What's for Dinner #45 - 05/2019 - The Sunshiny, Flowery & Blooming May Edition

“Coquilles St. Jacques” - the preparation and the protein.

I needed to finish the balance of yesterday’s scallops, and I’ve always been intrigued by this dish. Went with (mostly) Jacques Pepin’s recipe because it includes a bed of mushrooms which I had sautéed and have been sitting in the fridge.

Quite an easy recipe overall, including poaching the scallops and making the white sauce. I also had herby breadcrumbs from the John Dory debacle, so topped the dish with them.

Absolutely delicious! Reminds me of my aunt’s fish pie, which is a family favorite. Copying this recipe over!

No scallop shells here, but my gratin dish is scalloped I guess :grin:

A nice hard cider on the side - well balanced and very cold courtesy a rest in the freezer.






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Very food porn!

All of that sounds really good… genius on the garlic for mayo… and the tomatoes sound delish


Agree, but I think it’s the scallops’ fault :roll_eyes:

We ate dinner out at the beautifully newly renovated MishMish cafe in Montclair. Below is a link to the details and pictures.


My kitchen has a west facing bay window so it gets quite hot once spring is over. So if the oven is on I try to really maximize it 'cos it isn’t going to happen too often over the next 5 months!

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Celebratory meal last night - split a seared ribeye and had buttered steamed sugar snaps, zucchini carpaccio, and leftover slaw. Hit the spot. Sam’s Club prime steaks are pretty good!


A couple of weeks back, there was a “near use by date” turkey breast at the supermarket. That’s now defrosted and will get a quick roast. Alongside - roast spuds, asparagus, sage & onion stuffing & gravy.

Before that, a slab of supermarket pate de campagne. Melba toast, gherkins.

And, to follow, cheese - we have a nice Lancashire and a Red Leicester. Then, strawberries (pretty much the first of the main English crop) and organic vanilla ice cream.

Herself will doing all the cooking as I will be entirely engaged watching Manchester City win the FA Cup.


Whoa yum! What was the celebration for??

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I whipped up dinner in 20 minutes last night. Not counting the earlier time to marinade the pork chops in soy sauce, garlic, sugar, worsteshire and mustard. Served with quinoa, broccoli and Vidalia onions.


Well, that’s just been a fantastic couple of hours. Just fantastic.


10 years married :slight_smile:


Wishing you many more! :champagne:




Thank you!

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Nice portion for half a steak…

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Already? You sound like a newlywed !


Another Rice Stick Stir Fry. This one with Snow Pea Pods, Button Mushrooms, Bean Sprouts & Pistachio Meats…


Like usual, a few meals of the week.

Endive gratin with white sauce and Emmental cheese.

Last night meal was TERRIBLE. Read about the Kansas City smokehouse on another thread on HO. Decided to give a try, MISTAKE. Nothing was right. Brisket, ribs and pulled pork arrived cold, dried and tasteless, fries were cold and soaked. Beer ordered, but never arrived. The bill was wrong (of course charged more we have ordered) and with the loud music…

To erase the nightmare of the last dinner, we decided to go to another Smokehouse, Texas style. Much better! Food were warm and decently cooked! Delicious! YAY!