What's for Dinner #44 - 04/2019 - the April Flowers but no Showers Edition

Aloha! Dreaming of Hawaii dinner last night. :slight_smile:

Poke, Pasta (didn’t have elbow macaroni) salad, Spare Ribs, Japanese White Bread, Scallops, Stir Fry Cabbage, Papaya and Rice Crackers.

Yes. There wuz wine. And other adult beverages. Ouch.



Takeout at friends’ while watching the premiere of Game of Thrones tonight.

I’m taking the apps - “mini vietnamese meatballs for days” that I baked the other night and browned this evening (they are severely diminished in quantity… “days” is apparently 3 when I am involved).

Made yellow (khaman) dhokla to compensate… forgot the frozen coconut out and it went bad, and also forgot the cilantro. But they still taste good! (And only I know what I forgot says mom’s voice in my head :wink:)


Quiet day. Decided on a comfort meal of meatloaf (ground beef and pork, several spoonfuls of spicy plum ketchup mixed with Panko crumbs, salt and pepper), Crash Hot Potatoes (sprinkled with a mix of Penzeys’ Fox Point seasoning combined with dried orange peel and garlic powder). Steamed green beans and wine.

All GOTers…enjoy your night.



I thought i had food poisoning on Friday and stayed home, sick as a dog. Couldn’t quite pin down what caused it, as almost all meals in the last 10 days have been shared. But today the BF is sick, so i’m thinking we got a flu bug of some sort.

So, no dinner for him. I made myself pastina as a risotto, with a shaved asparagus salad, with lemon juice, olive oil & salt, and OMG was it good. “Risotto” was made with diced onion, dry sherry (out of white wine), chicken stock, the PSTOB, and the PSTOPR. a teensy glass of pinot and the appropriate book went with.

I had planned this dinner with the BF in mind (there’s also a pork chop marinating in the fridge for him for when he gets better) but this stuff may not last that long.


We had an outstanding, although way overpriced dinner at Viaggio Chef Robbie Felice’s new restaurant in Westwood, NJ called Osteria Crescendo. Below is a link to the details and mouth watering pictures.

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Oh ugh, being sick really is the worst…! I hope the BF bounces back quickly. The pastina sounds delicious

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Kind of a boring dinner. Weather was too nice to spend much time in the kitchen today

BSCB, seared stove top in cast iron with roasted potatoes and salad


thank you, that’s sweet of you!

Practicing my potato salad skills with some of the potatoes from my produce box. I remembered to add a crapton of salt while cooking them, and did a splash of pickle brine, a big glob of dijon, some chopped cornichons, and some (vegan) mayo. Tasted like summer!

Found some colorful tomatoes on sale, so those went in with some cucumber, scallion and olives and vinegrette

A few meatless balls a la carte, they look better on the package than in real life!


Alone in the kitchen with eggplant - hmm, you mean BF?! LOL! Just joking… Hope both of you get well soon.

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Clams (sea almond) cooked with can tomatoes, shallots, garlic, white wine, paprika and aneth. Sauce on gnocchi.

Don’t know what got into my head last night, suddenly want to eat Japanese. Without planning ahead, I could only use what I had. Clams cooked with saké, butter, soy sauce and spring onion. Octopus sashimi. Hiyayakko - seaweed with tofu and sauce. Not too bad, especially it was my first time dealing with a giant tentacle of an octopus. Sashimi should be sliced thinner, probably should freeze it a bit for easier manipulation.

After washing with salt. I read that the Japanese used washing machine to do that.

After cooked 3 minutes in boiling water, the skin was no longer loose.


HAHAHAHA! good one!:laughing:

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omg, all that seafood looks swoony!

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That book is so good! Love the essays. I have to look for it on my bookshelf now…

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The octopus looks nice and meaty! I’m always disappointed with the skinny tentacles I find in frozen octopus here…

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It is rare and it was fresh, mr. n said the octopus was huge with head and everything, he just asked to cut 2 tentacles. I have dealt with much smaller ones but this size was the first time.

Pork schnitzel and broccoli cheese. Country sourdough with ramp cream cheese and rosé bubbly to start.


Ramp cream cheese sounds divine. My ramps are flourishing right now and ready to be harvested - thank you for the lovely suggestion!


Left at home alone tonight because of a family situation, so just did a pressed corned beef sandwich. Underneath the corned beef is a ST of French’s Yellow Mustard. Nice gut filler.