaze on the mashed potatoes which didn’t quite work, though underneath they were buttery deliciousness. (Although, he does not adhere to the rule of TPSTOB. sigh) He did his favorite thing - fridge clean-out: marinated and roasted old endive and cabbage leaves - so good, almost the best thing on the plate - and a salad of zucchini, romaine hearts, old basil and lemon zest.


(Eli Paryzer) #489

Mrs. P made beer can chicken with a Cajun dry rub and a side of very spicy roasted Brussels sprouts with kimchi dressing.


(ChristinaM) #490

I think your Cajun rub is my cucumber salad :rofl:


(L) #491

Your potatoes look nice & crispy.


(L) #492

Okay, got it.

Yeah, I’ve heard similar things about people food not being good for dogs. But why not people venison? It’s just meat.

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(Robin) #493

BLT flatbread. Pizza dough topped with fresh buffalo mozzarella and thin slices of an heirloom tomato. After it was partially baked, cooked bacon was tossed on. Under the broiler for a few mins. Finished with red pepper flakes, basil, and arugula that was dressed with lemon juice and lots of black pepper. And wine.


(L) #494

What brand do you use?


(L) #495

What’s TPSTOB?

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(L) #496

That looks really delicious @paryzer!

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(saregama) #497

The poor mushrooms I bought last week have been languishing in the fridge… decided to sauté them before they rotted.

The meal came together as I chopped… some bulgur to accompany (I really wanted kisir again because I’m salivating over The Turkish Cookbook, but tomato paste and the mushrooms seemed incongruous) - simply seasoned with aromatics. And an egg for some heft.


(L) #498

Eggs for dinner… Us too, kinda’. I cooked the remaining chicken patty from last night. No avocado this time but I added an egg.

Smash and open wide!


(maria ascarrunz) #499

TPSTOB™ - “The Proverbial Shit-Ton of Butter.” :smiley:


(maria ascarrunz) #500

HOLY CRAP that looks amazing!


(John Hartley) #501

A chicken curry of sorts, although the recipe comes from Nigel Slater rather than a more reliable asian source. Basically chicken with garlic , ginger, onion, red chillis, mustard seeds, cumin, turmeric, coriander (gorund and fresh), tomatoes, garam masala and lime. Probably rice as the carb.

This year I’ve been cooking a lot of recipes from Slater’s Kitchen Diaries series, trying to broadly follow the seasonality of his recipes. This one, however, is dated 28 September (Kitchen Diaries 3) so I’m sort of ahead of myself. But after our recent highest ever recorded temperature in the UK, followed by very high rainfall, it already feels like autumn - wet and cold with the heat clicking on the last couple of mornings. And it’s only mid-August, FFS!



no particular brand. just rice cooking wine and if I run out, I will use sherry if I have them
Often I buy the Qian Hu brand but if I see something else on sale, I would buy it
I have never tasted it , just add a small splash on my stir fry or bigger splash for marinades
I do not look into alcohol or sodium content either since not much is used.
They all come in 25 fl ounce size which last me 3-4 months

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