What's For Dinner #40 - 12/2018 - The Hearth and Home Edition

The pasta is beautiful .


Yeah, looks delicious


That is beautiful!

It was “no boil pata”, but I just made after-work lasagna with the frozen bolognese meat sauce from a previous thread.
It’s Thursday, so we just ate it; no pictures.

It’s a Top Chef night! Left a moment too long!


I want to dive head first into that pasta! Wow!

Yeah, I was wondering about the romaine thing. I saw it in the store yesterday but didn’t pick any up.

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so, returning from vet’s yesterday for vaccine etc etc with Wolfie and Luna, I stopped by Harris Teeter, bought a meatless pizza ( test like cardboard to me), a crunchy shrimp sushi ( very good)
Found out previously frozen tuna loin was on sale from $16 to $8.99
I asked if I can buy the frozen ones instead to which they presented me with a frozen loin , just under 5 pounds Asked them if it is possible for them to slice it into 5 sections. I froze 4 pieces , left one piece in the fridge for dinner or lunch as I had already taken out a strap venison for my son for dinner tonight.
He is going away again as it is Friday night but prefer the tuna loin, for lunch so I offered for him to take the venison and sear it with butter and coconut oil with his friends for dinner.
Left over pizza is still on the cardboard.
Here are the loin, we will eat it with the usual condiment soy sauce/wasabi ( I do not like ginger for my sushi, neither does my so



wow, what a haul! that papaya looks great.



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Thanks, it tasted good, but not enough fromage to see the cheese pull!

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In to work at 7:15 a.m. But lo and behold, I actually walked out at 5:15 p.m.!!

A ten hour day - the shortest day of my week - yay me. :flushed:

Walking in the door at 5:45 was a revelation - look - I can actually make a REAL dinner! And so I did.

NY Strip Loin Steak seasoned with s/p and seared on a hot grill pan and finished in the oven - ended up medium, when I wanted medium-rare (and obviously didn’t get the fat cap seared as well as I wanted - but it was still very good!).

Baked tater with the proverbial shit-ton of butter and (unseen) sour cream and some snipped chives, and sauteed spinach with toasted pine nuts.

Oh - and wine? Yes. Yes. And even more Yes.

And there will be Trader Joe’s Golden Caramel Swirl Ice Cream.



Approximately how much is a shit ton?:grin:

Looks delicious. Enjoy a day to sleep!!!

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Let’s just say the amount of butter is obscene. :wink: And I won’t be sleeping in all that much as I have some personal appts. and a visit with my Mom tomorrow. But hopefully I can get some of my own stuff done vs. work stuff.


Last night was the company wide holiday party in one of the buildings on the campus- it was expected we would attend (i kind of really hate all work parties) but we actually left the office by 7pm!
Went straight for the cocktails station and had a semi decent french 75, (mine was the pink one) made sure to show my face to the boss and was back at the house I’m staying in before 8:30. Very exciting.

Coworker i like is also staying at the house and we ordered from some chinese and japanese combo place. More edamame, an avocado roll and side of rice i added soy to after the photo

Left at a decent time tonight, working a bit of tomorrow too- we have a huge presentation monday and epic sketch review meeting tuesday. Think I’m going back to nyc for sat pm and sunday to try and recouperate life energy. I could stay here but exploring philly doesn’t sound like the kind of down time i need this weekend before facing next week’s crazy…
The idea of another delivery dinner is so unappealing- I made this (vegan!) pad thai cup, surprisingly tasty and had a bit of leftover edamame and an apple. Looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight, no rush to get in tomorrow


Belated turkey thighs, kinda cajunish. Blended Slap Yo Mama (the spicy one) and Old Bay into softened butter, slathered that under the skin and over. Squirted with lemon juice. These were tiny thighs! not enough drippings for gravy. But baked potatoes, inspired by El Whitty, made the meal. They look huge in the pic but they really weren’t that big. Still, we could have shared one, but oink. It’s potatoes, and both of us would have been snarling at the other to stay away.

salad was simple: chopped kalamatas, hard-boiled egg, a little bit of scallion, and romaine. Dijon/oregano vinaigrette.

Taters stole the show.

out for cocktails later with the BF. Happy Friday, everyone!


When you keep adding something and you say “oh shit I think that is enough”…with a big smile on your face :grin:


I’ve been eating baked potatoes for a few decades now, and I’m firmly convinced “enough butter” is never enough butter.


My son came over to cook and was in the mood for something old-school and comforting. We made Salisbury steak (ground beef, mirepoix sauteed in beef fat, Worcestershire, bread crumbs and an egg) with mushroom gravy, mashed yukon golds and green beans with shallots. Can’t get much more comforting than that. I actually spent much of the meal prep just hanging out sipping wine while he did most of the work. Not a bad deal.


Love everything about this


Leftover soup and a green salad tonight. Hubby made chicken Penang curry with green beans for lunch, so we kept dinner simple. Fridge is near bursting with leftovers and we have 12-14" snow on the way.


It was a lovely day. Slept in - at least as long as the boys would allow.

A haircut, and then a visit with Mom. She was having a very good day. My sister had been there before I got there, but came back. And when she was leaving - a troop of high school kids came in - there was holiday caroling! So one of Mom’s favorite nurses, “Pink Patty” (always in pink scrubs) convinced Mom she wasn’t allowed to stay down in the sunroom if she hadn’t taken a resident - so Mom agreed to go (usually not her cuppa tea). Sure enough as soon as Pink Patty had wheeled Mom down there, she disappeared.

Sneaky, sneaky Pink Patty! LOL

Mom enjoyed the carols and the visits from the kids, and I got up dancing with a new 91yo resident who could cut a rug with the best of them! Her husband, when asked, declined to dance, saying “that’s her thing.” At intermission, Mom was ready to leave, but she said she had a fun time. And thankfully, the video of me dancing with residents and some of the high school and church choir kids will never see the light of day. :wink:

Quick shopping trip with my sister - I think I found the perfect work Yankee Swap gift that is NOT a bottle of wine…although there might be an interesting bottle of beer included since I’m well under the $20 limit.

Stopped at Wegmans on the way home for dinner makings. Shrimp Scampi with some very nice Gulf shrimp, leftover basmati rice, and steamed asparagus.

Oh - there WAS WINE.

And “Christopher Robin” will be on the flat screen after my sister said she was going to watch it on Amazon Prime tonight. Good reminder that I’ve wanted to rent it. A nice ending to a very good day.


Lucky you - I’m the one planning my holiday party next Friday, so I’m not allowed to leave. Glad you a had a good time (and a good drink!) for the amount of time you were there!