What's for Dinner #43 - 03/2019 - the SMarch Edition

Your cauliflower purée looks amazing! Any advice?

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Thanks. Steamed the cauliflower in the microwave. In the food processor with butter and salt to taste. Totally simple but was hard to stop eating

Edited to add it would be excellent with your mushrooms
Edited again. I think I put a glug of half and half in there as well since I justed noticed I had one in the fridge.

I cook so much off the cuff from what I see in the fridge and pantry that it’s hard to remember. It’s usually a spur of the moment decision to add something because I though “that works”


How do you make your roasted potatoes? Those look amazing!

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It looks like the crazy-butter potato purée that’s so delicious!

I struggle with cauliflower purée being too wet. Do you use any water in the microwave? Or just what’s left from rinsing?

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Pretty much just salted it and covered it with cling wrap. There was water from prepping and rinsing but I cooked it whole


Short ribs two ways! (I’m looking at YOU Tom Colichio!)
Son is visiting! My fellow fatty-meat eater.
In the rear, Korean style, deconstructed here.

The English cut were made from a sous vide recipe from Chef-Steps-you get to pick the final texture, and I went with “like-steak”.

Beef Short Ribs Your Way



best wishes to you and your whole family in dealing with all the challenges of taking care of sick/older parents. It’s a lot, emotionally and physically. Keep on keeping on, it’s one of the best things you can do in life, in my opinion. Sending you thoughts of strength and hopes for finding all the joy you can in it. xoxo


HOLY EFF! that meat looks amazing!


omygod that chawanmushi! i have to try it! i did write it down the last time you wrote it out for me… looks wonderful with the shrooms…


yowza - gotta agree with everyone else - that cauli puree is so smooth!


we went to L.A. for a whirlwind trip (sat. afternoon to sun. afternoon) to the BF’s nephew’s wedding (which was a blast but once again i spent the day in recovery - soooo many cocktails and bottles of wine! at least there was as much dancing to go with.) came home yesterday totally bedraggled but wanted to cook. BF said nah, let’s just eat your half a leftover reuben sandwich from the airport. Hokay!

but i cooked anyway for tonight - orecchiete/italian sausage/garlic/broccoli, with TPST of parm regg (yes, that’s a thing too) and lots of drizzlies of evoo. to go with, tonight i made an arugula/shallot salad with a lemony/dijon vinaigrette. more parm. regg. that’s one of my all-time favorite pasta recipes, but i wish i could find broccoli rabe here (i know we get it, but it’s just not in my neighborhood.) Does anyone know the origins of this dish, a particular region in Italy? I’m thinking Northern, but then i read that rapini grows wild in Southern Italy… hmmm… anyway, i love the sweetness of the broccoli in this dish, how it becomes part of the sauce.


Leftovers of the yellow curry cabbage tofu thing from the other night- added some chopped scallions, lots of cilantro and some diced avocado (which was kinda weird, still not a fan of avocado in hot dishes). Kombucha a la carte

There’s another enormous orange for dessert with my tea


I’m going to suggest Southern Italy.

Wild broccoli isnt generally available in the UK and I’ve only come across it in one local restaurant. They call it “friarielli” - when I first ate it there, I googled to see what it was and it is definitely the veg you Yanks call broccoli rabe. The Google confirmed that its from the south and this would make sense as the restaurant owners are from the Naples area and very proud of their local cuisine. By the by, they serve it alongside roasted pork sausage.


Going out for dinner tonight - favourite Indian couple of miles away. It’s one of very few “Indians” actually owned by an Indian in the metro area. Owner is from Rajasthan and the menu generally reflects a North India cuisine. I see Lal Maas in my near future - I’ve eaten this lamb dish elsewhere when it was served as a curry. Here, they serve it as a sauce coating lamb chops, for a bit of refinement (at least I think that’s how they do it).


I made a version of these pork meatballs tonight: https://www.ourlifetastesgood.com/2017/03/asian-pork-meatballs-coconut-rice.html

Added a shredded zucchini and skipped that sauce instead added siracha. Really tasty. Just needed a little more salt. Brown basmati rice with coconut milk and a cucumber salad. The baby ate everything with gusto but the meatball :roll_eyes:


Those shiitakes reminded me of dried rehydrated… looks good.

Like chawanmushi, haven’t make it for a long time. Actually it’s not so easy to reach the perfection.

Those meatballs!! Yum! Isn’t that too spicy for the baby?

WFDs. Mackerel, grainy mustard, cream, shallot, white wine.

Roasted brussels sprouts.

Banh mi with Cha Lua

Pig’s trotters, thanks to @ccj 's recipe, yummy!

Spinach, leek, XO sauce


Not like she eats it anyway ha! But I don’t put hot sauce on hers. The ginger and garlic in the meatballs mellows out when baked.


Still too young for ginger, especially. I only remember until at least 20’s to like ginger a bit more.