What's for Dinner #30 - The Hearts & Flowers Edition - Feb '18

Works real well with real mayo

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Last night was just a big Salad of Random Stuff with a couple meatless balls and side of kombucha.

I remembered to get limes today and made this sweet potato and chickpeas dish tonight- it sounds like boring hippie food but it was really flavorful and delicious! Roasted some broccoli alongside for something green


Dinner: Appetizer is oysters in the half shell , chicken breast with reggiano and mozarella with red sauce from SEE’s Kenji Lopez’s recipe. Picture shows the fried chicken breast that came out of the oven after mozarella and parmesan cheese melted. Per Kenji’s advise not to add the cheese on the edge so that one can still taste the crunchy edge of the chicken. I did not add the red sauce when pictures were taken as one cannot see the chicken breast if I did. Despite only one piece per person, our guest did not finish hers. I found out they shared a cheeseburger before coming home. That is why I was told not to fry the potatoes prepared for dinner when they arrived home. My poms shared the 4th smaller piece…

Once the red sauce was added, my son grated more parmesan cheese as topping. He is a parmesan addict…

vegetable was left over bok choy from the other day, looks dried as my son microwaved it for lunch but forgot to eat that. I added some sesame oil but it was untouched. So was the chocolate chip cookies that was still hot from the oven I guess it will be midnight snack for them.

I took out a bottle of wine that has been im the wine closet for the past 11 years. I was advised to save them for 10 years. A neighbor dropped by, was offered espresso but proceeded to drink his espresso with Harvey’s Bristol cream . When he saw the wine that was opened in a decanter, he proceeded to pour himself 3 glasses until I put a stop to it. I told him it was reserved for tonight’s dinner and was waiting for it to breath . So, only a bit of wine left for each of us. Some people are not cultured I guess!


ere is a picture of the oysters, already partially eaten with an unshucked tray that we are giving away to neighbors as we can only eat so much.
The oysters are big and very sweet. Son power washed them before serving with tabasco and lemon juice.


Shredded Brussel Sprouts sautéed and seared Patagonian scallops made a quick simple dinner


Quick and simple for me tonight also. I have a small veal rib chop. Asparagus, macaroni salad. Wine to drink.:wine_glass:cheers


I can find patagonia shrimp and have since been replacing them with gulf shrimp as Costco only carries farm raised shrimp. I used to drive to Glen Burnie’s seafood strip form my seafood. However, since I discovered Patagonia wild shrimp at our Safeway store, I have been using them instead. However, I have never seen Patagonia scallops. Are they much better than the scallops from Costco or Whole Foods? How are they marketed? Are they dry scallops? How much do they charge per pound from your location? Tomorrow, I was going cook scallops as it is my guest from Amsterdam’s last day. However,given a choice, she prefers shrimp. So, I will make Patagonia shrimp cooked in tons of garlic, chipotle and adobo sauce and a tin of anchovy. Will use barilla’s thin protein spaghetti and pesto. We will see as she may not be able to take leave with high winds expected tomorrow evening till Saturday morning… I hope there wil be no power failure as my 3 fridge and freezers are stocked to the brim!

They are small, like bay scallops. Sweet and easy to use on a moments notice

oh, I guess that is not our preference. We love sea scallops.

Funny, I have a similar neighbour that will help himself in a similar fashion (less dramatic as yours), taking the fruits in my part of garden, picking the flowers or herbs, sometimes he asked beforehand, sometimes I just got informed after the act. I didn’t quite understand, husband tried to explain that it his way of “being friendly”.

Tonight we had bone-in pork chops, mashed potatoes and creamed mushrooms. And wine.
Chops were done in the cast iron, salt/pepper and rosemary. Mushrooms were butter and half and half cooked down and potatoes with salt/pepper, butter. sour cream and some milk I hope to stay awake till 9:00 pm but I won’t bet any money on it.


Kimch, soup, mint tea & unisom. My “miracle cure” too busy at work to get sick now. The couchguest complains it “smells like dead bodies”… It smells better than him. :confused:


OK, so who is this picky couch guest, JTP?


Yes, kimchi and unisom work!!
And yeah, couchguest sounds… not especially gracious


Apparently today was national peanut butter day! Who knew there was such a thing?? I decided to celebrate with one of my old favoritest recipes for peanut buttery sauce tofu. I’m sure i have posted it before- note the sauce is very wrong about the amount of soy sauce! Use much less, like 1-2TB. I flopped the hot saucey tofu ontop of a bowl of fresh baby spinach which got nice a wilty and caught the extra sauce. Homemade lemon ginger cayanne kombucha a la carte


The very same one that shows up every year “for a few weeks” and leaves several months later when a new mis-adventure beckons.

When i lived in Qns there was an awesome Korean place on the blvd right near my stop. Their jjigae could cure anything. It is one of the few things I truly miss about living there. The power if kimch is real.

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Like you, I don’t miss much about Queens, but I really do miss the food. Fabulous Korean, Thai, Indian and so much more all within a few blocks (or subway stops).


The food in Queens was fabulous - It was actually moving to Philly that made me cook a lot more - all I could get in my neighborhood when I moved here was (bad) pizza and cheesesteaks - things have improved but there is still nothing like the amazing choices right out your door we had there.

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