What's For Dinner #40 - 12/2018 - The Hearth and Home Edition



That is the foil I do buy, a bit costly, but worth it, especially when covering pans in the oven.
I do use several strips to cover along the outside, but do not bring it down the inside of the pan.
I also use a pie plate with a fluted lip on it a 9 1/2 inch plate by Pyrex

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Mmm yes!


thanks, I do several strips all but somehow, they never stay put
Oh sent you an answer today re short lifespan of appliance nowadays
read it before, but did not answer.


ah…Jaggers is so sweet…he’s going to miss you, and you, him.

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I’m also eating merguez sausages here in Morocco. The merguez I get from islamic butchers at home does not taste or look like Moroccan kind. Here it has a distinctive red colouring (chillies and harissa, and perhaps some red colouring). I will eat it more often because now I know the merguez at home is mehguez!

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I make Laoganma sometimes using ideas from this recipe, plus adding my own things (annatto oil and dried mushrooms). I simply warm olive oil with annatto seeds to obtain the gorgeous colour. Refrain from using powdered ingredients as they tend to cloud the oil. Experiment until you find the taste you like.

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Both your cats are lovely. Lucky you and them to have each other. I’m in Morocco right now and there are SO MANY feral cats around it’s just heartbreaking. Many female ones are pregnant also. Some are just too desperate they beg and paw when you sit down to eat. Poor cats but I try not to think about it.

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Random meal. I made Melissa Clark’s red lentil soup, garnished with yogurt, scallion, cilantro, cucumber, and Green Dragon hot sauce. Leftover grilled asparagus. Then some mediocre mussels in tomato sauce (from frozen) with baguette and green salad with fig balsamic dressing. The soup was good.


I loved Morocco. Fez ranks as one of my favorite places. It was so different from my life. I was completely enthralled. And received an amazing massage and scrub too and our gorgeous riad. Enjoy!!!


Morocco is high on my wish list! The food, markets and architecture would be such fun to explore. Looking forward to your photo’s and experiences!

It is hard to see animals in need. I have to remind myself that I can’t save them all. I read once about a country where the SPCA or similar had donation jars at the airports with signs asking foreign travelers to leave the local currency coins. I thought that was a great idea!


That soup is excellent. Great garnish suggestions.


Another vote for Morroco! On my wishlist, although it looks like I’ll see Istanbul first.
Torik!? ; According to son.

Found this;

Wahoo, or ‘torik’ (tor-EEK’)


Photo © sablin - Fotolia.com

The wahoo, also known as the ‘peto’ or ‘ono,’ is popular with sport fisherman due to its speed and aggressive nature. Wahoo is common in tropical and sub-tropical waters, and it also thrives in the Black Sea.

In the Turkish language, wahoo is called ‘torik’ and it’s prized for its meatiness and silky texture. In Turkish cuisine, wahoo is mainly used to make a popular appetizer, or ‘meze’ (meh-ZEH’) called ‘lakerda’ (lah-KEYR’-dah).

‘Lakerda’ most resembles sushi. Basically, it’s large chunks of high quality, uncooked wahoo that have been pickled in a brine of lemon juice, ice water, and salt, then stored in olive oil."

And more salt-cod fishcakes.


Costco’s dry scallops, dried in fridge overnight, dusted with baking powder, seared in EVOO then added butter before finishing. Scallops taken out, added more EVOO, baby spinach, deglazed pan with red wine, then added parmesan cheese to the spinach, dish scallops on top of spinach
Side dish was shishito peppers stir fried in EVOO and added some lime flavored salt
Also left over pasta yesterday.


When dad is out of town mom doesn’t want to cook anything, I stopped at the market that sells the chicken salad she likes in the deli and got myself the “superfood salad” since there weren’t many veg left at the house.
Very cali hippie thing, vegan, with kale, sunflower seeds, onion, blueberries (meh), edamame, and a basic vinegrette. Had the rest of it with the rest of the pretzels for dinner, ginger kombucha to drink.
Mom had her chicken salad with some Ritz, but really was saving room for fudge.

I’ll have one of the harry and david pears for dessert with my tea, no more fudge for my tummy. Mom’s is here next to her tea on the side table, i cropped out the photo of my nephew but our dearly departed Piggy can be seen

I have stupid early flight, thankfully direct to jfk. Will be nice to get back in the afternoon instead of usual late at night. My visits home are always wonderful and too short, and painful reminder they are too far away when i leave…


She was lucky your Dad and the others didn’t take the fudge along for their trip!


Some pork wontons with a sauce made of soy sauce, chinkiang black vinegar, laoganma spicy chili crisp, cilantro, and green onion.


Got it…will get back to you…

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Wow, you do get about the world, Presunto. Is this another holiday, or do you and your partner travel for work?

As for the merguez, do you have any preparations to suggest? Are they generally served simply as sausages with sides, or as an ingredient in, say, a casserole? I have some in the freezer from the farmers market - so a South Cheshire product, rather than Moroccan, made from rare breed mutton and, surely untraditionally, free range pork. They’re going to pack a hefty punch as harissa is the next listed ingredient after the meats.

By the by, I’d love to visit Morocco one day but, sad to say, there are people in that country who don’t like people like me. Whilst the UK Foreign Office isnt currently advising citizens to not visit the country, it does recommend extreme vigilance due to a heightend terrorist threat against Britons (two Scandanavian tourists were murderred earlier this month).


miss my wanton, siomai and pot stickers, no pork per diet restrictions.
Have to try them with chicken or turkey but am afraid they would not be the same
Have you tried them using chicken or turkey?
thought I will get some ground duck and other duck products butt hey suggested to wait till after Jan 1st


So, had dinner at the galleria’s food court. Unlike Tyson 1, the food court at Tyson 2 is limited. Only 4 shops. But, we had the most wonderful fried chicken breast with fermented chili sauce served with rice and carrot)and cucumbers. The soup with shrimp was good with cilantro but nothing compared to the chicken breast. I think the skin was very crispy because it was wrapped with dried bean curd sheets. I grew up eating bean curd sheets wrapped with pork , 5 spice powder, carrots, mushroom etc , pan fried and served with ketchup but never chicken breast. It was delightful. Here are partially eaten dish before I remember to take pics. I wander if the fermented chili sauce was hot made or store bought?