What's For Dinner #40 - 12/2018 - The Hearth and Home Edition

It is one of the best fan, very quiet, but powerful. We have one that is huge, 48 inches wide.
After 6 years, the aluminum filters that I had to reorder were 1/2/3 inches shorter, so they would not fit
Waited and waited for new supply to come in
Understood 500 people were screaming for their filters
I finally ordered custom SS baffle filters, what a relief!! No more problem ordering aluminum filters and it will last me my life time but now, no speed control.
Do not know what to order until the company opened up yesterday
will send me one gratis on Jan 3rd bec they sold me all those wrong sized filters 2 and 4 years ago and I do not want to throw them away but I do not know who has such huge exhaust fans as mine to give away since I now have the SS baffle (I was the one who told them how and where I ordered them. They now sell those SS baffle with their units.
So, I am trying not to cook as much as possible.
Oven cannot sear, stir fry
Everything is breaking down it seems

you’re welcome!

what I really want to do is make this next time:


Guest from Netherland returning home tomorrow
So, she offered to cook dinner tonight
Spaghetti alla puttanesca
we added small amount of D’artagnan’s duck saucisson to my dish . They had the wild boar saucisson added to theirs as I cannot have red meat.
I am just uploading my dish as they all look the same


oh my, what a spread! fabuloso!


that duck looks amazing…

I tried that! There’s a thread here somewhere.

Found it!

I’m making salt cod poached/cured in olive oil tonight. Not much to look at, but here’s a comparison of two brands/recipes in sous vide bags.

I might try this, but I need to make just one or two servings.

Olive oil cured cod with tomato panade


ooh, thanks for pointing me to that thread! when i make it, i’ll be sure to post there.

love the poached salt cod idea!

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BF in the kitchen tonight. Simples, but tasty. Merguez sausage (not his fave, but it’s what i defrosted) and baked taters with extra sour cream. also a green salad with TJ’s blue cheese dressing.



Late lunch with mom and her favorite mexican spot- they make the best corn tortillas i have had ever, although they didn’t make my pictures.
Vegetarian tostada for me with delicious refried beans, gave mom my sour cream. Had a still warm corn tortilla as is, the fried one under the tostada hurts my tummy so i left it. She gets the carne asada tacos every.single.time. Leftovers had already been packed up, but you can imagine tacos were here ;))

Just some snacky bits tonight, mom had a leftover taco and i went with sugar snap peas in hummus and a big bowl of popcorn while we decided which movie to watch. (American hussler -hussle? Is what we went with)

I’ll have a tiny bit of fudge, although it did not love me back last night maybe just one little piece will be ok. (Definitely had more than one yesterday!)



And gratuitous napping Jaggers photo for the fans :heart_eyes:


All this fudge talk has me craving clotted cream fudge. I made it once many years ago and it was great. Hopefully I get time this weekend.

Tonight I had a grilled cheese sandwich and I used Trader Joe’s new mushroom (umami) seasoning to make ramen noodles like the ones that come in a block with seasoning packets.


If you have access to say Jetro/Restaurant Depot, they do carry varying grades of aluminum foil. I by a heavy foil, just for that purpose. the heavier the eaiser it stays in mold in the oven. After all when you heat up metal it does expand , and will loosen up and not hold its’ shape.
Try a heavier gauge foil.

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thanks. I have heavier foil but only use that for wrapping my smoked food , then tons of towels to place in cambrio until ready to serve. That technique keeps the food warm for 4-6 hours. Enclose pic , is this heavy enough?

I will try that next time, never used it for this purpose. Makes Sense, heavier ones is easier to mold. May I ask one more question ? How do you go around wrapping the foil around the edge of the pie? cut a long strip , go around or cut shorter strips and then lay it from the inside of the pie to the edge and down the bottom? ( I do not know if I are sense) ?
Have not been making pies or quiche for centuries as my husband had gluten enteropathy and so, I often made crustless pies or quiche for him bec I could never find a good recipe that made it worth my while ( different flour, adding cream cheese ) unless I make a nut crust with butter.

That is the foil I do buy, a bit costly, but worth it, especially when covering pans in the oven.
I do use several strips to cover along the outside, but do not bring it down the inside of the pan.
I also use a pie plate with a fluted lip on it a 9 1/2 inch plate by Pyrex

Mmm yes!

thanks, I do several strips all but somehow, they never stay put
Oh sent you an answer today re short lifespan of appliance nowadays
read it before, but did not answer.

ah…Jaggers is so sweet…he’s going to miss you, and you, him.


I’m also eating merguez sausages here in Morocco. The merguez I get from islamic butchers at home does not taste or look like Moroccan kind. Here it has a distinctive red colouring (chillies and harissa, and perhaps some red colouring). I will eat it more often because now I know the merguez at home is mehguez!


I make Laoganma sometimes using ideas from this recipe, plus adding my own things (annatto oil and dried mushrooms). I simply warm olive oil with annatto seeds to obtain the gorgeous colour. Refrain from using powdered ingredients as they tend to cloud the oil. Experiment until you find the taste you like.


Both your cats are lovely. Lucky you and them to have each other. I’m in Morocco right now and there are SO MANY feral cats around it’s just heartbreaking. Many female ones are pregnant also. Some are just too desperate they beg and paw when you sit down to eat. Poor cats but I try not to think about it.