What's for Dinner #37 - the School's Back! Sept '18 Edition

Walking along the coast with mom this morning, lots of fog of course- and a nice view of the famous “butterfly house” that was a spread in architectural digest a while back

Lots of houses facing the oceans are mostly glass, i spotted this cute dog attentively watching everyone go by

Mom and dad had thick fancy bacon with eggs and the rest of the hot crash potatoes for dinner, i went with avocado toast using local sourdough and an avocado from the farmers market (!), side of cherry tomatoes and jicama.
There’s a lemon buttermilk pound cake that mom made for dessert, i’ll risk the consequences and have a tiny wedge


Sambal-lime butter shrimp with homegrown long beans, rice with peas, and leftover cukes. I never liked pre-cooked shrimp and this just confirmed it.


Perfect, thank you! Thank you for the inspiration.

Thank you SO much. Sounds delicious. I’ll definitely be making it!

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One of the most pristine spots on earth.

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I also find them too mild but I stick those between my chicken when making enchilada, or in my scrambled eggs, then add my red sauce which is made of dehydrated holy trinity chiles plus chia arbor and hatch if I have them.

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Almost similar to the Chinese version except I use mirin instead of sugar, sesame oil instead of sesame seeds. I do add chili flakes but will try adding chili powder next time.


The house of Kim Novak perched on Big Sur was my dream house.
Emglow was correct about being one of the most pristine spot on earth.

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Send me the leftover spice mix :stuck_out_tongue:


We had a sizable group of friends over for a pre-Labor Day potluck last night.

I made smoked pork butt (8 lbs., almost nothing leftover :slight_smile: ) & a big-ass Greek salad; our friends brought: chickpea curry for the vegans, pesto pasta for the veggies, sesame pasta for the vegans, double-baked potatoes (mushroom/salmon), jalapeño poppers (with and without bacon), potato vindaloo & baba ganoush with pita.

Fun evening. Not sure WFD today. Still have a surplus of FM maters, so perhaps a BLT is in order :slight_smile:

Happy Labor Day, y’all! Pork butt before & after.


Labor Day cookout with friends today. We made burgers on toasted brioche with the works, “Uzbek” vinegar and oil slaw, and grilled zucchini. Friends brought green bean and tomato salad with feta. I laid out local hummus, rice crackers and crudite, Cajun seafood dip and crackers. Another friend brought spicy pimento cheese and chips, fermented slaw, and fancy hot dogs.

I made a strawberry-peach pie with softly whipped cream for dessert.

All delicious!


Wow and that pie! be still my heart!


Very simple but good - blind bake a crust and fill with most of a quart of sliced strawberries, 2 sliced peaches, and glaze with 2 tbsp. cornstarch simmered until thick with one cup water and one box of strawberry gelatin.


Thanks! I can def do that! It slices so nice!

My MIL’s recipe. :slight_smile:

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I am making those with the next cucumbers!

Here is one of my figs! Look quick, before the birds get it.

Arroz con gandules/ Peas and rice


i’m totally thinking about it!


This is the same recipe I used for the peach pie I posted above, although my recipe (mom’s) calls for raspberry or black raspberry jello and some additional sugar. I subbed half sauvignon blanc for the water this time, and I think I would do all wine next time and reduce the sugar a bit. Still good!


Hatch chili & pork shoulder guisado, and rice pilaf i made from scratch. Roasted the chilies and threw them into the blender with chicken stock, added browned pork chunks, onion, a serrano since the Hatches were mild, bay leaves. simmered for 2 hours, then added in fresh corn on and off the cob.

For the pilaf, toasted up broken vermicelli, then the rice, then simmered in salted water. Need to play around with the pilaf some more - i want the noodles to be more al dente, and play a bigger part in the rice. I’m experimenting as i’m planning a big dinner at the beach this weekend for 15, and the theme is Mediterranean-ish food, so I’m making a Lebanese rice pilaf as one of the dishes. (Rest of my menu is a leg of lamb, greek salad, nicoise salad, and roasted ratatouille.)


What a fabulous spread!! And that pie…!