What's for Dinner #32 - the Spring Has Finally Sprung! Edition - April '18

I usually add the raw spiralized zuchinni to hot sauce and let it cook slightly, then serve it.

I have definitely lived and learned with the overcooked zoodle.

Good save on your menu with the soup!

Good idea.

My mom actually bought some new knives for the condo because she rents the same place annually.

I bought my mom some better knives because she had such crappy ones.

My brother (read novice cook) had an epiphany when he used my mom’s knives. She ended up buying him a new set for a gift.


Did you make the dumpling from scratch?

Not my forte I’m afraid. I discovered this while trying to make pierogi for a Eurovison party, everyone had to make a dish from one of the contestant countries and I picked Poland out of the hat.
I used these frozen pork wantans, they were pretty good.


It’s even better if you catch the mackeral… my absolute favorite fish when super fresh. I broil em, or even make a killer mackeral gravlax.BostonMackeral


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Did y9u get the pictuses I sent?
I only took picture of szechuan chicken, shrimp and multiple vegetables which I think went thru

no idea

More steelhead but belly and sweet smoked. Brussels and salad


Yours looks like it was great!

Aha, that sounds like a much better idea to do hot sauce on raw zucchini noodles…!
My mug of leftover soup was much better this morning as a bit of late breakfast.


After two nights in a row of not what I expected/wanted for dinner i decided to leave it to the professionals tonight.
There’s a tiny fantastic rastafarian hippie vegan cafe not far from me, they have a daily plate special of whatever the adorable friendly grandma is cooking that day. You get a grain (red rice, or quinoa, or black rice, sometimes a mixed rice blend) and then the four daily dishes.

Today was black rice (there was a thick layer under all this, wonderful earthy flavor and chewy texture), with pumpkin stew- i think it was kabocha squash, curried green split pea stew (with stray chunk of tomato), sautéed kale, and this wonderful mushroom mix. Everything was seasoned well and really tasty!
Totally hit the spot for my hippie healthy comfort food nostalgic craving. @emglow101reminds me of something from new leaf in santa cruz :smile:image

Sorry about the super crummy photo…! Yikes.


Leftover pork. Sauteed and used in tacos with pickled red cabbage and cilantro and onion. A side of mashed potatoes. What! Wine to drink. Cheers🍷


Last night was chicken, spinach and chickpea curry. Alongside was rice fried off in some butter and turmeric first. I also added some cardamon. I had some mint that needed using up so some mint raita as well.


I had that at a restaurant in Maine last summer and loved it. Care to share details or is it a secret recipe?

Take some VERY fresh skin-on mackeral filets and…

Gosh just a light dusting of salt, sugar, black pepper, dill, and crushed coriander seed. Wrap in plastic wrap in the fridge overnight. Slice paper thin and serve ideally on something like this:

With some capers and minced raw red onion…



New Leaf Market is a great store.

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Yum, thanks StriperGuy.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2