What's for dinner? #4 - Dec 2015 - The Solstice Countdown Edition

It’s gotten so I pause and steel myself right before I turn on the T.V. or radio lately.

Expecting the shooting du jour lately.

Not planning to get used to it.

I had CNN on while making what DH called my best chili ever. Trying to lower the histamine level, I used only fresh tomatillos and a yellow mater, diced and a double helping of chipotle in adobo for heat, along with the usual stuff. From now, on, no more jarred tomatoes for us, it was amazeballs.

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Pork burgers, oven baked polenta and arugula salad with a soy balsamic vinaigrette. And I weep :frowning:

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Tonight was [leftover defrosted] braised lamb shank with ras el hanout, and [freshly roasted] cauliflower with the last of the back bacon.

Tonight, comfort food to soothe the soul. Chicken cutlet with gravy, parsnip & brussels sprout colcannon (delicious, will definitely make again), spinach salad with fennel, pom arils, gorgonzola, celery, red onion and dressing was a combo of sun gold sherry vinaigrette & left over dressing from lingafood’s fennel, pom salad.


WFD: Finally Turkey Soup. Fresh turkey thighs plus bones and various vegetables for the stock, with bay leaves, and peppercorns. No salt. Everything went into the slow cooker this morning to be ready when DH comes home tonight. Right now the wafting aroma is evocative.

Later this evening: we’ll make a baking pan of fresh roasted seasoned carrots, parsnips, celery, mushrooms, onions to add to the broth. I’m thinking noodles to add when serving, along with the turkey meat. I really don’t think we need anything else but G will probably grill some ciabatta for himself. It’s been cold and very windy here today so this will really hit the spot.

I love turkey. We have been known to roast a turkey over wood in the Weber during the heat of the Summer. Great for sandwiches at the beach, and salads.


Thai red chicken curry loaded with veg (peppers, onions, green beans, kale, baby broccoli florets), and brown basmati rice. Probably one of the best quick & easy meals ever, though it helps that I already had some curry paste made and waiting in the fridge.

And gratuitous photos of the GF sour cream streusel coffee cake I baked for my client this afternoon (the drizzle is a maple-cinnamon glaze).


Best laid plans and all… was going to roast a chicken with TJ’s poultry rub, make peas with fresh mint & crème fraîche and a mixed salad.

Never made it to the store, and didn’t feel like going out for hamachi collar – which woulda been plan B.

Plan C and actual dinner turned out to be chicken noodle soup (braised beef noodle soup for my man) from the local soup purveyor. And we finally got to break in the beautiful soup bowls and spoons we bought in Philly a while ago :smile:

All gone. Nom.


I want the streusel cake. I think I NEED the strudel cake :yum:

They are beautiful. The food looks great in them, too.

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The day after Thanksgiving we went to San Diego to go on a bike ride and have dinner with some friends from the group of people we go on the Cyclone Coaster vintage bike ride with every month. After riding around Mission Bay and all through Pacific Beach and back we were all STARVING and he set out some seasoned chips from El Indio and the most amazing feta dip from Siesel’s which we all snacked on while he plated and carved the most beautiful and delicious 17 pound prime rib…

Tonight I will try to recreate the dip since driving an hour and a half each way for dip doesn’t fit into today’s schedule. Once I got all of the ingredients for it I figured I may as well make it a dip night so I grabbed some eggplants and garbanzos. I may add some lamb but last night’s ribeyes were so massive (the man’s bday dinner,) that I may not. There will be lots of veggies for dipping.

Just a note on the shooting, it was just over 10 miles from here and my next door neighbors adult Autistic son has been a client there since he was diagnosed as a small child and she filled me in on a few things about IRC- it was in a conference center that is rented out on the campus of the IRC, it is the only section of the facility that does not require keypad access and is not in a section where the disabled receive services. The shooter was an employee of the group that had it rented out for a holiday party that night, the disabled were not the target and it was not random. No less horrible anyhow.

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When you were in SF Chinatown, did you happen to make it to The Wok Shop on Grant. It’s a treasure trove for those who love to cook - and not just Chinese. She has everything.

I did not - but my suitcase was overloaded for the trip. These bowls were an easy purchase since I could just throw them in my trunk and drive home.

Poached halibut filets, pasta and kale. All cooked in the same pot at different times. Made a sauce with Malaysian crispy shrimp and chilis. I did take a couple of photos but have not looked at them yet so hope they turned out.


Last night was chicken cacciatore with polenta. Tonight will probably be French onion soup or salmon cakes.


I recently flew SW which gives you two free checked bags. I should have carried an empty one for shopping :slight_smile:

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WFD: I ^think^ it will be: Cooked Vermicelli tossed in sesame oil, and cooked turkey meat; with Stir-Fried Vegetables - sliced button mushrooms; carrot; sliced onions; garlic; ginger; frozen peas; sliced red bell peppers; soy sauce; oyster sauce; hoisin sauce; Thai sweet chilli sauce, turkey broth. red pepper flakes.

It’s Fickle Friday though, and thank goodness it is, so this might change when TDB (the dear boy) returns home later today.

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Unfortunately, the halibut couldn’t show much of a texture having such fine flesh with quite a bit of fat content.
It was a big meal after a punishing outwork programme. Half a fileted halibut weighed 500gr, cost E.10.

At a lower angle and cropped


Ok look by the time I’m done cooking I’m so hungry and the animals are salivating I forget to take a pretty plated pic. So here is a messy mid-meal pic;

CAB Sirloin Medium, sautéed onions, broccoli rabe. Not pictured salmon for the women and mac -n-port wine cheese. Not only does port wine make a yummy cheese for Mac-n-cheese, the finished product is pink! (I’m not doing carbs so none for me)


You’re MY kinda photog! Let’s eat, dammit!!!

My first thought was “ooh, kinky!”

Alas, my second thought was “oh, typo.”

My kinda meal, though, that plate.

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