What's for Dinner #38 - the Spooky Oct '18 Edition

Be careful as to how much time you spend here! “don’t waste your time”…It takes time to be here and “muy amable”

looks great! can’t quite make it out, are those woodear mushrooms?

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In DC, I would check out Taqueria Habañero, Baan Thai, Zenebech, DGS Delicatessen, and Convivial or Mintwood Place. My husband recommends Federalist Pig, Le Diplomate, Mi Cuba, Copycat, and Panda Gourmet. Dolan Uyghur is also very interesting - it can be hit or miss. We moved away a year ago, so take them for what it’s worth.

Chilies :smiley:

Another “something from nothing” meal: black bean stew with leftover quinoa, taqueria red salsa, and soffrito, onion, garlic, green bell pepper and jalapeño that were languishing in the crisper, fire-roasted tomatoes, chorizo, chicken broth, cumin, and bay leaf.

Pecorino and cream-cheesed spaghetti squash on the side.


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Thank you! I fear I won’t get away to explore DC much this weekend. I lived there for 8 years (late 70’s/early 80’s) and am going for homecoming/ 40 th anniversary.

Thanks! Still staring down the tray of deliciousness waiting for my bandmates to show. The rest of dinner is their job, lol…could be anything!

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Cool, Howard U?

Yaaaaas! And Howard knows how to throw a homecoming! I went for my sister’s when I was in high school, and didn’t come back home!


Last night, I took out a frozen Chicken Pot Pie I had made as a Mom meal to defrost. In fact, I took out two - one for tonight’s dinner, one for tomorrow’s lunch, as I head back to work after 4 days of PTO.

No pics. But there WAS wine. Two glasses.

And GO SOX in Game 1 of the World Series!


fainting from wanting to try this pizza! Oh MY!

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The times I am on here are not times I could be cooking. I have a toddler and work full time. I like to hang out with her and not spend an hour every night cooking.


The struggle is real!

No offense, but that was not the most sensitive response you received. Sounded awfully close to mansplaining how simple it is making time to cook to the busy mother of a toddler.


What are your go-to meals lately? I work from home and even so, getting dinner on the table is a real challenge sometimes. Glad you are here contributing.


Many of my favorite meals were something from nothing. I think there is an added level of satisfaction whipping up something good from what ever is available. Which sometimes isn’t much and sometimes bountiful


Just like tonight. Leftover sausage from my pizza adventure. Tossed into last night’s rice that I had with salmon . Wine to drink :wine_glass:Cheers


Went to the new H mart today, impressive how they still managed to make it a claustrophobic tiny crammed together layout even in a larger space!
No purple skin sweet potatoes… settled for the little asian sweet potatoes, somehow i think the little ones are sweeter than the big ones.
Steamed with a good glob of (vegan) butter and some everything seasoning. Side of the daikon banchan i love.

I giggled to see this individual bottle of sweet wine- there was a little hotel shop where we sould stay in Seoul and i became very fond of drinking this in my hotel room at the end of the day while finishing up work. But it was about $2 USD in seoul, and $9 here

Picked up this multi serving bottle of slightly lemon flavor maakolli (sp?) instead, same price, nice slight fizz to it

I LOVE any rice pastry style dessert like these, i’ll have a few with my tea later. I think it’s a sweet bean filling and sesame outsides


I skipped lunch by mistake, so was starving as I grocery shopped for just a couple of things… also annoyed at the bare Monday shelves :rage:

Came home and scarfed down the remaining burrata with heirloom cherry tomatoes tossed with a tiny bit of zhoug. Hit the spot.

Later I made the intended meal - cauliflower cheese. Love this, and it was perfect for the chilly weather we have been having.


Walked in the rain, uphill, for this BBq in Capitol Hill, Seattle.
Meaty Johnson’s

Haven’t tried it all yet. Still working on tacos from lunch neaby.
Fogón Cocina Mexicana. ( I know…who leaves California, and looks for tacos in Seattle? Am I wrong? I’m listening. I LOVE fish tacos!) The fish tacos and the al pastor were okay, but the carne asado they brought (by mistake) were even better! The tostada that apparently comes on the house was a nice touch, as was the lunchtime crowd.

Fogón Cocina Mexicana
OpenTable! Not!

Seattle Times
Oops! Forgot to take picture before I dug in!

I might try this one before I leave!
La Cocina Oaxaqueña

The “Meaty” place was out of Mac and cheese ( just as well!). Potato salad was “meh”, St. Louis cut ribs very good. Brisket looking good, and how bad can a hot link be?


I totally get it, and did the same last century, and hopefully you will look forward to the little hands helping you in the kitchen…it happened to me (but only on weekends) and now I watch my 9 month old grandson while his mommy toils in the kitchen after a long day! Enjoy these times!