What's for Dinner #38 - the Spooky Oct '18 Edition

(saregama) #301

It’s expensive here in nyc too, and I’ve only ever bought it in Chinatown.


I know you love to bike. Are you aware of this item? It may help when the weather turns even colder.
MY husband had gluten enteropathy, used to have acrocyanosis . His fingers and toes get so cold, they turn blue. We purchased this from Costco and he use it even when weather is not that cold as gloves may not help/ . I think he even place it inside. his socks.
You ca fid this at Amazon too, just a bit more. Hope this will help

HotHands Hand Warmers - Long Lasting Safe Natural Odorless Air Activated Warmers - Up to 10 Hours of Heat - 40 Pair for $28.47

(saregama) #303

I don’t know if it was a one-off… I’m going nearby today, I’ll try to check if they have them all the time.


Thanks! So funny, I actually own a big costco package of them from last winter and should have taken some with me yesterday. When it gets too cold i have to stop biking, but usually that’s closer to thanksgiving.


Clockwise from the bright green apple at bottom left: Orin, Northern Spy, Nova Spy, Pinova, Golden Russet.

I will eat them all, literally.

(Dan) #306

Arrived home from MA to a big pork butt in the frig with a note from sister, roast me on Sunday. So thats in the oven with a confirmation from sister sib that her sides along with her tribe are expected later. Got the firewood going for spiked s’mores and firepit potatoes. Thinking big green salad and red vino.

Off to clean the yard…best, Rooster


Looks Delish!


Makes sense… Why would you not give a client a discount of a percent for paying early?


“T”…you got to get out ot Queens…especially Flushing…I always come home with something different, especially from the veggie sections of all of the stores…

(John Hartley) #310

Arancini to start. Farmers market purchase but it’ll need a little tomato sauce to moisten it.

Then pork chops. A Nigel Slater recipe (from Kitchen Diaries 3). Chops are fried in butter to brown then kept warm. A shallot is softened, then chopped anchovies added and button mushrooms. Lots of parsley goes in and the chops go back in to finish. Some greenery on the plate will come from sugarsnap peas.

Cheese to finish - we have a mature Cheshire and a blue Cheshire, farmers market purchases from Mr Bourne, who farms at the other side of the county.

(Karen Mezzetta) #311

@ccj: incredible looking paella!!! Would so love a plate especially with that soccarot (spelling is probably wrong but you know what I mean…)


Here are some of the meals lately:
Friday night: Stuffed Breast of Veal…(it was a little cooler Friday; so oven on… and also the 1 year anniversary of my baby sister’s passing…Had an old standby comfort meal)
Included were roasted carrots and mashed turnips, and of course a big glass of Malbec.

Next up last night…Went to the movies to see a Star Is Born then home to one of our favs…“Bistek & Frites”…Bacon wrapped a 10 oz filet mignon, served up with twice fried potatoes and some grilled yellow peppers.Uploading…
A homemade Caesar salad using a recipe my mom gave me some 40 years ago with the rest of the Malbec for starters.

(Dan) #313

Great sounding meals, Phreddy. What did you think of the film? We saw it and for all the PR L. Gaga rec’d, Bradley Cooper stole the show, ioho. Next up the bios on Freddy Mecury and Sir Elton.

Any tips on the stuffing for the veal, thxs.


Well the movie was OK…don’t forget we have had the luxury of seeing the original and the first remake, which I thought was better than this one…but still a good movie…Back to food…
Stuffing…My grandmothers were kosher so the stuffing is nothing more than:
Old challah, moistened up with a little red wine…not sweet.
Sauté onions, garlic, shaved carrots, chopped celery, in EVOO (they used schmaltz) until soft. Add salt, pepper, some fresh chopped parsley… mix together with the bread mixture and add two beaten eggs to the stuffing mix.
Stuff the breast cavity…
BTW…this was there “General” go to stuffing for anything including turkey, duck or chicken or breast of lamb.
I like to add some cayenne or some turmeric or even some curry powder to the stuffing , and have on occasion, depending on the use: ie: poultry or meats…
My G-mas did not have the availability of the internet…so they were stuck in a mode that only changed if a neighbor or a relative gave them a new recipe.


Excellent sorrel and sweet potatoes (dug this morning) from the farmers market. I made a test batch for the kid’s lunch. Not sure if I will stick with the sorrel puree or blanch less and present whole leaves with a light dressing. Kid ate it no problems, so maybe I should stick with it. Usually I go with mizuna, but the sorrel was too good to pass up. The sweet potatoes are out of this world. Just coated with a little oil and salt, then roasted until the skin is crispy.

(Dan) #316

Sounds delicious and reminiscent of my GG mohers stuffing. Stale challah seemed to be a given at the ready for many put together meals. I believe she would make stuffing in the bird and in a separate baking dish. But never stuffed in veal. Thxs for the reminders.

…agree on prior versions of ASIB…


For some reason these did up load of our Saturday night dinner…


Got a flu shot. But struck out at Home Goods, Marshall’s, Target, TJMaxx, Walmart for a comforter for Mom. Felt like I was getting hives from being in Walmart. But I braved going in for Mom. Also had to deal with an ADT alarm at work as well as some water leaking in - rain or a burst pipe? Dunno.

Baked some Spiced Apple Gingerbread when I got home. Made the house smell good. Will probably make more before Thursday to bring to Mom.

Dinner tonight was pork tenderloin seasoned with salt, pepper, and dried thyme and roasted with a spicy plum and pomegranate sauce (store bought - probably from Home Goods in months past), Israeli couscous and roasted Brussels sprouts with Penzeys’ Tuscan Sunset seasoning.

Turns out I’m predictable - other than the sauce on the pork tenderloin, I had the same meal last year as well.

Gratuitous pic of Finnegan getting his morning cuddly-buddlies. He goes into a zone with his belly scrubs.

(Ailsa Konzelman) #319

Husband finally got back from working up north so my cooking has gotten back on track.

I made a really good Feta macaroni and cheese recipe from Carla Hall. It had lemon zest in the sauce and a topping of toasted crumbs, olives and roasted tomatoes. I was expecting it to be salty but it was great!

I made a big pot of chicken stock which got made into Hungarian Mushroom soup one night and Sopa de Lima the next night- both of which were great! Good stock makes such a difference though.

Mushroom soup was served with curried chicken salad sandwiches and Sopa de Lima was served with loaded nachos.

(Ailsa Konzelman) #320

I love apples but we don’t get the variety that you do down east. I like MacIntosh right now.